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Harry, Neville, Luna, Ginny, Oliver, Albus, James (II), Lily (II), OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Drama, Romance, Angst
Next Generation
Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers
Story Reviews
First Published
2007-11-29 12:41am
Last Chapter
2008-11-12 8:37pm
Last Updated
2012-03-29 6:52am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Chapter One: Knickers on the Nightly News

Famous quidditch-playing dad, famous and beautiful mother, obnoxious brother, who has dated so many girls he can’t keep track, loads of money, and a huge house—what else could make a girl happy? Alexandra’s reputation is anything but great in the eyes of the magical community. Not at all helped by the dirty, worthless, attention seeking, hog, James Potter Jr. Will she trade her world of expensive dresses and famous boys for a life not complicated by her parents’ fame?

2,606 15
2 Chapter Two: Running from Fame

All things are not well in the Wood household. Alexandra’s public embarrassment is three times worse than ever before—literally. Alexandra’s parents are forced to make a hard choice that may be what she has needed all along. Things are definitely going to change, read to find out.

2,516 16
3 Chapter Three: Number One Fan

“Oi, you will have plenty of time to snog later, the least you could do is introduce us to your beautiful new friend.”

James Potter was used to getting any girl he wanted, and he was therefore concerned when the blonde and pink-haired girl before him rolled her eyes in annoyance.

2,686 13
4 Chapter Four: Pudding

Alex stood, and before she removed the hat, she heard it whisper into her ear, “Good luck, Ms. Wood.” It sounded almost as though it was mocking her, but hats didn’t mock, did they?

2,893 14
5 Chapter Five: Spills and Thrills

“Wow, that’s bloody full schedule! Are you a genius or something?” Alex frowned in response, but this only made her look more attractive.
“No, my mother thinks that making my schedule hard will keep me out of trouble.”
“So you’re a trouble maker?” he said with a smirk that didn’t at all cover his interest.
“I have been known to raise a few eyebrows.”

2,441 13
6 Chapter Six: Who Said Girls Can’t Play Quidditch

“Alex, Alex, come here and help,” yelled Halie as Alex waded through piles of leaflets and poster board that completely hid the center of the room.
“Halie, what is going on?” said Alex open-mouthed.
“She’s missing!”
“Who’s missing?”

2,928 12
7 Chapter Seven: A Transfiguration Nightmare

“I have no idea, one second he was here and the next he wasn’t,” said Alex still completely confused.
“Oh – My – God!” said Naomi looking down.
Both Alex and Halie followed her lead and looked down to the ground.
***Winner announced at the end of this chapter!***

3,471 14
8 Chapter Eight: Miniature Pink Cows

They had been there nearly an hour when Halie said, “Oh my god, look at that guy at the bar!”

Alex looked over her shoulder and her mouth fell open.

“I mean, look at those glasses!” Halie continued.

Beneath the fake long blonde wig, coke bottle glasses, and pocket protector was…

4,484 13
9 Chapter Nine: Antidotes and Rockstars

The song ended and James detached himself from the very girl that seemed to make his heart beat. How could he be so mellow dramatic, he had only known her for two months; there was no possible way these feeling could be real.

3,790 15
10 Chapter Ten: Improvising

Speechless… it was the first time in her life that she had failed to think of a single word. So what was different this time?

4,440 12
11 Chapter Eleven: Mommy Dearest

“Alex? Is everything okay?” asked Halie.
Alex threw away her pillow and looked at her concerned friends with an almost manic look, “Other than the fact that I am a complete idiot . . .”
“Why are you an idiot?” asked Naomi.
“I let myself fall for James Potter!”

4,437 14
12 Chapter Twelve: Quality Quidditch

Before her, stood the nervously smiling face of James Potter and she stammered, “J-James!”

“Well if it isn’t, Alexandra Wood, how wonderful to see you,” he replied in that ridiculously flirty tone that she hated and hadn’t heard in months

4,269 12
13 Chapter Thirteen: The Power of Suggestion

James flew upright in bed and fixed Alexandra with a surprised glance; he had not expected it to be her.

4,341 12
14 The Subtly (or lack there of) of Albus Potter

James froze with stunned excitement as he noticed Alex’s face drawing closer to his. But he was up for more disappointment when she merely whispered in his ear, “Two can play these games, Potter.”
With a wicked smile, she freed herself from his grasp and left a confused James in his compartment.

5,189 6
15 Chapter Fifteen: Dangerous Games

The truth was, of all the people in her life, James may be one of the only people who would understand who she really was. What it was like to be famous for events that occurred before she was even born; famous for things that she couldn’t even begin to understand. He and he alone, in all of Hogwarts, would understand what it was like to be judged before someone had even met you.

4,227 5
16 Chapter Sixteen: All Kinds of Places

And smiling, he continued to kiss Alex, who after so long, couldn’t find a reason to resist.

4,612 5
17 Chapter Seventeen: Payback is a Witch

As if the clock had struck midnight on her Cinderella fairytale, the magical disguise fell away from her features. Her hair lay in dark curls down her back, her brown eyes reflecting her slightly freckled nose. She wrung her hands together praying that he would just say a word…a single word.

4,613 6
18 Chapter Eighteen: Fallout

The truth had come out…like the explosion of a nuclear bomb. She had no choice now but to run; the only question was…run where? Alex had always understood the risk of telling lies but nothing had prepared her for the fallout.

5,849 8
19 Chapter Nineteen: The Importance of Pie

It’s the one thing she would have given up her trust fund to not have to do… but she’s doing it anyway. Alexandra is going back to Hogwarts and not everything is how she had left it. With one O.W.L down and several to go the only question is, can she make it through the week without cracking?

5,967 29
20 Chapter Twenty: Let the Games Begin

Two worlds collide to crumble at her feet; when suddenly, Alex finds her life high jacked by a devious thirteen-year-old. As Alex will soon find out, just because she put James Potter in her past doesn’t mean he’ll necessarily stay there. Who knew quidditch games could be so dramatic?

7,276 71


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