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Lupin, Sirius, Lily, James, Pettigrew, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Fluff, Humor, Romance
Mild Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2007-10-29 3:19pm
Last Chapter
2009-01-27 5:24pm
Last Updated
2009-01-27 5:24pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Curiosity Killed The Cat

Lily Evans does not get giddy! Oh yes she does but why does it take Sirius-Bloody-Black to make her realise it. Lily overhears a very interesting conversation in the common room one evening and somehow her whole perspective is turned on it's head.
Warning:mild language

2,163 20
2 Morning Glory

Lily begins to see James in a whole new light and James sees Lily in... now that would be spoiling it! Read on and find out...

2,451 12
3 King Vs. Queen

A challenge is set and Lily discovers that Sirius looks an awful lot like Cujo in the dead of night. Lily finds out something about James-he is the perfect hight to hide behind.

2,238 14
4 Sleeping Beauty

Lily has fun teasing the boys at breakfast but when she has nightmares later that evening it's those same boys she goes running to. When she reaches their dorm however, they are nowhere to be found, where could those dastardly rascals have got to?

1,236 11
5 Teeth Marks

The morning after the night before- Lily finds out what the boys were up to and must help James cover up his mistakes before he is expelled or worse...dies!

2,660 8
6 Rumours

Secrets have a funny way of spreading at Hogwarts, especially when they are not true...

1,698 5
7 Seeing Stars

On patrol James has Lily seeing stars- quite literally and the Fat Lady for one is not happy about it.

2,997 8
8 That's a no, right?

Lily and James come up with a plan to fight back against the gossiping population of Hogwarts.

1,684 6
9 Alone Except For Each Other

Lily gets James all to herself...


"Lily and James stood a foot apart and simply looked at each other; the hubbub of fifty students faded into the background." The day of the match.

4,190 6
10 One Heck of a High

As promised James takes Lily flying and tshe's in for one heck of a ride!

2,753 12
11 Rebellion: Detours and Diving

“Hey, don’t say you didn’t enjoy that.”

“Yeah, you’re right, I did.” said Lily making for her dorm room.

“You were just winding me up weren’t you?” Lily threw him a wink to which he shook his head. And it works every time!

James and Lily take a detour on the way back from the Quidditch Pitch.

2,214 12
12 Code Cracked

Remus's secrets are revealed as are more of LIly's feelings for James.
Lily's life is put in mortal peril and time is quickly running out.

2,363 11
13 Knife's Edge

Lily's life is balancing on a knife's edge- quite literally.

3,541 14
14 Muddled Minds

Lily struggles with having only one arm...until James offers his services as both a willing and an able slave for the day.

3,490 12
15 Prince Not-So-Charming

Severus finds that he's not even half up to the job of wooing Lily, James on the other hand...

1,645 8
16 Expecto Patronum

James comes up with a novel way to produce a patronus and Lily is certainly not complaining!

1,603 10
17 Jump in the Name of Love

Lily is finally starting to work out exactly what (or more precisely who) she wants...

Chocolate, girl talk and giggles ensue

2,238 2
18 With A Cherry On Top

Both Sirius and James suffer from jealousy issues.

"You aree male right? That's what I need." Lily turns to Remus for help.

1,420 1
19 Shop 'til your heart...stops?

Lily shows off her purchases and has the boys quite literally speachless. But what will happen whe James eventually does find his tongue?

1,557 2
20 Shop 'til your...heart stops? part two

"Can I kiss you?"

The answer you've all been waiting for...

1,637 10
21 Decided

The aftermath of "the kiss" and thr journey home for Christmas.

1,230 4
22 Gifts

Lily and James swap christmas kids and all are in high spirits as they head home for the holiday season.

1,019 11
23 Letters

It's the first day of the Christmas holidays and James is already counting the hours until he sees Lily again.

954 12
24 Meet The Parents

James is on the charmoffensive as he meets Lily's parents for the first time.

1,795 25


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