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Harry, Lily, James, Arthur, Ginny
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
James/Lily, Ron/Hermione, Neville/Luna, Other Pairing
Drama, Romance, AU
Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse
Story Reviews
First Published
2007-11-02 4:59pm
Last Chapter
2008-10-29 3:40pm
Last Updated
2009-06-20 10:39pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Emerald Rescue

For the rest of the night Ginny could not get the image of his eyes out her head. She kept thinking of the phrase 'window to the soul' and envisioning different ways to manipulate it. Finally giving in to her intrigue, she whipped out a sketch pad and pencil. Then, she began to draw, wondering if she would ever stare into those green eyes again.

2,860 6
2 Plans In Motion

Harry finally broke from his gazing. “Because, Nev, I could use the fact that she doesn't know who I am to my advantage. I could get close to her. See if I could milk her for information and-"

"And if you get caught," Neville interrupted him, "you could get yourself killed and this war would only get worse.”

3,617 4
3 Deal Breaker

Ginny stopped walking and looked back at them. It was appealing. She wanted nothing more than this war to stop because all it had done was brought nothing but heartache to her life.

5,748 7
4 The Death of Molly Weasley

Molly pushed Ginny away, causing her to slide along the ground and away from the danger. Unfortunately, before she had a chance to move herself, the chandelier landed on top of her with an explosion of lights and glass, killing her on impact. Ginny remained mortified on the ground, staring at the crushed figure of her mother.

5,999 4
5 Vengeful Motivation

Ginny’s brother wasn’t just dead; he had been killed, intentionally taken from this world. Hermione through her arms around Ginny’s neck and her friend accepted the hug, wrapping her arms around Hermione’s back. She sobbed into Hermione’s shoulder, her heart weakened. She had lost yet another family member; another person she loved was dead.

Is it ever going to end? she thought bitterly. Then, she resolved herself. Yes, it will. And I’m going to make sure of it!

4,646 5
6 Altered Focus

In the few seconds it had taken for her father’s words to sink in, Ginny had realized the first thing she needed to do. She had to break down her family, mainly her father. Break him down and the entire Weasley opposition would be halted; break him down, and the blindness towards the situation could be removed. They would then be able to discover the truth about this war. With that settled, they should eventually reconcile the animosity that existed between the two families.

4,749 7
7 Solutions and Hallucinations

Bill’s eyes went red and his grip tightened even more. His entire body seemed to come alive and the numerous werewolf bites, cuts and teeth marks began to bleed, crimson liquid oozing from them as if they were fresh wounds. Ginny tried to recoil but couldn’t move. He was far too strong for her to fight and she couldn’t reach her wand. She felt her own skin start to tear at the spot where Bill was holding her and watched frantically as blood escaped and began to slide down her arm. She pulled against his hold but he only laughed and gripped tighter.

4,123 3
8 Truth Will Out

“You have to understand. It’s been twenty years but your mother is still suffering greatly from David’s death and it’s turned her bitter towards the Weasleys and everything that goes along with that. But, I’m sure once you discover the truth, she’ll be grateful you told her.”

“So, you believe I may be on to something?”

His godfather nodded. “I do.”

5,645 4
9 Thanks For The Memories

Harry began stroking her hair as she continued to flip through the album. Nothing more was said for a while but the silence was comfortable. She passed over a dozen photographs and, after she had felt as if she was strong enough, Ginny began explaining them to Harry.

5,540 3
10 Fear and Loathing

But her thoughts quickly changed as she appeared in front of the entrance to St. Mungo’s. She was suddenly more afraid of what could be wrong with Ginny and, as she passed through the glass and appeared at the other side into the lobby of the hospital, her eyes began to fill with tears of worry and of fear.

