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Lupin, James, Lily, Sirius, Pettigrew, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
James/OC, OC/OC, Remus/OC
Drama, Humor, Romance
Contains profanity, Strong violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Substance abuse
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2008-01-03 5:08pm
Last Chapter
2018-02-07 9:29pm
Last Updated
2018-02-25 2:34am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 The Sanguine and The Hubris

Serena makes her way to Hogwarts for the beginning of her sixth year. She bumps into an unlikely group and her past with her brother is revealed.

2,667 9
2 Woe Is Me

Serena writes in her diary, receives letters from various people, and names the benches in "her compartment" on the Hogwarts Express. 

O.W.L. results come in and so does a message from her father. Oh yeah, and Serena has an ever so lovely "run in" with our famous Mr. Sirius Black.

3,409 8
3 Rising Action in my Infinitely Dull Existence

After studying with Remus, Serena goes head-to-head with the infamous Sirius Black in multiple heated situations. Serena starts to understand more things about herself.

2,957 10
4 Subtle Changes of the Subtle Student

Serena attends an ever-so fantastic charms class on the first Friday of the school year (two days after her run-in with Sirius).

She also has herself a lovely little chat with James in which he starts badgering her on the fantastic game of quidditch.

2,377 11
5 Is Insanity Contagious?

In which Serena attends her first flying lesson, Care of Magical Creatures, and Study Hall.

2,641 9
6 This Is Your Pompous, Egocentric Captain Speaking

Quidditch practice with James, Sirius gets jealous, and an accident lands someone in the hospital wing.

2,586 14
7 Taming the Beast that is Quidditch

Saturday morning, the perfect time for Quidditch try-outs round 1, yes?

4,174 13
8 My Excited, Albeit Nervous, Tendencies

The posting for call-backs goes up. Did Serena make it?

2,856 9
9 Bitten-By-Something-Radioactive Boys

Serena makes some sleep-deprived decisions and the team list goes up!

3,167 9
10 Change My Name From Lala to Always-Late, Why Don't You...

The first quidditch practice of the season and Serena can't seem to kick her habit of being late.

3,549 14
11 Shirts v. Skins

Quidditch practice - Serena makes some unfortunate decisions that leave her in awkward positions.

3,665 14
12 Sticks and Stones and Boot Camp

Serena attends class, Sirius acts out, Serena tries to talk with him, and Boot Camp follows.

5,158 13
13 The Past is The Past

Serena's exhausted, the quidditch-ites have a run-in with Alexei, Serena and Casper bond, and Care of Magical Creatures is attended.

3,283 13
14 Skeletons in My Closet

Serena explores the skeletons in her closet, attends Potions class, is assigned potions groups, and watches James have a run-in with the Ravenclaw quidditch captain.
 A/N: Updated to include Severus. (See potions class/groups)

4,385 10
15 Bad Habits

Quidditch practice, Defense Against the Dark Arts, and impressing of guys ensues. The package from home finally arrives!  

5,078 7
16 Full-Moons, Half-Moons and Hospital Visits

First full-moon chapter!! :D Serena gets herself in a sticky situation, lands herself in the hospital wing (she should get a frequent visitor card), and runs into one James Potter more than she would have liked for such a stressful day.

4,762 10
17 Spilled Ink (The Invisible Kind, Like I Used to Be)

Tail-end of the Full-Moon, Serena yells at James for being insufferable (like always), Charms is attended, Invisible Ink is spilled on a certain somebody's shirt (guess what happens?), and trips to Hogsmeade are planned!

4,323 18
18 Of First Kisses and Hogsmeade Visits

It's Saturday night and everyone's all dolled up and ready to hit Hogsmeade. Stella's got a date and Lily and Mary have places to be, so Serena quickly finds herself alone on High Street. Until a certain bloke shows up, of course, and then her night turns into much more than she had imagined.

5,731 22
19 Second Time's The Charm?

Sirius is acting like ice and Serena's tired of it. But when her chance comes to speak up, will she? Or will she let him take the lead? A conversation in the Owlery leaves a few people wondering "What now?" and a plate of mashed potatoes ends up where food normally shouldn't be. Enjoy!

5,136 13
20 The Official First Day of Unofficially Officially Being Mrs. Black

The Big Chapter 2-0! In Word, this chapter turned out to be 20 pages long, so that's how much I love all of you! :) ------- So Serena has finally taken the plunge. But how long will it last? Follow along as Serena attends Quidditch (late as always!), gets a scare, feels like she now has a mortal enemy, wonders if she's just the new squeeze, and has a run-in with James in the library (I know, right?). What's a girl to do?

