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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Voldemort, Draco, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Ron/Hermione, Draco/OC, OC/OC
Drama, Humor, Romance
Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse
Story Reviews
First Published
2007-12-02 1:02pm
Last Chapter
2008-10-25 7:18pm
Last Updated
2009-06-24 2:36pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 In the Beginning

The prologue.

624 17
2 The World

In which Hogwarts happens and the Sorting Hat shares.

1,575 15
3 Unfortunately for Our Main Character, the Story Continues

In which Ron eats, a ball is announced, and Oliver Wood has not graduated.

1,724 17
4 Hogsmeade

In which the girls take a little outing.

1,619 7
5 Who's Your Daddy?

In which parentals come between our starcrossed lovers, and sarcasm is used in the summary.

1,579 11
6 The Pre-Ball

In which there is yelling at the breakfast table and the Hogwarts students prepare for the ball.

1,744 13
7 "Special Magic"

In which the Voice is a bother, people keep secrets, and someone reveals his "special magic."

1,590 15
8 The Excommunication

In which Martin Luther and his excommunication are discussed and Blathrae Carter is myterious.

984 11
9 Honey, I Shrunk the Main Character

In which Dee isn't so tall, and a new plot point is introduced.

1,417 13
10 I'm Showing You My World

In which a special potion is procured, tongues are tongued, songs are sung, and somebody goes unconscious.

1,389 12
11 Problem

In which Ria and Dee totally have it out.

1,366 9
12 This is not a Filler

In which next to nothing happens, but the story continues to be entertaining.

1,328 7
13 Malicious or Malfo-licious?

In which the chapter is better than its title and things start to get seriously emo, while still retaining the general comedic nature of the story.

1,578 1
14 The Prophecy

In which... well, c'mon. Look at the title. What d'you think happens?

1,236 2
15 The Kisses

In which lips touch, Flint is ugly, and Dee gets screwed over. Twice.

2,716 3
16 The Mission Begins

In which Dee throws a hissy fit, and Ria steps in for the safety of her fellow Gryffindors.

1,261 2
17 Eat the Soup

In which winter holidays begin, Ria gets a shock, and soup is not eaten.

1,225 2
18 Christmastime

In which Dee and Draco travel to, erm, "Mr. DeMonte's" house and everyone (sort of) tries to be festive (sort of).

1,827 5
19 Outdoor Adventures

In which Malfoy and Dee go out for a spin and a dash and a few marshmallows.

1,744 9
20 Diagon Alley

In which shopping happens and Dee experiences that awkward run-in-to-ex-boyfriend-while-out-with-new-boyfriend thing. Sort of.

2,764 6
21 Happy Christmas

In which Christmas visits the cozy Voldemort Estate, Narcissa is like SO ANNOYING, and Dee gives Draco the Old One-Two.

2,301 7
22 How Does He Do That?

In which Dee returns to Hogwarts, is awkward with Harry, and develops a bit of Thoughtfully Emo Heroine Syndrome.

1,369 7
23 Seven Minutes in Heaven

In which someone comes up with a bad game.

1,992 7
24 Hiatus

In which Ria and Dee make more plots and Harry's eyes stray.

2,027 11
25 "I love you."

In which things get seriously confusing and the author starts to feel sorry for Dee.

2,063 15
26 The Sorting Hat Face-Off

In which we get a few answers about the calamity and Dee keeps saying stupid things.

1,399 10
27 Boom, Baby

Let's get confrontational.

2,051 17
28 There's No Place like Home

In which Dee wakes up somewhere else. THE END.

1,710 36


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