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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Fred, George, Ginny, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Ron/Hermione, Harry/OC, Hermione/OC
Romance, Angst
Strong Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature
Story Reviews
First Published
2007-12-09 5:17pm
Last Chapter
2008-08-24 10:21pm
Last Updated
2008-08-24 10:21pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Goodbye

Harry reacts badly to Hermione's decision to leave.

1,171 13
2 An Unexpected Surprise

Harry is happily enjoying a carefree bachelor lifestyle, he has everything a young man could want, a great career, a family in the Weasleys, a best friend and flatmate in Ron and of course a lot of female attention, life is pretty much perfect that is until he receives some unexpected news! Glad you like so far it's my first fanfic!

2,369 5
3 An Awkward Hello

Harry, Hermione and Ron come face to face. It's a bit short but I had to break it up from the next chapter, and there are a few spelling mistakes try ignore them. Hope you enjoy

1,214 7
4 A Reunion to Remember

This is more like the second half of chapter 3, it's longer and I hope you all like it!

2,830 9
5 Damaged Beyond Repair

Following the dinner at The Burrow, Harry confronts Ron about Hermione's departure, Ron's confession forces Harry reconsider whether his own friendship with the girl can be re-forged.
Excerpt :  “I’ve seen girl’s naked” Ron protested, Hermione smiled at Harry who struggled to maintain a straight face, “I’ve seen you naked!” he added smugly, no longer smiling Hermione threw him a distasteful look.

3,314 5
6 Dinner Date

Our favourite trio enjoy a dinner date, despite the past do they really see a future for themselves as friends?

3,740 5
7 A Day In Diagon Alley

An unexpected meeting between Harry and Hermione leads to a rather enjoyable day for both. 
Thanks for all the reviews, hope you like this chapter!!!!

3,690 9
8 The Twins Secret

Okay, okay here is the update. 

Hope you like and thanks for the reviews, I really appreciate you taking the time to write them.

P.S. I will try update quicker in future!!!

3,250 6
9 Truth or Dare?

A night with the gang leads to further surprising revelations from Hermione and a new girl in Harry's life. 

3,473 9
10 True Love

Despite their relationships with other people, Harry and Hermione can't seem to stay away from each other...hhmmm........I wonder why?

3,396 6
11 Of Quidditch and Kisses

A game of Quidditch leads to some unexpected kisses! I think this may be the chapter many of you have been waiting for so hope you like it!!!

2,812 12
12 A Tale Of Fairies

Harry is left confused over his latest incident with Hermione, unsure of what to do decides it is best to avoid her, of course Hermione is doing the same thing, however Molly Weasley and her weekly meal force the two to face each other and that kiss.

Hopou guys like it, as ever reviews are appreciated!!!!

4,132 10
13 Coupled Up Times Two

A gang night out leads to an interesting development in Harry and Shell's relationship, but what will this mean for Harry and Hermione moreover could it effect Hermione's 'relationship' with Ron? 

I hate summarising, just give it a read and PLEASE review!!!

3,205 12
14 Lunch For Three

Just what is going on with Ron and Hermione? In his attempts to find out Harry finds himself as a third wheel, and in the middle of a confrontation with Hermione.

2,868 13
15 Surprise

It is Molly Weasley's birthday and the party is not the only surprise of the night, although for Harry the second one is most definitely not a pleasant one.

2,895 13
16 Double Date Trouble

A double date goes horribly wrong with Harry forced to make a choice between Shell and Hermione.

4,868 6
17 The Night Before The Morning After

Harry and Hermione take their relationship to the next level, and they begin to deal withthe consequences of their decision. WARNING: This chapter is the reason for the rating!!

3,208 1
18 Confrontations and Revelations

Hermione and Harry confess to Shell and Ron, unsurprisingly it does not go down well and a heartbroken Ron leaves Hermione rethinking her choice.

5,289 0
19 Once More With Need

The penultimate chapter of the story, see's Harry facing life after the fallout.

7,121 3
20 On The Other Side

The final chapter in this story!

8,742 18


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