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Percy, Fred, George, Oliver, OC
Primary Relationship
Other Pairing
Secondary Relationship(s)
Fluff, Humor, Romance
Scenes of a mild sexual nature, Substance abuse
Story Reviews
First Published
2008-01-11 12:52am
Last Chapter
2010-10-27 11:41am
Last Updated
2010-10-27 11:41am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Piper loves stairs

Why does Piper love stairs?

3,292 9
2 Piper loves cupcakes

Piper looked wearily at the watermelon, then at her brother.  “Um, you aren’t going to whack me with that to get rid of me are you?”  She scooted away slowly.

2,540 10
3 Piper loves early morning runs and run-ins with her father

Oliver could not believe the cheek of her.  What an insolent brat!  How dare she insult Thomas James like that!  Never mind that he’d been thinking the same thing.

2,982 7
4 Piper loves her brother and skill drills


2,178 8
5 Piper loves being sadistic

So Piper decided right then and there, in the shower, that she would take advantage of Wood.  Er- rather, take advantage of his friendship.

2,072 11
6 Piper loves dinner

“So, you get to eat with the Big Kids tonight?” Kyle passed her the salad bowl.

Piper decided to be sarcastic. “Yes, I do! And if I be a good girl…I might get ice cream!” She snickered along with him, not noticing her father’s glare.

1,210 10
7 Piper loves scrimmages...and Little Wood

She shrugged.  “No.  Heating charm.”  Piper glanced around at the shivering, sheepish faced men surrounding her.  Speaking slowly like she did to small children.  “I am a witch.  I know the charm.  And I hate bundling up when we play…makes me chafe.”

2,380 11
8 Piper loves Musicals

Why are Piper and Oliver together at 2:30 am?

1,504 13
9 Piper lovesbeing a girl

If you went starkers, think of the melee that would ensue.  Your dad would have a heart attack, and your brothers would beat anyone who dared glance your way, and from what I hear, I’d have to pry Oliver Wood off of you with a spatula.”  Johanna’s blue eyes sparkled mischievously.  “Unless that is your intention.  He’s rather scrumptious.”

2,167 12
10 Piper loves scrimmages and Flanny-Fine Fanny

Piper’s loud peals of laughter covered up a very crude curse emitted from Flanny-Fine Fanny.  “Maddie, when the pickles did you come up with that name?  Freaking hysterical, that’s what that is.”

3,985 8
11 Piper loves New Year's Eve...and her birthday

Oliver threw himself moodily, and admittedly, a little drunkenly, into his chair. “Oh come off it. Only you would use Percy-words around a drunken person.” He held up the fried food in front of him. “What the bloomin’ hell is this?”

3,081 6
12 Piper loves the morning after

Piper clenched her jaw. “Boys.” Scratching the side of her nose, she scoffed. “Just. Dumb. Pratty. Boys.”

1,029 18
13 Piper loves hands...but not trains

“Never mind it was bleeding scorching, enough to melt butter,-“

1,251 7
14 Piper loves the library

POP visit the library! Fun times!

1,374 7
15 Piper loves practice

“Got it. I know nothing. We never spoke.” Pushing off the ground gently, George flashed a smirk at Piper. “I’ll go back to practice and being smashing in general, and you can go back to being a snobby cow.”

1,611 9
16 Piper loves all-nighters

George grit his teeth and glared at his brother. “Bugger off, Fred. If you are not behind me and Operation OJ; go wave your wand elsewhere.”

2,900 10
17 Piper loves naughty boys and knights in Quidditch Kits

“Chambers is a naughty boy.  I’m not to play with naughty boys.” 

1,456 7


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