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Lupin, Lily, James, Pettigrew, OC, OtherCanon
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Fluff, Romance, Angst
Mild Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2007-12-28 10:02pm
Last Chapter
2008-06-30 11:13pm
Last Updated
2008-06-30 11:13pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Sirius's Secret

Her syllables aren’t as sharp as a hearing person’s, and I realize she truly is deaf. That little fact hadn’t completely hit me until right then. Should I talk back to her? Or wait for Sirius to translate? I have no idea what to do so I simply stand and smile like an idiot.

2,104 12
2 Bad Questions

Remus stands aside for me and surprisingly takes my bags and lifts them into an overhead compartment. I realize then that he’s quite strong, and I wonder vaguely how he got that way. I say thank you with what I hope is gratefulness in my voice. I also hope he doesn’t notice I was staring at him as he shoves my trunk under the seat.

2,262 13
3 The Sorting

“Just so you know,” she says leaning over, “I don’t know what house I’m going to be in.”

“I wonder if it’ll be Gryffindor or Slytherin,” I say.

She shrugs and tosses her brown hair mischievously. Hopefully she doesn’t notice I’m counting the colors in her eyes

1,656 18
4 All In

“Sometimes, you’ve got to lay all your cards on the table,” I say, knowingly making a bad poker reference.

1,431 9
5 A Dark Mistake

There’s a war fast approaching though, and everyone can feel it in the air. The ceiling in the Great Hall has been dark and stormy since I’ve arrived although I don’t think the two events coincide that much at all. Still, there are sides in every war, and there’s only two. It’s not like they give you many options do they? Either way, I’m bound to be fighting against one of my brothers in the end.

1,938 14
6 A Good Person

Clover realizes she’s on the losing side but refuses to admit defeat so she spins on her heels and walks away at a fast pace. In fact, is she walked any faster, she’d be running.

1,835 9
7 Help

I watch his sneakers leave without him knowing I’m watching him at all. I’m thinking I should have made that deal with him today. I’m thinking everyone seems to be leaving me these days.

1,830 17
8 Upside Down

Before I’d questioned her feelings for me and her miscellaneous secrets, but now, there’s only one question on my mind.

How well can you ever really know a person?

1,523 15
9 Better Together

I was glad that I had chosen to play dumb for I knew that the Dark Lord could read minds more easily than I can read secrets. If I simply had to use my hands to communicate he couldn’t read anything on my face. I’ve learned through my lack of hearing that words give away much less than emotions that flicker across one’s eyes.

1,964 13
10 Clumsy

“I know your secret,” she says smirking.

“Excuse me?” I squeak. I seem to have lost my masculinity with my surprise.

She raises an eyebrow and places a tiny hand on my paper. “It’s okay,” she confides, “I know you’re in love with me.”

1,723 16
11 Imperfection

The imperfection of it mirrors exactly the emotions in my heart so it fits exactly like a puzzle piece into my being. It’s everything and so much better than any sound I could ever hear.

2,192 17
12 Amazed

She leans over me and applies the ointment slowly to each cut before bandaging the bigger ones. She works faster but more nimble than James, and her touch is light. It’s making me feel slightly hazy in fact. I never thought my healing process could be so…exhilarating.

1,701 10
13 Still Life

Reality has become too much for me and I just…let it go.

1,974 14
14 Early Winter

It was a beautiful day for my father’s funeral.

It was almost as if even the skies were mocking my grief.

1,759 8
15 Bright Lights

Before I go to sleep however, I think how strange it is that the four of us can sit around and joke about less than serious subjects when we are all sitting on the edge of a great war and we all have so very much to lose.

1,653 7
16 Holiday

In the end, he stomps away without saying a word to me, and I relax and settle in to a blissful haze filled with images of Clover lying next to me and her hands all over me. I wonder what would have happened if Sirius hadn’t so rudely interrupted us.

1,919 22
17 Such Great Heights

I realize that’s all either of us have anymore and it could be snatched up in a without a moment’s notice. Our very capability of living could disappear like a wisp of smoke in the night.

1,395 16
18 Violet Hill

I watch as the last bit of snow falls to the bottom of the globe sadly and pensively. So much is held in that tiny little grain, and yet, in the end, it is just a grain. What could such a small piece of the world accomplish?

1,151 7
19 Mercy

We crawl army style along the wet grass like insidious snakes until we reach a hefty overdone tombstone bigger than the three of us combined. I take the liberty of peeking around the huge stone and what I see before me is disheartening.

1,344 4


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