8,313 13
21 Lycanthropy and Lies

Serena's quickly figuring out that being the girlfriend of one of the most sought-after guys in school isn't exactly the easiest thing in the world. Especially when his best mate is 120% against it. And with lingering thoughts of the "old her" and her lycanthropic-problem, Serena doesn't know what she should be focusing on first! After stopping by and having some alone-time in the library with a good book, Serena finds herself bumping into someone unexpected and having her world turned upside-down. ...again.

3,910 13
22 Lycanthropy and Truths

After a morning of having Lycanthropy problems thrown in her face and lies up to the wahzoo, Serena's in some serious need of a little bit of truth. In this chapter we follow Serena on an interesting adventure through the dangerous perils of skipping class, telling the truth, pulling James Potter into a broom cupboard, and getting advice from the enemy.

4,860 12
23 A Very Sirius Chapter

Like the title states, this is a very Sirius chapter! Stay tuned for tons of questions, answers, and Sirius-y-ness! As well as a complete plot-twist that may leave some of you gasping. Poor, Poor Remus!

4,467 16
24 The Meaning of Friendship

Serena and James have a chat, Serena thinks back on her past, and McGonagall intervenes. Oh yeah, and Serena spends some time with Alexei in a broom cupboard.

4,182 11
25 Let's Spice Things Up

The conversation between Serena and Alexei is revealed; A certain blonde starts asking questions; McGonagall deals out the punishment for James and Sirius; Potions class is attended; Serena finds a bit of time for one-on-one with a certain Slytherin Snake and Quidditch Practice finds Serena a bit sorer than usual.

5,318 7
26 Miss Lucky and her Battle Wounds

Serena has landed herself in the hospital wing (yet again), but this time her visit is longer than she expected. Now it's been a few days and a certain dark-haired boy comes to bust her out so she can deal with yet another one of her problems.

Though this problem trumps most. [Second Full-Moon]

4,385 5
27 The Real Wolf Girl

 As Serena deals with the biggest change of her life since her bite, James finds himself thrust between Dumbledore and the only person who might know how to help her. McGonagall makes an appearance and Serena is forced to face up to the fact that sometimes being a werewolf really does mean sharing a beast's mind.

3,489 10
28 Lion? Meet Snake

 [Gryffindor/Slytherin Game]

Someone's skipping practices, Serena can't seperate herself from something James said, Alexei makes Serena confused, and Gryffindor partakes in the first quidditch match of the season. 

4,385 3
29 The Other Boyfriend

Serena talks to Sirius about the future, and talks to Remus about something more serious. Care of Magical Creatures is attended, and someone has a chat with the Headmaster. Full-moon talk ensues, and two people find themselves tossed together in a way that ends in an argument and the end of something precious.

4,665 5
30 The Wolf in Me

[Third Full-Moon]

Follow Serena as she makes her way through the most perilous of Sundays. She wakes up with a bang, loses her lunch (or, er, breakfast?), has an important conversation with Dumbledore, the Marauders have a conversation of their own, Serena meets up with a certain blonde fellow, spills her most-guarded secret, and ends the day with an equally surprising evening in the Room of Requirements. 

5,579 11
31 Just Wait and See

 Serena begins to deal with the after-math of the day before, but ends up being caught in a wager instead. She does some thinking, meets up with a friend we haven't heard from in a while, and has two melt-downs in one day. 

4,442 5
32 The Winter Chronicles

 [Hufflepuff / Ravenclaw Game] [Winter Ball]

Serena attends the next Quidditch match with her girls, tries to calm down some arguments, spends some time with her boyfriend, and then heads off to an unexpected--and very intense (and romantic)--Winter Ball. Here, she accompanies her date to the dancefloor, gets a surprise cut-in from the Slytherin Snake (Yup, he's back!), instigates a conversation with a childhood friend, and ends the night curled up with some drink. And things will never be the same.

8,458 10
33 Crimson Orchard

 Where Serena goes home for the holidays, her boyfriend meets her parents, and she spends some time outside with a certain pair of twins who don't necessarily care for her all that much. Also, a package arrives from school. 

5,899 8
34 With Merlin's Strength

 Serena spends time with a newly rekindled friendship, goes on some runs (some more productive than others), thinks about the past, and begins the Holidays with expected (and unexpected) guests.

6,974 1
35 Half Moon and the Holidays

 [Beginning of Full-Moon]

With everyone over for the holidays, things are bound to get weird. Serena suggests something weird, Lily makes an executive (and unexpected) decision, Lily might have a crush, the boys play quidditch, family dinner is awkward, and Serena gets ready for the full-moon. Let's do this.

6,351 2
36 The Moonlit Meeting


The fated Moonlit Meeting is finally here. With fangs and hoves and canines loose, what could go wrong?

6,061 4
37 After the Dawn

 With the full-moon behind them, and so many secrets coming to the surface, it's time to see how our heroine deals with the aftermath. Let the games begin!

7,297 8


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