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Charlie, Fred, Scorpius, Albus, James (II), Lily (II), Hugo, Rose, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Rose/Scorpius, James/OC, Other Pairing
Humor, Romance, Young Adult
Next Generation
Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Contains Spoilers
Story Reviews
First Published
2007-10-29 1:19am
Last Chapter
2008-02-20 5:55pm
Last Updated
2008-02-20 5:55pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 My cousins

So this is my new story (obviously) I hope everyone likes it! Review please and tell me what you think.

1,658 10
2 My Stalkerish Characteristics

Ok so tell me what you think! I actually like this fic. So it's actually starting to become my favorite, maybe it ties with Behind the Story. Oh and I suggest reading that story, as I am the author. Thanks REVIEW!

3,020 6
3 My secret hobby

OMG it took forever to validate my chapter for my other story, which is why I haven't been updating this. SO during that time I just sat here and tried to figure out where this story was going. Then it hit me. NOW THIS STORY HAS AN ENDING! I'm so excited and it's so good. just bear with me for about two more chapters. It starts getting really good. I've written about ten chapters. SO please read and review and tell me what you think!

2,937 6
4 My Arrogance

So even though my chapter was just validated, I've just been made a trusted author!! So I was in a 'giving' mood and decided to add another chapter to this story. I really love the plot. I don't think I've read a story like it so far (probably wrong) so I hope everyone will wait it out and read it! Thanks and happy thanksgiving to those who celebrate it!

2,573 7
5 My Minnie Savior

I know I'm updating ridiculously fast and I'll kick myself later when I don't have any more chapters to post, but I work well under stress... sort of. Enjoy! read and review!

2,516 6
6 My Obsession

Ok so here's that chapter that really turns the story into a story with an actual plot. I hope you like it. Please don't hate me that I did this. But answers will come in the next chapter. i promise to update on friday afternoon with it! Thanks!

2,786 17
7 My Missions

I know I said this would be up friday but what the heck I have so many chapters and I'm really neglecting my other story. Any way hope you like this chapter. It explains things. Read and review! And thanks to all the reviewers! I love them!

2,735 7
8 My Wedding

I hope everyone loves the wedding! I know i know. I update way to fast but I can't help it.

2,712 8
9 My First Day

This is really just trying to ease out of the awkwardness of being married. Thanks read and review!

2,422 9
10 My Family's Reaction

Sorry this chapter isn't so great, but I had to get the ball rolling somehow. Thanks I love everyones reviews! And to those who read my other story: I'm really sorry for the long wait. I've started on the next chapter, but I have a tad bit of writer's block. I'll try and finish it this weekend.

2,462 8
11 My Transparency

Ok so the chapter updates might not be so frequent from now on because I wrote all the previous chapters in literally a matter of a week and now I'm actually going to have to start writing chapters  again lol. Anyway thanks for reading. And I love everyone's reviews! thanks!

3,183 10
12 My Astonishment

Uh oh. It's getting good. lol tell me what you think! Review! and thanks for reading! it means so much to me. I didn't think this would be a good story at all, but I'm glad a few people like it!

2,850 16
13 My Hopelessness

This is a long chapter and it took me forever to get it right. Even now I hate some of it, but it's the best I can do as people demand chapters from me and I try to please them. I hope you like it! Read and review! thanks!

4,019 11
14 My Embarrassment

Absolute last chapter don't expect any until after christmas SORRY and I 've been putting my other story off far too long so (I'm going to be ambitious here) and write two chapters for that before I write another chapter for this. and yes, I probably will break that promise.

2,702 15
15 My Christmas

I know I said i wouldn't update but I finished this chapter and I was just like oh well it's christmas sooo I'm going to give it out early. and yes i know i said i'm going to work on my other story but i really will this time, so no more updates, SERIOUSLY. And after you read this chapter you'll understand why the story is almost over, but for the good news I have decided on a sequel!

3,172 12
16 My Big Return

I know I've been so busy I haven't had time to write at all and it's not an excuse but yeah, this chapter's short and i'm sorry if it's terrible and grammatically awful, but here it is! And i probably won't update till next week,

2,244 12
17 My Mistakes

I know it's been forever, but I actually just wrote this, once again sorry if it's terrible, but I had to get this posted before the weekend because I won't be home at all.I think, THINK, that the story only has about three more chapters. But don't worry their will be a sequel. I'm not exactly sure when probably sometime in March. I want to get a few chapters written before I post it and well... I sort of have no clue what the plot in the sequel will be, but I feel like haven't finished with Annette and Grady yet.

2,696 14
18 My Resolution

Yay! so i finished this chapter. I was really worried I wouldn't be able to post any at all this week, but I did, clearly. And this chapter was completely unplanned it just sort of happened and I didn't get to my favorite part, but hopefully next time. thanks read and review! Srry no more until next week.

2,797 11
19 My Wife

I know the chapters aren't very funny more, huh? It's just because well Grady's changed, but I'm going to try and make them a bit better with comedic releif because I read the earlier chapters and I was like wow, I don't do that anymore.

3,051 12
20 My Conclusion

I...Just...Finished....This...Chapter... my fingers are literally cramping up. It's horrible. I know it is. I'm just loosing my touch. I don't know what it is, but the comedy isn't flowing as easily as it was before, Well maybe I'll fix it later but I feel bad for making everyone wait. But tell me if you love it or hate it.

3,240 15
21 Epilogue: Our love

OK last chapter! Isn't everyone excited? The ending isn't that great because well, the story is basically over, but I scraped out an epilogue for everyone. If you want to read the sequel, which I'm not even sure what's going to happen in it, then the title's called Revealing This. Yeah I did title it and I haven't even gotten the plot together, I'm that good. Lol but it will be out sometime in march. (probably late march). Thanks!!

2,070 22


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