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Snape, Cedric, Fred, George, OC, OtherCanon
Primary Relationship
Other Pairing
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Romance, Angst, AU
Scenes of a sexual nature, Sensitive topic/issue/theme
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Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2007-11-28 5:44pm
Last Chapter
2010-01-26 7:50am
Last Updated
2010-01-26 7:50am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 An Ugly Duckling

Vita Valios had always been the ugly duckling in her year. Not pretty, no friends, and always a really smart bookworm who was the top in her year, were only a few of the reasons she had been considered a black sheep. Then, at the beginning of her 7th year, she became Head Girl, and unfortunately, she discovers that one of the popular boys who teased her, became Head Boy. Fate has played an even crueler trick on her, but the future is not in her hands, and some events in the near future will change everything.

1,834 7
2 Special Privileges

Vita is upset about who the new Head Boy is and doesn't look forward to it at all. She realizes she doesn't really have any friends when Dumbledore announces that she is Head Girl. During the Sorting Ceremony, a boy gets sorted into her house who reminds her of herself in more ways than one. Also, Snape makes Vita an offer she cannot refuse because it can help make or break her future.

2,203 6
3 Cedric's Other Side

Vita puts Cedric in his place after putting up with his insults for so long. Alicia also says something uncalled for to Vita, which creates a conflict amongst the popular group. Vita gets stuck with Cedric when it comes to doing an assignment in Potions and she wonders why Snape put them together. Then, Cedric starts acting somewhat different.

2,681 6
4 A Lesson in Disguise

Vita has her first lesson with Professor Snape, discovering that his teaching methods are a little different than expected. He starts out with a more tacticle approach, first teaching her about the art of disguise. Unfortunately, her first lesson in disguise is one she doesn't prefer to learn. Find out what happens to Vita during her lesson and how other people behave around her.

3,649 2
5 Plagues, Stacks, and Flying Bludgers

Vita's life only seems to get more interesting as the days go on. First, Cedric decides he wants to talk to her about the event from the night before. Then, Vita reads a book from the Head Common Room, showing that her reading habits can be a little morbid at time, nonetheless, interesting. Also, Fred and George are up to their usual mischief before the day starts for most people. Let's not forget the time Vita spends in the library where her life gets even more awkward and she even watches some Quidditch practice that makes the day just a little bit worse.

3,857 4
6 One Blossoms, One Crashes and Burns

Vita gets hit with reality when she learns that Cedric probably won't ever change. She runs into Professor Snape who after knowing what's going on, gives her a new lesson. This lesson is in manipulation and he gives her some key points about how she could persuade Cedric to come back to her that involve George Weasley. However, Vita changes her mind about things and decides that some people aren't worth it.

2,832 3
7 Never Thought

There were some things Vita never thought would happen to her. She never expected the one person she trusted to break her heart. She never expected the one person she respected to be her first and she never expected the guy who ridiculed her to actually be there for her. Yes, many things Vita never expected, never thought would happen to her, but she was wrong.

2,000 6


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