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1 Chapter One - Avrille

Avrille Asphodel, a graduate student from Canada, arrives in London before the start of her teaching apprenticeship at Hogwarts. There she meets her future supervisor, Professor Severus Snape, but not in a way that she would have liked.

3218 65
2 Chapter Two - Severus

Following his London lecture, Severus meets with Dumbledore to be given information on his apprentice for the coming school year. Though he goes into the meeting with feelings of annoyance and resentment over having to supervise a bothersome graduate student, Dumbledore reveals some highly confidential information about the apprentice that piques Severus's professional interest in her.

2487 40
3 Chapter Three - Avrille

After embarrassing herself in front of her soon-to-be mentor, Avrille boards the commuter train to Hogwarts to start her apprenticeship. Unfortunately, fate brings her a rather unusual traveling companion.

7420 44
4 Chapter Four - Severus

Severus has just been "introduced" to his new apprentice, Avrille, and is rather uncomfortable with the fact that she is the same intriguing witch who bowled him over before his lecture. To make matters worse, Lucius Malfoy approaches Severus with an offer that is nearly irresistible, even though he is loath to accept any help from the former Death Eater.

5225 37
5 Chapter Five - Avrille

After her apprenticeship introduction with Professor Snape, Avrille attends the Welcoming Feast in the Great Hall. Though she is interested in catching a glimpse of the famous Harry Potter, he is nowhere to be seen.

2890 31
6 Chapter Six - Severus

Severus goes to the Slytherin common room to speak with Marcus Flint about Quidditch tryouts. Though he wants those new broomsticks for his team, Severus makes it plain to Flint that Draco Malfoy is in no way guaranteed the Seeker position.

1416 28
7 Chapter Seven - Avrille

Avrille wakes up excited to start her first Herbology observation. However, events of the previous night force a change in her plans, and unfortunately Gilderoy Lockhart insists on "helping" Avrille with her new task. Also, Professor Snape's continuing cold attitude toward her makes Avrille even more determined to impress him.

2649 28
8 Chapter Eight - Severus

As if having to finally supervise Avrille in a Potions observation was not stressful enough for him, Severus starts to suspect some members of the student body are growing as interested in his apprentice as he is.

3610 28
9 Chapter Nine - Avrille

Professor Snape's continuing apparent disregard for Avrille's hard work leaves her feeling frustrated yet still determined to prove herself to him. However, a chance encounter with Professor Snape one night in the library opens Avrille's eyes to another whole set of problems entirely.

4648 30
10 Chapter Ten - Severus

Though he has been doing his best to distance himself from Avrille, Severus finds that his attraction to her is growing stronger each day. When he comes upon her unawares one day, Severus finds that, though she herself might not realise it, Avrille's magic is still flowing strongly within her.

3617 28
11 Chapter Eleven - Avrille

The feelings of excitement over her upcoming sessions assisting Professor Snape become dampened when Avrille finds her uniquely-named cat, Caligula, has somehow escaped from her rooms. But before she has to waste a night searching the entire castle, help unexpectedly comes to her in the form of the Weasley twins.

6533 24
12 Chapter Twelve - Severus

Now that he has been working with her for two months, Severus finds himself more comfortable around Avrille, though still frustrated with the seeming futileness of his feelings for her. November brings the first Quidditch match of the season, as well as another meeting between Avrille and Lucius Malfoy, who Severus believes is taking a more than professional interest in his apprentice.

4617 20
13 Chapter Thirteen - Avrille

Brushing aside Lavinia's warnings about Lucius Malfoy's flirtatious nature, Avrille goes down to Hogsmeade following the Quidditch game for what she believes to be a professional meeting with Lucius and the other school governors. However, when she arrives there, she soon guesses Lucius has something besides business on his mind.

3331 25
14 Chapter Fourteen - Severus

Being so distracted with Avrille and what he guesses happened between her and Lucius the previous night, Severus nearly ruins the Wolfsbane Potion. However, some quick thinking of Avrille's prevents him from losing face.

2713 24
15 Chapter Fifteen - Avrille

During a seeming "accident" in the second-year Potions class that she is observing, Avrille notices Hermione Granger sneak into Severus's private storeroom. Wanting to find out what happened without alerting Severus, who Avrille knows is biased against Hermione and her friends, Avrille confronts Hermione the following day with what she witnessed.

5089 21
16 Chapter Sixteen - Severus

It's the night of the annual Solstice Ball, and though Severus has faced numerous dangerous and harrowing things during his time as a spy for the Order of the Phoenix, the thought of simply asking Avrille to dance petrifies him. Unfortunately, Lockhart doesn't seem to have any problems asking her ...

3360 23
17 Chapter Seventeen - Avrille

Thinking that he needs to get out of the castle more, and certainly NOT because she's in love with him, Avrille asks Severus out for a Christmas drink. Surprisingly for her, he agrees. When she meets him down in Hogsmeade, Avrille finds that Severus appears to be just as nervous as she is.

8123 26
18 Chapter Eighteen - Severus

Though Severus is furious with himself for completely losing his head around Avrille, personal thoughts are soon pushed aside as a new attack occurs in the school. After an emergency staff meeting, Avrille confides in Severus in his office, telling him a secret she has never told another living soul.

