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Arthur, Molly, OC, OtherCanon
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Humor, Romance, Young Adult
Contains profanity, Mild violence, Scenes of a mild sexual nature, Substance abuse
Story Reviews
First Published
2007-11-23 9:10pm
Last Chapter
2008-09-21 1:24pm
Last Updated
2011-02-10 1:03pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 You Can't Hurry Love

“This will make him notice me, won’t it?” Molly brushed a strand of bright red hair out of her eyes. “I’m tired of pining for him. It’s time to do something about it.”

2,364 59
2 Red Rubber Ball

He looked up quite suddenly and she started, blushing that he’d caught her staring. “It’s all right, Molly,” he said quietly, his eyes searching hers. “You don’t need to worry about me.”

2,143 51
3 I Can't Help Myself

She’d put a hand on his shoulder while she apologized to him sweetly, sitting on his chair, so close he could feel the heat of her body next to him. He could tell she really regretted her actions. He didn’t know what to think or feel about any of it.

1,922 46
4 Gimme Little Sign

He shot to his feet when he saw her and almost dropped his book. He fumbled with it for a moment and then said in what he hoped was a debonair voice, “Good evening, Molly.”

2,903 33
5 Brown-Eyed Girl

She was resolved never to get another detention, if only for how it interfered with her ability to get her homework done.

2,222 36
6 I'm Into Something Good

“My mum would’ve sent a Howler. Possibly two, per week, until she’d forgotten what I’d done, and my mum has an excellent memory. It’s the only reason I stay out of trouble at school.”

2,106 29
7 Then He Kissed Me

“I’m writing Mum that you have a boyfriend!” Gideon called after her. She scowled but didn’t respond.

2,139 34
8 Sunshine Superman

“Oh, sure, you finally go out with Molly Prewett and you expect us to believe you didn’t throw yourself at her feet, begging to be allowed to feed her peeled grapes and fan her with ostrich feathers?”

2,039 28
9 I Hear A Symphony

Siobhan had learned how to get into the kitchens second year, and brought food for them to snack on every time, because Hattie maintained you couldn’t have a proper gathering without some form of chocolate.

2,092 25
10 Lightnin' Strikes

“Oh, for the love!” Cecilia’s voice exclaimed loudly from behind them, and they both started in surprise. “You were supposed to just pop in and ask him if he’s coming to dinner, not snog him in the library!”

2,925 24
11 Sunny

Roddy grinned. “She’d probably slap you if you did. You’re not really going to take advice on women from these two, are you?”

Reid looked up at Roddy, clearly annoyed. “Why not? I know a lot about women.”

“I wish I could believe that, firecracker boy,” Roddy said gravely.

2,636 28
12 My Love

Arthur wasn’t a good dancer, but he was willing to try. She wasn’t sure if that was his desire to dance with her or his obsession with all things Muggle. Maybe both.

2,818 23
13 Can’t You Hear My Heartbeat

“You really need to stop swearing, Siobhan, it isn’t ladylike,” Hattie said primly.

Siobhan gave her a look. “You know that saying that only makes me want to do it more.”

2,959 22
14 How Sweet It Is

His smile slowly faded when Molly turned to him with a determined expression that clearly did not portend any snogging.

2,747 20
15 You're The One

Petula turned her attention to Roddy, who had come over to join them with Reid. Siobhan was studiously ignoring him. She was now seeing Addae Owusu of Hufflepuff, or possibly Akwetee, Molly wasn’t entirely sure. It was possible that Siobhan wasn’t sure which twin she was seeing either.

3,501 18
16 I Say A Little Prayer

Arthur scowled at them. “I’m not telling her because I want her to snog me, I’m telling her because I do love her.”

“Are you going to buy her some lingerie, then?” Dunstan asked.

“I don’t know why I talk to either of you,” Arthur said.

3,527 16
17 To Sir, With Love

She started doodling on her paper instead of taking notes. Molly Prewett and Arthur Weasley. She drew a heart around their names, and then wrote, Mrs. Arthur Weasley. Molly Prewett Weasley. She stared at that for a few moments with a pleased smile, and then wrote again.

Molly Weasley.

3,275 17
18 Daydream Believer

Reid sat down next to him, slammed his bookbag onto the desk, and announced loudly, “Well, I’ve done it.”

“Set fire to Cecilia again?” Arthur asked.

3,765 18
19 Ain't No Mountain High Enough

“You just need to learn to deal with men,” Cecilia told her encouragingly. “They’re like dogs. They’re not very bright, so you have to give them firm commands, and you need to speak to them sharply when they’ve been bad.”

3,478 18
20 Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You

“What’s going on?” the man asked blearily. “Who’s there?”

