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Ron, Hermione, Draco, Scorpius, Albus, Rose
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Ron/Hermione, Draco/Hermione
Mystery, Romance, AU
Next Generation
Mild Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Contains Spoilers
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2007-12-19 7:59am
Last Chapter
2008-11-09 5:20pm
Last Updated
2008-11-09 5:20pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Just You Wait

That was first year, and with five years of experience I have learned that Scorpius Malfoy is a complete waste of time. He was immensely conceited, he hated everyone, he had a fascination with himself, and he was completely vain.

1,951 39
2 Two Can Play that Game

I watched stealthily as Scorpius pulled his nose out of his book and started walking over towards me. I was hit with that shivery feeling again. Why did he have such an effect on me? I put on my best smile and became the personification of charm. He nodded at me, barely acknowledging my warmth and friendliness.

2,220 45
3 You Don't Know Me

“Well look who’s the pot calling the cauldron black!” I demanded, my voice raised in hysteria. “All you do is stay in your little elite circle, the great Scorpius Malfoy, too good for everyone else!” I jabbed my finger into his chest and his eyes lit up with anger.

2,126 47
4 Oh No, Not Again.

It was crowded with people from every house, even Slytherin. Loud music that I had not heard moments before suddenly flooded my ears. The room had adapted to look somewhat like a muggle dance club. Some one was carrying a crate of what looked suspiciously like firewhisky. I sighed. It was going to be one of those nights

2,729 55
5 Distractions

“Look Weasley,” he began, “I know that you’re smart. I don’t think that you don’t have book knowledge; I’ve simply implied that you need to open your eyes to the world around you. There are things that you are missing.”

I stared at him blankly. Why was he so invested in my life? Why did he care? How could he hate me one moment and then be “intrigued” by me the next?

2,661 51
6 Late Mornings and Hasty Notes

Vincit Omnia Amor” he read. “Love Conquers All, or the curse of obsessive love.” He looked at me. “Honestly Weasley, are you a ten year old? A love spell?” he scoffed.

“Oh come on, it will be easy. It’s almost exactly like the imperious curse, and it’s obvious why it went wrong.” I urged. He turned to me, flipping his floppy blonde hair out of his eyes.

“And why would that be?” he asked quietly.

“Because most things dealing with love go wrong."

2,796 49
7 Every Rose has it's Thorns

“I fell in love with you.” He stated firmly, without a trace of doubt.

I was stunned. I didn’t know what to say. I had never had a boy say anything like that to me before. All I could see were his gray eyes so close to mine. My stomach did a flip like I missed a step going down the stairs. I shivered as he stepped closer.

3,217 74
8 Battle of the Bee's

“I have had a bigger dose of reality than you could ever comprehend!” I narrowed my eyes. “You are so wrapped up in yourself and your problems and you just take it out on everyone else. It is not my fault that your life is not going the way you want it to!”

She slapped me hard across the face and a gasp went up around the room. I put my hand to my face and stared at her in disbelief. She just cocked an eyebrow, daring me to fight back. I took a shaky breath.

2,555 44
9 Son of a Death Eater

“I don’t know. I suppose it has a lot to do past.” His past. I had known Scorpius my whole Hogwarts career, his name was notorious in my house, and yet I found that I knew almost nothing about his background.

“What do you mean?” I asked, almost dreading the answer. There was a certain uneasiness about him that I couldn’t place, and it made me nervous though I didn’t know why.

2,720 60
10 Making Out and Making Up

“Don’t ever apologize again. You don’t know how much you mean to me have no idea...” he trailed off, not able to find words to express himself. I didn’t know what to say, he always shocked me with his serious nature. He looked at me with the most peculiar expression, he looked almost angry. His gray eyes pierced mine and I couldn’t look away. He sat up and at first I thought he was going to leave, but he rested his chin against my forehead instead. I sighed in my emotionally weakened state.

2,861 40
11 Meet the Parents

“And who is this young man?” My mum asked, motioning to Scorpius and giving me a look as if to say ‘remember your manners.’

“Oh! Right.” I exclaimed. “Mum, Dad, this is...this is, erm...” I panicked.

“Spencer.” Scorpius said extending his hand. “Spencer Price.” He shook with my dad.

2,857 59
12 Paris when it Sizzles

Victoire was by far the best shopping partner I had ever had. Having spent all of her summers in France with her grandparents, she knew all the great stores. “Don’t be fooled by name brands,” she told me with a finger wag. “Sometimes it’s the unknowns who are just starting out that have the best garments for the best prices.” We bypassed the wizard district, which carried all the big name designers that I knew. “You know, they have lovely robes, but no one makes a dress like a French muggle.” She said confidently.

2,417 58
13 The Hard Truth

“Because I love her father, surely you understand that...I mean you have some experience in that arena, am I right?” Scorpius said coolly, staring hard into his father’s eyes. Draco’s face was livid at this response, and I had the feeling that I was missing something. What did Scorpius mean by ‘experience?’

2,839 37
14 A Cruel Joke

“I’m sure he’s fine.” Albus reassured me as we walked towards the lake. This however, did not do anything to calm my apprehension. Something was wrong, I could feel it. But I tried to put my worry aside to talk to Albus.

Scorpius will be alright. I told myself, taking deep breaths of the heavy humid air.

3,588 55
15 I'm So Sorry

Without thinking, I walked briskly over and wrapped my arms around her small body. She stood stiffly for a moment, but then she went limp and buried her head on my shoulder. She started to cry, sobs overtaking her body. I hugged her tighter, easing my pain by trying to extinguish hers.

2,889 36
16 The Rebound

“Rose, ever since Malfoy broke up with you, you haven’t been the same. You’ve been distant and shut off. You may think you have us fooled, but you don’t.” She looked at me meaningfully and I averted my eyes. Blast.

“Yes, he broke your heart, and we all hate him for it.” All the girls nodded their heads. “but that doesn’t mean you should let it get to you! You are better than that! You are Rose Weasley.” Olivia said strongly.

3,525 9
17 Party Girl

“The girls that have it all. Gorgeous, perfect looks, perfect friends, perfect grades, perfect guys, perfect life.”

Though his words weren’t meant to be harsh, each stung worse than the next. I laughed bitterly.

“Yeah,” I said sarcastically, taking another big sip of my drink. “Yeah that’s me alright. The perfect girl with the perfect life. It couldn’t be more perfect.’ I laughed again, for some reason everything seemed funnier than it should. I dissolved into sloppy giggles before I could collect myself.

3,346 19
18 Realizations

“Rose, he knew about your parents before and that didn’t stop him. I really don’t think that he would just drop you like that. I mean as much as I thought I would never say this, Malfoy is a decent guy. Have you ever considered the fact that this might be as hard for him as it is for you, if not harder?”

3,726 107


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