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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Seamus, Dean, Ginny
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Harry/Ginny, Other Pairing
Humor, Romance, Young Adult
Mild Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature
Story Reviews
First Published
2007-12-01 8:27pm
Last Chapter
2010-10-11 4:49pm
Last Updated
2010-10-11 4:49pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Why Are You So Obbsessed With This?

   In which Ginny explains why she's obbsessed with match-making and Ron And Hermione.

   "She grabbed up the parchment and handed it to him.
    He read it then said, “Gin, why are you so obsessed with this?”
   “Because they are the world’s most perfect couple and they need to get together and I’m very aggravated because they won’t tell each other how they feel because they’re in denial..." "

1,656 22
2 "Plan One, But I'm More Partial To Plan Four!"

In which Ginny and Harry tryout Plan One.

 “Yes,” he said, “I have the list.” He took it from his bag and handed it to her.
 “I dunno. I don’t really like number one. I’m more partial to number four,” Ginny said, looking at the list.
 “We can lock them in a closet some other time. We should at least try number one,” Harry told her.

1,496 20
3 “It’s A Bust…Or….Er…Did You Write This?”

In which Lavander Brown joins the team.

“No. You didn’t write this did you?” Hermione said, handing him her note as well.
 “No. I wonder why we got these or how we got these.” Ron asked a bit confused.
 Harry, Ginny, and Lavander all looked at each other, aggravated. Ginny made a sign like she was shooting herself in the head. "

1,317 13
4 “Mistletoe, Mistletoe, Put On A Smile. Watch For The Knargals, You Might Be Under There For Awhile."

In which one of Ginny's plans actually work.

 “Okay,” Ginny said, “Let’s get this done. Make most of the mistletoe unnoticeable.”
 “Right,” Lavander said, “Hey….let’s hang one over the portrait hole! What do you think?”
 “ I think that; Lavander Brown, you are an absolute genius!” Ginny said.

2,063 17
5 "Yes, We Did Lock You In A Closet And Threaten You With A Beater's Bat. Anymore Questions?"

In Which Closets & Aerosmith are involved.

   "...Hermione said, “They just locked us in a closet didn’t they?”
 “Yeah, pretty much,” Ron replied, sitting down on the floor, shaking his head.
 “Merlin!” Hermione exclaimed, sitting down beside him, “What do you think the crazy plan is this time?”

1,954 12
6 "Screw The List, I Have A Better Plan."

In which Ginny deciedes they need a better plan.
“Hey, Gin,” Harry said, sitting down at the table, “Hello, Lavander. What are you up to?”  “Trying to come up with a plan!” Ginny replied, “None of these plans are going to work!”  “How about locking them in the Head’s Tower?” Harry asked, looking at the list.    “You know, I was going to try that but after they get out and it doesn’t work I really don’t want Hermione to curse me into obliviation..."

1,416 12
7 "Hermione's Dad. The Answer To Everything(Apparently)"

In Which Ron Learns Of Proctective Parents And Airplanes
“Oh, of course! She talks about you all the time. We’re so glad that she’s found herself a good boyfriend like you!” Mrs. Granger exclaimed.
 “NO, MUM!” Hermione said, looking annoyed and embarrassed, “I told you, he’s not my boyfriend! We’re just really good friends!”
 “Ah, I see!” Mrs. Granger said, winking at Hermione, who let out a groan of exasperation.

1,312 11
8 “We’re Sorry But We Won’t Let You Out Until You See What's Right In Front Of Your Eyes!"

In which certain people lock others into hotel rooms....
"...Oh, by the way, your father and I are across the hall and down a bit so he’d never, never know if you two wanted to, you know, do anything physical...”
 “MUM!” Hermione exclaimed, shocked, “What? I told you! We’re not boyfriend and girlfriend. Were…not…not…omigosh! I cannot believe…UGH!” and she angrily walked back over to Ron..."

3,017 8
9 "A Couple Lists And Maybe A Kiss. You've Been Waiting For Something Like This"

In which you get surprised....

She looked at him for a minute until she said, “So, were do you think we’re going to get thirty galleons?”
 He smiled at her a bit, “We can worry about that later. C’mere.” Ron grabbed her around the waist and pulled her close to him. Hermione’s breath caught in her throat as he leaned in to...

1,932 14
10 "Being Right Is A Grreat Feeling. So Is Making Thirty Galleons."

In which Ginny learns that is has all come togrther...
“And what is that?” Ron said, walking over to her and placing his hands on her waist.   “I think you know,” she said, wrapping her arms around his neck. Ron laughed as Hermione leaned into kiss him. He grabbed her waist a bit tighter and as soon as their lips met, Ginny appeared out of nowhere. “Ah,” she said, “I love it when I’m right!”

1,651 8
11 "EPILOUGE: You're The One And I Can Give You More Than Twenty Reasons."

In which the story concludes...
 “What were you writing?” she asked him, looking up at him a little bit.
 “It’s nothing,” he said, picking it up.
 “Why won’t you let me see it?” Hermione asked, “That means it not ‘nothing’.”
 “Really,” he said, “It’s nothing. Don’t worry about it.” Hermione pouted at him a bit, “C’mon, please don’t do that to me. Can I go change?”

1,710 23


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