4,504 3
11 Mystery Mayhem

His heart hammered heavily in his chest and his ears rang in pain. He was slowing down and he couldn’t make his legs move any faster, no matter how much he pleaded. He had no control over his body anymore. His muscles tightened and his legs gave away. He fell to the ground and, finally, felt his heart-beat slow down. His body continued to shut down and his eyes closed, succumbing to whatever pain had been inflicted upon him.

4,539 5
12 Mother Nature's Rule

The red-haired woman blinked and tilted her head. “So, what you’re saying is that some sort of attraction builds between them during this one meeting of sorts and they become husband and wife?”

Harry nodded. “It kind of plays on the fact that as human beings, we are designed for one person only – like a soul mate – and our soul recognizes that person instantly. With the dance, the African men’s souls draw their mates to them; he attracts her so that they can be together.”

4,426 2
13 Kisses and Tears

He touched his lips and focused on the last-minute kiss he had given Ginny. He couldn’t remember why he had done it, or if he even had a reason at the time. He had just wanted to. It was officially their first kiss, seeing as how Ron had stopped them that day before they had gotten into it, and Merlin did it feel right. He didn’t care how illogical it seemed to anyone else, he just knew what he felt.

4,834 3
14 One Step

“HERMIONE!!” he shouted as he ran out of the room and down the stairs. “I know where Ginny is.”

Hermione emerged from the kitchen holding a cup of tea. Her eyes were slightly red from crying and she looked extremely tired but her face lit up when Harry spoke those last words.

“Are you sure?” she asked, looking at Harry.

4,082 5
15 Closer

Harry, pooling all his strength, closed his eyes and Apparated with everyone alongside him to his house. He was slightly fearful of what would happen next, now that they had been discovered and had taken someone from inside along with them. He knew it wouldn’t sit well with whoever was behind this and already begun to brace himself for an all-out warfare that was undoubtedly about to begin.

3,489 3
16 Bitter-Sweet Revenge

Is this what he had become…a ruthless killer that brought nothing but suffering to others and pain to himself? Arthur shook his head as he tried desperately to will away his tears but he just couldn’t shake them. He had been the cause of the death of someone who didn’t deserve to die, someone who he would have given his life to save years ago and even more so now.

5,511 2
17 Dichotomy

“Who did this?” Harry asked, letting go of his mother’s hand and turning to face his father.

“You can pretty much guess who,” James said bitterly. “Only Arthur Weasley could be so cruel as to do something like this.”

Harry froze when he heard the name. Arthur Weasley. Harry exhaled deeply and closed his eyes. He didn’t know what to think or say; he could only feel and anger was the only emotion he was registering. Pure and unadulterated anger.

4,308 3
18 With You

Then, he pulled away from the kiss and looked down at Ginny as he begun to make love to her. It felt amazing to be this close to him; she opened her eyes and looked up at Harry as they started moving in sync with each other. He looked back at her, a look of pure rapture on his face. Ginny pulled his face down to hers and kissed him, putting every bit of emotion into that one kiss.

5,856 4
19 Hold My Hand

The ceremony continued with more moving eulogies and Harry broke down more times than he had thought he would. When it came time to bury the coffin, a few wizards from the back stood up and made their way towards the coffin. After a few more words, they levitated the coffin before descending it into the ground. When they started putting the dirt to cover it, Ginny felt Harry’s hand slip from her grip and looked up only to see him retreating down the aisle.

4,863 1
20 Ridiculous Brothers

“Ron,” Fred said calmly, “I ask this out of pure concern and out of the goodness of my heart.” He stared straight into Ron’s eyes and then asked stoically, “Have you gone completely mental?”

George nodded in agreement. “Yeah, mate, has something you encountered during your ‘digging’ fried some brain cells?”

“Just what are you playing at, Ron?” Charlie raised an eyebrow and placed his hands on the table.

3,694 1
21 Game of Love

“I know that, Neville,” Harry said exasperatedly. “But how would it look if I go after my own girlfriend’s father? Downright criminal, that’s how.”

“You’re right, it is,” Neville said calmly.

