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Lupin, Sirius, James, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Drama, Romance, Young Adult
Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2008-01-16 7:59pm
Last Chapter
2010-11-18 8:44am
Last Updated
2010-11-18 8:44am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Ravenclaw...?

The touch was so light I almost didn’t even feel it. Yet it was so strong I felt my insides suddenly burst into a flame. The tantalizing touch gave me a swooping feeling in my tummy and made me melt in his arms. I don’t know if the guy did it on purpose or not...

1,289 7
2 Somethings and Nothings

“I know why you’re doing this. All you want are those really suave, sleek and sexy costumes evil villains wear, don’t you?” 

“Yes, Remus, that’s it. You got me.” 

“Why don’t you just be Catwoman for Halloween and then be done with it?” Remus teases, with a grin. 

I grin back wickedly, “Because I want the real thing.”

2,287 5
3 Throwing Punches Much?

Then loud raucous bark-like laughter fills the room. My friend, Aphrodite (Aff-re-die-tee, the Greek Goddess of Love.) and fellow Ravenclaw who is sitting next to me lets out a shriek of surprise. I immediately swivel in my seat to see Sirius Black with his head thrown back laughing his hair smoking a little and James Potter with singed eyebrows and a look of shock on his face. Bits and pieces and some rare lucky whole cards are still fluttering from the air to the ground.
Exploding Snap.

1,868 3
4 I Heard...

The real reason I want to leave quickly is just another miniscule reason. It’s of no importance besides I’m almost out now! Just a few more steps…
Okay, I just really really didn’t want Remus to mention the whole Connor asked me—

“So, I heard that you’re going out on a date.”

1,726 4
5 Post Date Ramblings

“Rise and shine, chickadee!” she trills. 
“Affie!” I whine as the bright sunlight shocks my eyes. 
I hear her laughing. 
Suddenly it hits me. That uneasy feeling? Yeah, it’s because… 
“I have a date with Connor Abeley.” I whisper to myself, horrified. 

1,716 6
6 The Date

I walk into my dorm and see Aphrodite already sleeping. I roll onto my bed still dressed. I stare at the ceiling, recalling how his lips felt on my own. My first date with Connor…and I’m already completely smitten.

929 6
7 Potion Commotion

I remain silent, knowing that opening my mouth would just get me into more trouble. I inwardly let out a gusty sigh. 

Stupid Potions.

2,829 4
8 Realization

I feel like pounding the pillow with frustration. How could I…!? I couldn’t believe it!
I love her. I love Tally Cassiopeia Greene, my best friend.
What was the worst thing about this scenario?
Oh, that’d probably be the fact that she was in love with her new boyfriend.

1,813 4
9 Turn Point

I almost want to laugh at how naive I was. How could I think I was good enough?

2,555 4
10 We Ravenclaws

-Aphrodite-He looks at me bitterly and then snaps around and walks away. Leaving me in a cloud of confusion and for an absurd reason such hurt in my chest…

2,382 4
11 That Sirius Look

RemusI was doing it. Yes, I was avoiding Tally.

2,120 0
13 The Secrets of Remus Lupin

Aphrodite had discovered two of my most vital secrets in less than an hour.

1,210 0
14 Stranger

She was a stranger now. I want my Tally back...

2,212 0
15 Gravity

My turn isn’t ‘over’. 
It’s always my turn. 
Tally was going to have to listen to me. 
Or…? A morbid voice demands scathingly. 
Or else I was screwed.

731 0
16 Zombies

Those dead insecurities come alive in her head. 
Wretching her, flinging her. 

2,557 0
17 Fallen

“Seems I’ve fallen too.”

1,611 2
18 PokerFace

I want to shout, he couldn’t see me crying. He’s too kind-hearted; he’ll end up having to take care of me again. I was such a friggin’ bother…to everybody. Without realizing what I was doing, with only swift panic, I slap his hand away. 

2,407 4
19 My Everything

I harden my heart, ignore my hurts, because that's what it's going to take to save her.
And I'd do anything and everything to save Tally.
Because she's everything.

She's my everything.

1,390 1
20 Thank You

That’s what I decided, I can’t hurt him anymore. I need to stay away from him. My chest sears when my mind thinks that, and it’s unsuccessfully ignored. My hands clutch at my heart again. I need to stay away.

But I love him.

My gasp echoes in the deserted hallway, bouncing off the walls. What did I just think?

I love him. I love him so much. I love you, Remus John Lupin.

1,229 2


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