“Erm,” Arthur said, feeling a little panicky. “I think I got the wrong window.”

3,639 20
21 Come On Down To My Boat

Molly eyed her brothers. “I’ll give you both a Galleon if you go away and keep a lookout for Mum.”

“What, and leave you alone with a male? Unchaperoned?” Fabian gave her an exaggeratedly astonished look, affecting a very upper-class accent. “The impropriety! Never, dear sister, never!”

4,378 25
22 Baby I'm Yours

There was no one there, and she took a moment to examine the room. It looked rather like the girls’ dormitory, with five four-posters arranged in a circle, and the boys’ school trunks at the foot of their beds. It smelled strange though, a little like dirty socks.

4,079 17
23 Tell It Like It Is

“Don’t worry, Dunstan,” Siobhan said, giving him a consoling pat on the shoulder. “Pigs represent intelligence according to the book I’ve been reading.”

“Well then, you must be correct, Dunstan, it can’t be a pig,” Reid said.

3,658 15
24 96 Tears

“What makes you think something's going on?” Reid asked.

“You're in your pyjamas at three in the afternoon, probably have been all day, and you skipped all your classes,” Arthur said.

3,262 14
25 Baby I Need Your Lovin'

Arthur seriously considered taking a leaf out of Reid's book and skiving off the entire day of classes so that he could stay in bed all day in his pyjamas.

2,318 16
26 We Can Work It Out

Molly sniffed and wiped her nose with her handkerchief when Siobhan’s voice trailed off. “That was... That was awful! That didn’t help at all. Gore-stained bosom and clay-cold corpse? Honestly, Siobhan!”

3,683 15
27 Let's Live For Today

“We think Mum might Apparate into Hogsmeade and send the Howler from there, just to get them here quicker,” Fabian said.

2,591 10
28 Back in My Arms Again

“Technically,” Gideon said in innocent tones, “you were the one who duelled, not us. We were innocent victims. Bystanders, you might say.” Fabian was nodding agreement.

3,790 11
29 I Second That Emotion

“It's really quite horrifying, isn't it?” Gideon said dispassionately. “We told her to stop while she was ahead, with socks and scarves, but obviously she's lost her mind completely.”

2,878 10
30 Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me

Molly wrinkled her nose. Hattie was her closest friend, but Hattie's admiration of all things pink and frilly had never rubbed off on her. Molly thought stepping into Madam Puddifoot's was like being in one of the horrible tea cosies her Auntie Muriel favoured.

3,389 8
31 Stay In My Corner

“I think it wants to eat me!” Gideon was dancing away from the badger as it snapped at his heels. “Are badgers carnivorous?”

3,248 13
32 Love Makes A Woman

“They're like a less interesting version of Reid and Cecilia, aren't they?” Siobhan remarked.

“Thanks,” Reid said around a piece of toast.

3,016 9
33 For Your Love

“Haven't you got a job yet?” Arthur asked his brother.

“It's a bad economy right now, all right?” Bilius shot a sidelong glance at their mother. “It's not like I'm not trying.” I'm really not trying, he mouthed at Arthur then.

2,862 9
34 Wouldn't It Be Nice

“Have you ever brought a girlfriend home before?” Molly asked in a whisper as they started for the house.

Arthur paused with his hand on the doorknob. “No.”

3,138 11
35 Higher and Higher

“Give it another go,” Siobhan urged her. “You haven't tried it in weeks.”

“Oh, what's the point,” Cecilia muttered bitterly, but then she frowned thoughtfully and drew her wand. Her eyes slid out of focus for a moment, her face growing oddly flushed. She held out her wand. “Expecto Patronum!

3,678 8
36 I Was Made To Love Her

Fabian clapped a hand to his shoulder. “You're like the older brother we always wished Molly had been.”

“Merlin's beard,” Arthur said helplessly.

3,791 8
37 In the Midnight Hour

There was something different on the night air now, and Molly felt a thrill of fear run through her. “What time is it?”

“Going on four in the morning, I should think,” Arthur said, glancing out the narrow window.

3,089 11
38 Strangers in the Night

“How often have you been checking his shoulders, Molly dear?” Siobhan asked slyly. “Been getting his shirt off for a good look?”

Molly could feel her cheeks turning red. “I was only looking at the marks.”

3,096 12
39 See You In September

“Now, you're going to come see me this summer, aren't you?” she asked briskly.

He smiled down at her, holding her around the waist. “Every day, if I can.”

“Good.” She pulled him down to her, wrapping her arms around his neck as she kissed him soundly. He returned the kiss, not caring who was watching them.

1,705 60


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