Harry rolled his eyes. “Thanks for the morale boost, Nev.”

3,995 2
22 Act of Contrition

The room was uncomfortably silent. The only sound that could be heard was the hint of their breathing. Not one of them talked nor did one of them move. They both just stood on opposite ends of the room, Harry staring at Ginny while she tried adamantly to avoid his gaze.

4,288 1
23 Tiny Little Box

Suddenly, the box began to vibrate and she dropped it onto the table with a loud ‘thud’. Everyone looked at her as she shot up quickly, knocking her chair to the ground. The box continued to vibrate and everyone else stood up, looking at the shaking container apprehensively. The quivering intensified until almost the entire table was shaking. The five of them stepped back a few steps as a light began to glow from beneath the box and a beam shot up, stopping just a few inches short of the ceiling. 

4,376 1
24 Epiphanies and Revelations

It was true. No one else went after James and ended up killing Lily. It was all him. It didn’t matter that someone else was involved, even if Ginny was telling the truth. All that mattered was that he had made things worse. James would undoubtedly be after him and then the war would really be his fault and the battles would really be between the Potters and the Weasleys.

“It doesn’t matter,” he said after a few moments. “What’s done is done and I deserve whatever I get.”

4,394 0
25 Regrouping

“Ok, fair enough,” Harry said with a sigh. “So, what is this next step you think we should take?”

“Getting our father’s together and on one side,” she said simply, looking straight into Harry’s eyes, which widened at her words.

“That’s going to prove as difficult as getting Lucius,” he said. “There has to be something else.”

She shook her head. “There isn’t time for anything else.”

4,434 0
26 Return Of The Man

Once everything cleared, Hermione managed to sit up a bit but when she tried to stand, a jabbing pain shot through her leg. She looked down to see that a big chunk of glass was embedded in her calf, blood staining the legs of her jeans and dripping thickly onto the floor. She tried to remove it but the pain only increased and an involuntary scream escaped her lips. A figure crawled towards her and Ginny’s face, although blackened by the darkness, came into view.

3,692 0
27 Into The Night

The ground beneath her was soft, almost as if she had landed on a sheaf of pillows or mattresses and she could feel the cool, crisp wind brush against her cheek and arms. The scent in the air was calming and rather pleasant - one of morning rain mixed with ripe fruits and roses. She could hear a continuous creaking somewhere in the distance but the source of the sound was indistinguishable. And, strangely enough, she could slightly taste the morning dew on the tip of her tongue.

‘Is this what death feels like?’ she found herself thinking over and over.

5,590 0
28 What Needs To Be Done

Charlie stared up at the sky. The starless blanket of darkness covered him and he stared into it before switching his gaze to the nearly full moon. The night usually had a calming affect on him. He had no idea why, though. There was just something about it that made him feel at peace. But this night was different. He was on edge and far from being calm.

5,043 1
29 Those To Trust

He was tired of being the bad guy and felt that rescuing Luna was his only hope of helping to bring Percy down. If push came to shove, he would fight alongside her and her team but for right now, he had to keep a low profile. Percy still trusted him and he had to keep the ruse going for as long as he possibly could. Then, when the shit hit the fan, he would really show the vile, red-haired man where his loyalties lay, and that was with his sister.

6,480 1
30 Lest I Forget

“I’m not saying I believe Charlie and I’m not saying that I don’t either,” Luna replied, trying to stay calm. “What I’m telling you is to be open-minded about this. After everything we’ve learnt you should know that some things we never thought possible actually are.”

Neville looked at Luna, anger bubbling within him. She was supposed to be on his side; she was supposed to agree with him and say that Charlie was wrong.

5,582 1
31 Steady As It Goes

“Ready to go, I see,” Arthur said, walking over to his son.

Ron looked up at his father. “As ready as I’ll ever be.”

