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Harry, Lupin, Lily, James, Seamus, Dean, OC, OtherCanon
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
James/Lily, Harry/OC, OC/OC, Remus/OC, Sirius/OC
Drama, Romance, AU
Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
Story Reviews
First Published
2008-01-05 5:48pm
Last Chapter
2011-07-21 12:53am
Last Updated
2011-07-21 12:53am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 The one where ... you meet a very mental child

Here we go then. Please do feel free to enjoy this xx

3,936 12
2 The Hogwarts Express

My last chapter title was nothing more than a homage to Friends, which I loved. Also I couldnt think what the hell to call it. Same with this chapter xx But it's good I hope you think it's good more like.

7,706 17
3 In the Lions Den

Hmmm ... considering what just happened in the last chapter ... I wonder what this one could be about.

Another long one I'm afraid, get yourself comfy xx

7,487 8
4 The Sheriff of Wizardville?

Hiya guys ... here is the fourth chapter of my story xx

4,152 6
5 Strictly Business

Haha, the full catchphrase. I'm a business woman, so this isnt personal it's strictly business. Ivy catches up with Umbridge xx

7,869 6
6 Scire quod sciendum

Title just describes the chapter, it's 'knowledge worth having', this chapter is basically full of conversation and information you hadnt recieved until this point. It;s somewhat informative to life now for the families involved.

5,200 13
7 Distorted Minds

I couldnt think up a name for this chapter so this is what it is going to be called, please do feel free to enjoy xx

8,110 5
8 Aoife's Booky

This chapter is about Aoife Lupin and gives insight into the life of others in this story xx

5,009 7
9 This Woman's Work

I was listening to Kate Bush when I wrote this chapter.

5,818 4
10 You Learn the Truth at Seventeen

I couldn't think of a better title for this chapter so this is what you are stuck with xx Enjoy it, no more fights xx

5,953 5
11 Oh Marcelina!

I like this chapter personally xx It's a bit of a filler but you meet a character I like xx

6,742 6
12 A Memorable Party - Pt1

So it's Harry's Birthday Party, so shall it pass without incident?

6,930 2
13 A Memorable Party - Pt2

Hey, here's part two with some resolution, dont worry Aoife hits the wall in the next chapter xx

4,838 3
14 Hangovers and Swimming Pools

Hola ... this chapter is way long, so feel free to read it in two parts ... or make yourself comfotable whatever takes your fancy xx

8,735 4
15 Foxes and Photographers

I dont really like the last part of this chapter, I might change it at some point ... but it's still a good chapter otherwise I wouldnt submit it xx

6,143 4
16 You've Got a Friend

Self explanatory chapter xx Hogwarts express friendship.

4,333 3
17 A Big Girl in Trouble ... A Little Girl About Town

I love this chapter, this chapter is my baby

6,319 4
18 Gryffindor Woes

A little bit of filler for my story, just the morning after sorting, you meet the first years also xx

7,684 6
19 An Unlikely Visitor

Could I think of any other chapter titles? I think no lol sorry xx

3,625 6
20 Addie's Mad Birthday Party for Loons

Hiys, here you go ... got absolutely no clue what the next chapter should be about xx

3,419 7
21 Aoife's Nook

Sorry for the title ... I feel like I am repeating myself, this chapter involves three more principle characters it isnt an excerpt from her life againxx

2,683 6
22 Life's Little Indulgences

Hi ... eventually I update ... it's a bit few and far between at the moment but things are a little bit busy at my end right now xx

3,296 5
23 Quidditch Saturday - Pt One

Here you go the next part will be up when I will have a go and quidditch writing ... nervous beyond belief x

3,465 9
24 Quidditch Saturday Pt 2

Eventually I hear you cry lol.

5,206 5
25 Of Memories and Marriage

Hey sorry been so long, but here is the new chapter. In which Harry has a flash back and Vivien has a discussion with her father xxx R&R please xxxx

3,910 12
26 Little Miss Bo-Peep

It's just a chapter of a story, nothing really interesting only plot development. The interesting thing is my dramatic writing comeback lol.

2,109 5
27 The Red Mist

This chapter more than any other in this story carries the M rating most seriously. Here within contains reference to abusive conduct.

5,528 12
28 Dented Peaches

I know obscure title, just read and review please, it would be appreciated.

2,579 9
29 The Saint

... i'm saying nothing, i've had trouble thinking what stories to develop, so I chose this one.

3,501 4
30 The Rise and Fall

Major Chapter, i hope you find the time to read it ... very long but a lot happens. 

i had trouble naming it without giving too much up.

8,557 8
31 Tidings of Comfort and Joy

Christmas is here again ... will Father Christmas have brought you the outcome you were after?lol

5,960 6
32 The Homecoming

Okay, i feel I may have rushed things in this chapter but i was concious of not updating for a while ... so i'm sorry.

4,373 8
33 A Grimmauld Fever

The world is changing.

3,572 6
34 The Valentines Massacre pt one.

Valentines day is approaching and life is just starting to get back to normal, young hearts are brought together in the spirit of the holiday, drama will ensue, but what else is that on the horizon ....

6,557 1
35 The Valentines Massacre pt two

So what was that on the horizon ....

6,619 4
36 Silence

It's the day of the funeral, and not everyone is taking it very well.

3,791 7
37 Love and Devotion

the evening and the morning after.

4,540 4
38 Of Pride and Despair

The day of the Memorial service is upon us.

9,112 3
39 A New Start

Back to school and so much on everyone's minds. People show their true colours, and it seems everyone wants to get along a bit better.

8,200 1
40 The Objective and The Promise

Another long chapter. warnings, discussions and allusions of violence. Sirius lays down his plans for the DADA curriculum, we go into the heart of darkness and see vulnerability where you never expected to see it  xxx.

7,754 4
41 The Craven Girl and the Little Pig

Hard but also funny chapter to write. Please review i appreciate it wholeheartedly.

6,387 3
42 At the Break of Dawn

So, how do they react to the terrible news.

6,508 1
43 The Worst Easter Holiday

Read on to find out what chapter title means lol xxxx

7,205 1
44 The Children of the Revolution

Okay so here comes the title chapter xxx

6,223 3
45 Reminiscences

Aoife and Francis both look back on a most memorable day from their past. 

7,220 2
46 Crocuses and Sickles

A Francis heavy chapter, sorry. also Vivien and Ophiuchus.

7,471 4
47 Maison de Glycines

well, it's a Harry and Alludra chapter, quite clearly from the title. lol

8,903 2
48 On a Lighter Note

Okay, just a little build up chapter :)

4,855 1
49 The Darker Note

The day at court and St Mungos. :)

7,541 2
50 New Friends

after the trial :)

7,957 0
51 The May Queen

May the 1st.

7,771 3
52 Of Love and War

Before the Battle.

7,327 1
53 On The Properties of Grief

The first part of the battle.

6,044 4
54 Sons and Daughters

The show must go on .... but who will stand when the final curtain falls.

6,380 3
55 The Beauty in Stillness

On a beautiful day, stillness surrounds those charged with the duty of burial.

9,411 5


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