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Harry, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Harry/Ginny, Harry/OC, OC/OC
Humor, Romance, Action/Adventure
Mild violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Sensitive topic/issue/theme, Spoilers
Story Reviews
First Published
2007-11-06 9:21pm
Last Chapter
2013-09-19 8:24am
Last Updated
2014-05-12 1:21pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 The Dust Clears

Harry awakes after the Battle of Hogwarts and tries to find his life again. He's interrupted but is of course helped by his friends.

4,877 5
2 An Interview and The Future

Harry goes into a little detail of the past year with Xeno Lovegood and Ginny.  When asked about his future and comes up blank he meets with Professor McGonagall to try and figure it all out. Warning on some strong language here.

5,490 2
3 Decision

Harry's options are on the table. Unfortunately he doesn't have much time to make up his mind. Hopefully some good advice will help him out.

3,186 1
4 Preperations and a companion

Harry's decision has been made. The time to leave is approaching quickly and he must get everything together. Someone decides to join him on this journey. Harry is only too happy to not go it alone.

5,470 4
5 Order of Merlin Award

Time has finally come for the Order of Merlin Awards. Harry has not been looking forward to the attention. Maybe blowing off some steam will help him to get through it.

8,917 3
6 The Departure

Time has come for the wizarding world to return to normal. The families leave to resume their lives and Harry sets out on his new path.

6,186 3
7 A Strange New World

Harry arrives in Rio. Meets his family and explores a little bit of the city. We see his fame has spread a little bit beyond the shores of England.

6,634 3
8 Fun in the Sun

Three weeks have gone by since Harry arrived in Brazil. He has spent time mastering the language. Today Mari takes Harry to meet some of her friends and hang out.

6,895 3
9 Amazonis and the English Quidditch Team

Harry has a fight with Mariana. Then the family journey's to Amazonis for the World Cup match. Harry sees some unexpected faces.

7,445 5
10 Quidditch Practice and Picnics

Time has come for the Quidditch World Cup Quarter finals. Harry practices with the English team. He has some new experiences including a nice picnic lunch.

10,698 7
11 Happy Birthday Harry

Harry's 18th birthday arrives and it starts off horribly. Hopefully it ends better than that.

4,183 3
12 Back to School

Harry returns to school. Where will he be sorted and will he be happy with the decision.

5,971 3
13 First Day of Classes

A surprise happens at Hogwarts. Harry's first day is anything but quiet.

6,766 1
14 Dueling Club

Harry has to duel his Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. Will he come out safe?

5,265 4
15 The Vision Serpent

Harry is getting more into his classes. He gets some interesting news in Transfiguration and a lot of attention at lunch.

4,810 3
16 Halloween

Quidditch and Halloween all rolled into one big day. Sounds like the perfect day. Nothing could possibly ruin this, or could it?

11,003 2
17 Pegasus Vs Draco

Harry has his first match at Amazonis. Afterwards events lead to him reconsider his time at school.

7,747 2
18 The Lagoon

Harry does some research with Don before going out for with his friends. The trip holds lots of surprises and some good times.

9,980 1
19 Christmas

A step away and catching up on recent events. I felt a little nostalgic. I couldn't help that.

6,300 0
20 Christmas part 2

Christmas in Brazil. A fun time for family and friends to get together.

11,708 2
21 Good Morning?

What possible reprecutions will come from Harry's sleeping arrrangment.

11,010 3
22 Mariana's test and b-day

Mariana has to get her apparation license and she has her 16th birthday party all in one day.

8,526 1
23 Return to School

The students head back to Amazonis and enjoy their first lessons. Harry starts to perfect an animagus transformation but there is a dangerous complication.

7,315 3
24 The Dark Blood Line

The Ministry keeps getting pressured by the mysterious group. However they now have an identity.

7,345 2
25 Valentine's Day

Depressing news but a valentine's date with Luciana to lighten the mood.

7,948 3
26 Arrest at Amazonis

Occurences shortly after Valentine's day brings everything back very quickly. Someone is about to leave the school.

2,582 2
27 Flight of The Head Boy

With their Defense teacher gone classes proceed. What more surprises are in store.

2,577 2
28 Visitor in the Night

Pegasus has its second quidditch match and someone who shouldn't be there visits the school.

5,408 2
29 Answers Maybe

Harry finally starts to get some answers about the situation outside of school. Unfortunately it may lead to more questions and danger.

3,373 4
30 Harry's Transformation

After failing to escape in Joao Luiz's house, Harry finds himself in a worse situation and must figure someway to get out.

5,845 2
31 Rescue Plans

After a daraing escape Joao Luiz and Harry have no choice but to put themselves back into harm's way in order to protect those they care about.

2,748 2
32 Rescue

After being forced to move quicker than planned, can Harry and Joao Luiz free the girls from Luizao?

5,192 0
33 Revelations

With their rescue successful Joao Luiz and Harry need to convince those in power of the truth.

5,997 1
34 Return to Amazonis

Harry and Adriana join the aurors to remove Concesao from Amazonis. Nobody knows what they'll find or how much resistance they'll face.

3,407 2
35 A True Griffindor

Updates and occurrences from both Hogwarts and Amazonis after Harry returns to school

4,523 0
36 Weekend in Rio

Harry and Mariana spend a weekend with her parents as Amazonis goes on their Easter Holidays.

5,321 2
37 The Seeker's Challenge

Harry's final quidditch match as a student. Henrique has arranged a surprise for after the match. Harry readies himself to return home.

6,105 7


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