5131 22
19 Chapter Nineteen - Avrille

After breaking down in Severus's office, Avrille returns to her own rooms to try to come to grips with the fact that she is once again having prophetic dreams.

1260 23
20 Chapter Twenty - Severus

Though still worried about Avrille, Severus feels that there is nothing he can do for the moment to make her feel better. Therefore he takes a day to return to his childhood home to honor the anniversary of his mother's death. Being there brings back a memory that Severus would rather forget: the night of his father's death. What is it that happened that night which makes Severus so afraid of his love for Avrille?

5890 25
21 Chapter Twenty-One - Avrille

Since her vision of the recent attack, Avrille finds herself too fearful of having another one to sleep at night. However, a happy surprise comes one morning when she receives a letter from Severus, inviting her out to Hogsmeade on Christmas Eve.

8318 39
22 Chapter Twenty-Two - Severus

Now that he knows Avrille loves him as well, Severus debates with himself what the best course of action for the two of them would now be. Forcing all thoughts of the Death Wish aside, Severus decides to keep the affair private and to simply enjoy himself for a change.

3579 32
23 Chapter Twenty-Three - Avrille

After Avrille spends the night in his room, Severus, unsurprisingly, decides that they need to lay down some "rules" for their relationship. Later in the evening, the pair undergoes their first test of discretion when they attend the school's Christmas Feast.

4697 24
24 Chapter Twenty-Four - Severus

Though Severus is the happiest he has ever been in his life, now that he knows Avrille loves him, he fears it might be over far too soon once he speaks to Avrille after Christmas dinner.

3619 24
25 Chapter Twenty-Five - Avrille

Severus gives Avrille her first taste of Legilimency, in an effort to try and find the cause of her magical difficulties.

5689 18
26 Chapter Twenty-Six - Severus

The holiday is over, and it's back to work for Severus and Avrille, who both have to try even harder now to remain undetected by students and staff. An attack-free January brings a sense of normalcy back to Hogwarts, but that is soon thrown to the wind once Lockhart gets his hands on Valentines Day. Meanwhile, Severus and Avrille are still working hard on the Legilimency but cannot seem to find any new clues for Avrille. Severus makes the difficult decision to attempt Passive Legilimency on her, where he will delve deep into her unconscious and most strongly guarded thoughts.

13335 29
27 Chapter Twenty-Seven - Avrille

Now that Avrille has full use of her powers once more, she has the daunting task of learning to use them without potentially blowing up everything around her. Severus proves once again to be an excellent teacher and with his coaching, Avrille begins the process of realising her full magical potential.

12200 24
28 Chapter Twenty-Eight - Severus

It's now the Easter holiday, and though Severus is glad to have extra free time to spend with Avrille, he's not quite sure how to fill that time, given his "situation." Avrille, of course, has no knowledge of Severus's hesitations and takes it upon herself to bring their relationship to the next level. Not at all prepared to handle her sudden advances, Severus panics and deeply hurts Avrille with his rejection.

6978 24
29 Chapter Twenty-Nine - Avrille

Although all Avrille feels like doing after her unexpected evening with Severus is drifting off to sleep, he has other plans in mind. Avrille finds that getting up is well worth it when Severus makes her dearest wish come true after an impromptu Apparation to Italy. However, the next morning, Avrille finds Severus inexplicably missing ...

4271 19
30 Chapter Thirty - Severus

Expecting to wake up in Avrille's arms, Severus is quite surprised when he finds himself in total darkness and surrounded by cold stone.

1939 17
31 Chapter Thirty-One - Avrille

When Avrille finds that Severus is still missing the next day, she knows something is wrong. Reluctant to bring the subject to Professor Dumbledore's attention and possibly get Severus in trouble for his relationship with her, Avrille sets herself to do something she has never attempted before: force herself to have a vision.

2092 19
32 Chapter Thirty-Two - Severus

Still trapped and completely helpless without his wand, Severus waits for rescue. As if his situation wasn't dire enough, Severus soon realises he is not alone in his father's tomb.

1980 21
33 Chapter Thirty-Three - Avrille

Waking up immediately after her vision ends, Avrille ransacks Severus's room, looking for clues as to the identity of the mysterious girl she met in her dream and knowing that discovering it might be the only link to Severus's current whereabouts.

2528 15
34 Chapter Thirty-Four - Severus

Utterly mentally and physically exhausted, Severus eventually succumbs to the Revenant's relentless assaults. However, throughout the painful memories he is forced to relive, he swears that he can hear his mother's voice telling him not to give up.

2348 15
35 Chapter Thirty-Five - Avrille

Now certain the girl in her vision was Severus's mother, Avrille continues to search for the location of the house she dreamt about, knowing that wherever Severus is, he is quickly running out of time.

2346 17
36 Chapter Thirty-Six - Severus

Trapped inside his own mind, Severus struggles to remain sane as the Revenant uses its most cruel tool against him: Severus's love for Avrille.

1217 12
37 Chapter Thirty-Seven - Avrille

At Greyadder House with Charlotte's guidance, Avrille is finally reunited with Severus. However, the Revenant is not willing to let another potential victim escape its grasp so easily...

9189 10
38 Chapter Thirty-Eight - Severus

Now that they are both safely back at Hogwarts, Severus knows he now has to tell Professor Dumbledore about his relationship with Avrille.

2984 11
39 Epilogue - Avrille

What came after...

3131 88


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