Snape, Lily, James
Drama, Romance
Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Contains Spoilers
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2008-01-03 14:39:49
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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 The "M" Word

After Severus says Mudblood.

1931 18
2 Home Sweet Home

Lily arrives home to more drama than she expected.

1796 9
3 A Day in the Muggle World

James spends the day with Lily.

2333 13
4 The Mark that Lasts Forever

James reflects on his dinner with Lily's family and dark tides begin to swirl in the wizarding world.

2266 5
5 Quality Quidditch Supplies

Lily gets a job in diagon alley but gets far more than she bargained for when Death Eaters come shopping...

2017 11
6 Aftermath

The aftermath of the attack in Diagon Alley.

2339 9
7 Bitter Disappointment

James finds bitter disappointment and does not handle it well...












3273 17
8 Sister to Sister

Voldemort ordered Bellatrix to find the list that was hidden somewhere in Quality Quidditch Supplies. When she does she runs in to her little sister.

3239 8
9 Visiting Andromeda

Lily's visit to Andromeda does not go according to plan and has lasting repercussions on the lives of all who were there.

3847 9
10 Letters Home

OWLS results are here and Lily must respond to the letters she received from home.

3613 7
11 One Upping James Potter

Lily and James engage in a battle.

3105 9
12 Revenge

James and Lily continue their battle of wits.

3842 9
13 New School Year, New School Fears

James and Lily return to school

4178 13
14 Pranks, Regrets and Daphne Brown

The Marauders plan their back to school prank.

2259 9
15 The Prank

The Marauders ignite a controversy with their annual back to school prank.

3341 10
16 James' Decision

James makes a decision regarding Snape that will affect his and Lily's eventual fate.

4470 9
17 Heartbreak

Lily's life isn't easy. Ha sorry guys but this chapter has a lot of big things in it so I cannot possible give you a good summary and now you're just wasting time reading this when you could be reading the chapter.

5152 10
18 Over him?

Lily returns to Hogwarts to some not so happy news.

4098 11
19 Jealous Fighting Words

James and Lily deal with some changes.

3925 13
20 First Date

Lily goes on her first date with Aidan.

2667 7
21 Home for Christmas?

Well you know what they say: Home is where the heart is.

5237 18
22 A Whole New World

This chapter is really sappy and mushy but i love it!

4256 20
23 New Years Kiss

Drama ensues before and during the Potter's annual New Years Eve bash.

6266 12
24 Daphne's Error in Judgement

This chapter and the next are both very Daphne centered. The cliffhanger of this chapter should give you some idea as to why. Enjoy!

2732 8
25 Daphne Plays All her Cards

Daphne completes her plan to keep James. She is not the only person plotting.

1553 10
26 An Eventful Morning

The students of Hogwarts experience an action packed morning

2258 10
27 The Importance of Fatherly Advice

James recieves advice from his father that will have consequences on his later decisions

2830 9
28 Valentine's Day

James and Daphne spend Valentine's Day apart....much to Daphne's chagrine.

3496 10
29 Downright Cold

The aftermath of Valentine's Day and the continuing cold weather take affect on the students of Hogwarts

3904 5
30 Admissions

Gryffindor's final Quidditch match of the season results in some startling admissions from the residents of Gryffindor tower...

4128 11
31 Perils of Conversation

James and Lily have a conversation where each one is talking about something different.

1941 13
32 A Unifying Factor

The actions of Voldemort's Death Eater's have dramatic repercussions for a Hogwart's student.

2914 11
33 Summer Arrangements

James makes arrangements for his summer vacation.

2864 14
34 Snape's Task

Voldemort gives Snape a special job, one that will have huge repercussions.

3764 20
35 Fighting the Tides

A mysterious visitor arrives to help Lily cope with the onset of loneliness.

3227 12
36 Never Let Go

Lily emerges from her dark period and Daphne enters her own.

5208 21
37 Reunion

A long separated pair finally has a reunion.

3365 23
38 Watching and Waiting

Snape watches people. And Lily and Alice watch Snape watch people.

2967 11
39 Keeping Evil at Bay

Lily discovers who the Head Boy is. Dark and dangerous forces are at work, plotting and planning to bring the war to Hogwarts.

6280 10
40 First Night

James and Lily fulfill their first evening of duties as Head Boy and Head Girl.

3388 12
41 Looking Ahead

Alice makes some decisions regarding her future, causing problems with her relationship with Frank. She turns to her best friend for help, which leads to an interrogation from Sirius and James.

3053 7
42 Within the Walls

Within the walls of Hogwarts students are beginning their first day of classes. They are getting their new schedules, and catching up with friends. But within the walls of Hogwarts other students are gathering, planning, and plotting, and the result will be that even within the walls of Hogwarts no one will soon feel safe.

5062 9
43 Seven Gryffindors and a Hufflepuff

A new alliance is cemented in the fight against the dark forces at work both inside and outside the walls of Hogwarts.

3685 6
44 So Where Does that Leave Us?

James and Lily discuss their past misunderstandings.

6378 18
45 Sharing

Lily talks to Daphne, and Hagrid discovers a student who might share some of his interests.

7405 10
46 Murder in the Forest

A twisted individual takes a step towards his own eventual destiny.

5212 13
47 A Nightmare and Night from a Dream

Lily and James continue their investigation into the disappearance of a fellow student. Lily confides in James about the source of an ever present nightmare which leads to...

6829 12
48 Finally

James and Lily reach several understandings.

2685 6
49 Preparations

The rest of the school is preparing for the Gryffindor vs. Slytherin match, and the first Hogsmede weekend the following week, but Severus Snape is making preparations for something else entirely.

3710 2
50 The Pieces in their Place

Snape puts the final pieces in place for the attack on Hogsmede while the rest of the school is oblivious to the danger fast approaching.

4816 7
51 Blood in the Streets

Lily, James, and their friends find themselves in the midst of an attack on Hogsmede.

8670 10
52 Survival

Hogwarts deals with the aftermath of the attack on Hogsmede.

5116 1
53 Facing Demons

The residents of Hogwarts continue to reel from the attack in Hogsmede. Snape makes a pivotal decision to find out who was behind Dumbledore learning of the attack.

5576 10
54 Retribution

People deal with the repercussions of the attack on Hogsmede. For some those repercussions could be deadly.

8841 5
55 Where I am Supposed to Be

Lily decides where and with who her fate lies.

6066 6
56 The Full Moon

James worries about how to keep Remus' secret from Lily.

6821 8
57 The Ones We've Left Behind

Several people both in and outside of Hogwarts are missing people they have lost in one way or another.

4512 5
58 Anger

The Marauders notice a startling change in one of their own.

4554 8
59 Plans

Voldemort has a plan for the four heroes of Hogsmede. But what is it?

3893 3
60 Turning Point

Lily and Snape's relationship reaches a pivotal turning point.

4505 9
61 In Diagon Alley

Lily, James, Sirius, and Alice spend a day in Diagon Alley. However, after a chance encounter leads to a startling discovery, Mrs. Potter must take matters into her own hands by recruiting a friend's help.

5692 11


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