Then the two slipped into silence. Truth was that Ron was eagerly waiting to see Hermione. Ever since the comment she had made, he had started to wonder if she truly wanted to be with him and he didn’t know if he could face the truth if she didn’t. He wanted her in his life and was not about to let her push him away. If he had to prove that he was not like his father in any way, then so be it.

5,333 1
32 In My Father's House

It was like that moment in a movie - where everything goes quiet and still and even the characters’ breathing seemed to stop, right before a huge explosion or everything that could happen does happen at the same time and disturbs the eerie tranquility. Ginny knew what was coming. From the moment her father started talking to Harry she knew. In one split second, she interpreted the discreet dip of Harry’s eyelids and grabbed her wand from her pocket. And, at that moment, several things happened.

3,866 1
33 Un-be-frickin-lievable

“All these years, it’s been someone else.”

Arthur nodded but then quickly looked up at Harry. “But who was it?”

Charlie was the one who answered. “Albus Dumbledore.”

“Dumbledore?!” James, Arthur, and Harry exclaimed simultaneously.

“Un-be-frickin-lievable,” Ron shouted, flinging his hands in the air.

Then James added a quick, “I think
he’s the one who needs some Veritaserum now"

2,639 1
34 'Til The End

Neville huffed and shook his head. “I thought it was Greyback who -” He trailed off and shook his head again.

“No,” said Luna, “it was Percy.”

“He’s going to rot in hell,” said Neville, earning looks from a few people.

“You bet he will,” Arthur interjected. “I’m going to make sure of that.”

Ginny looked at her father and immediately knew that another member of the Weasley family had been lost.

5,634 2
35 Breaking Point

He turned his gaze back just as Percy stood up. The red-haired man stepped forward, gazing around slowly and meticulously. It was as if he was watching each and every man individually, surveying them to see who among them would be quick to turn. Finally, after what seemed like forever, he stripped off his cloak and took another step forward.

“It is time.”

7,603 1
36 Clandestine Fire

He opened his eyes and breathed deeply, drawing his mind back to the here and now. This was it. What he had been aiming for. All these years were stepping stones to this moment, a journey to a destination he was not about to watch crumble. The final part of it all was within his reach and he was not about to let it slip. It was now or never. He was not about to fight to the end but rather fight for the end. An end that would mean his start; his launch in to power and the life he had always been deprived.

It was beginning.

5,253 1
37 Impatiently Waiting

“I think it’s best if you have a seat. Stay calm.”

Ginny shook her head stubbornly at her brother’s request and crossed her arms, pacing back and forth. It had been over an hour since Harry and the first group of men had disappeared into the Mansion. From where they camped, she could hear faint cries from the fight that had developed. Those cries made her nerves wrangled and her heart anxious.

3,170 1
38 Invasive Procedures

Ginny dashed across the hall and it was only then that the remaining men realized what was going on. They raised their wands but their attempts on Ginny were halted when the rest of the men barged into the room. Charlie immediately dove into action, stunning two men while Hermione raced towards Ginny. The rest became lost in clouds of spells, cloaks and tussles.

3,596 1
39 Solace Victory

Minutes ticked past and no one said anything. They just continued to watch as the smoke cleared, revealing nothing but a ruin of something that once was. Even the surrounding fence was no more; broken iron lying in straight heaps. Slowly, they all slipped out of their reverie. The remaining men from the army began to jump and shout. Although they had lost so much of their number, their goal had been reached. The enemy was abated; the madman finally stopped.

3,124 1
40 Epilogue :: Two-And-A-Half Years Later

Dropping her hand, Ginny continued with her speech. “Before I allow you to take a more detailed look around, I invite you to take a look at my most recent piece. It is a manifestation of the very thoughts that have inspired this gallery.”

She turned around and gave a quick nod to one of the staff. Nodding back, the man turned and tugged his arm. The covering of the painting Ron had struggled to put up flew off, forming a pool at the base of the portrait. She heard gasps echo from the crowd and smiled in satisfaction.

3,763 13


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