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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Lupin, McGonagall, Snape, Sirius, Voldemort, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Ron/Hermione, Ron/Luna, Other Pairing
Horror/Dark, Action/Adventure, AU
Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers
Story Reviews
First Published
2007-10-24 3:49pm
Last Chapter
2008-04-08 3:07pm
Last Updated
2009-03-10 3:31pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Detention

After Harry's detention, he gets attacked. Contains a misunderstanding that nearly ruins all. This proves that "Death is the next great adventure." And the next several years will be an adventure.

1,628 18
2 Barriers

Summer after first year for our young vampire. Includes jealousy, conspiracies and more fear. Has a variation on the "missing the train" theme.

1,445 13
3 Close Encounters

Like the title says, close encounters with the King of Grease and the Prince of Persecution. Also, wave good-bye to Peter, he's going on vacation for a while. Includes, a jibe against Snape, a prank on Ron, and a new character.

3,460 23
4 Snake Infestation

A new variation on the way Harry finds the Chamber. Second year is almost done, and Dumbledore can't keep his mouth shut. Sorry about the shorter chapter, but I wrote it a while ago and can't change it without overlapping on the next chapters.

1,777 10
5 The Prisoner of Azkaban

A prisoner escapes Azkaban, causing Dementors to be stationed everywhere. Guess who escaped? I won't tell you, you'll have to read to find out. WARNING: brief mention of Hogwarts student attempting to obtain alcohol. Also contains discrimination.

2,436 11
6 The Sum of all Fears

Watch out for evil!Remus and evil!Dumbledore. I truly hate what I'm doing to Remus, but I don't care about Dumbledore. Anyway, Defense Against the Dark Arts is a busy class. Then Sirius gets involved, and Dumbledore gets a history lesson.

3,328 8
7 Christmas and Beyond

Merry Christmas! This is Christmas in Harry's Third Year. Includes a prank on Snape Dumbledore and McGonagall being framed for different things, and a curse I made up.

2,979 18
8 In the Moonlight

Remus and Harry fight it out, and Remus comes to his senses. See how cool Harry is as a vampire.

2,536 16
9 Quidditch World Cup

The Quidditch World Cup is here! Harry escapes the Dursleys to attend, and Ron makes a fool out of himself.

3,634 18
10 The Triwizard Tournament

The beginning of the Triwizard Tournament. See the Wand Weighing from my point of view, and I hope you like the jibes against Dumbledore and Snape.

NOTE: The little bit of German I use in this chapter is nowhere near my limit of that language. I know more, which I will try to use later in this story, and in others.

4,233 19
11 Let the Games Begin

The First Task of the Triwizard Tournament, and a terrible Defense class. Warning: Defense class scene contains material of a mild sexual nature.

2,618 14
12 The Early Bird

The Yule Ball, my way. And another torpedo into the R/Hr and H/G ships.

2,426 14
13 Glub, Glub

The Second Task is here. Harry goes to save what he will miss the most, and something he won't miss at all. Warning for Ron and Hermione getting one up on Dumbledore (violence).

Sorry, another short chapter. The next one is longer, I promise.

2,259 13
14 Filet de Dark Lord

What do you get when you combine one angry vampire, one supremely confident DarK Lord, and one snivelling old fool who just happens to be said vampire's charge, and then shake them all up? Read and find out.

4,188 15
15 Dementoids

Dementors run rampant in a muggle neighborhood, and you'll never guess who's behind it. Two new Order members this time around, and you won't guess who they are. And Hermione's actions are explained, but it doesn't help resolve anything.

3,585 14
16 The Hearing and the Halloween Party

The Hearing takes place, but Harry's not really the one on trial. Someone else is. Then, Dumbledore sets up a Halloween Party, and gets more than he ever expected. Also, Red Moon shippers (Ron and Luna, for all you shippers who don't know the lingo) are going to squeal.

4,966 14
17 Scaring Him Straight

The truth of the little tattoo Harry gave Dumbledore, and a little guessing game for you all. Also, see what doesn't come of Van Helsing's visit in the previous chapter. And last, but not least, a glimpse into the thoughts of Aberforth Dumbledore.

3,657 18
18 'Tis the Season

Approaching Christmas, things start happening. Voldemort gets involved in Harry's treatment at Dumbledore's hands, but without knowing he's doing it, or that Dumbledore can't keep his thoughts to himself.

2,841 11
19 "Weasley was born in a bin..."

The Quidditch Final, some well-earned support, and a warning of language and a Vietnam-age term. Also, remember way back in Second Year, when Harry thought there was no way Ginny could have escaped possession unscathed? Here's a hint...

2,018 19
20 OWLs and Shades

Like the title says, the OWLs have come up. Secrets start coming out, and Dumbledore gets told off by a small army. This chapter is long, and split in half. My editor already has the next one.

3,971 18
21 The Showdown of the Minds

Snape's "worst memory" actually isn't that bad...for Snape. Also, Grawp is found, and then Harry and Hermione are summoned to go rescue their wayward Headmaster. When they get back, the truth of Dumbledore's little "tattoo" is revealed...mostly.

3,330 18
22 The Chair Animagus

The summer before Sixth Year has arrived. Remember all of the errnd from the book? Well, forget everything you know about it. I want everyone to be surprised.

2,848 13
23 Amortentia

Some instances of the use of the infamous love potion come to the fore, as well as certain feelings that don't need the aforementioned potion. Also, certain suspicions are investigated.

2,518 23
24 Weasley vs. Potter

Hermione gets a massage and more from Harry, while Ginny nearly gets sold. Unfortunately, any guy who likes her has irrational fears of dark rites involving sacrifice... Also, Dumbledore finds out just how intuitive Harry is.

2,882 23
25 The Poisons Master

The Quidditch match, and Hermione does pretty well for someone who can't fly. Also interaction between Harry and Slughorn, and Harry and Dumbledore. Dumbledore has something to explain, but his explanation leaves something to be desired. But, it's McGonagall to the rescue!

5,902 18
26 The Battle of the Tower

A young Gryffindor girl is lost beyond redemption, right before Death Eaters storm Hogwarts. A few within the walls help those outside, while the defenders hold firm. A weakened Dumbledore is hounded on the Tower, until his guard goes on the offense.

3,226 13
27 The Age of Love

Harry's insecurities come to the fore, and Hermione helps destroy a Horcrux. The remaining Marauders and Hermione get a lesson in psychoanalysis, and they give a free lesson in geneaology. Hints of something greater abound this summer before seventh year.

3,541 15
28 Scavenger Hunt

Harry searches for the rest of the Horcruxes, on a time limit. Voldemort makes plans, and they go off without a far. A serious misunderstanding complicates things, and sets the foundation for things to come.

Also, remember how in the books Rowling atempted to set Ron and Hermione up as the "reincarnations" of James and Lily Potter, with Harry being just like Sirius? Here's what I think of that travesty.

3,780 13
29 Arcane Magic

The Final Battle, and Dumbledore gets some action. Not like that! It's called a hex and a knee. Guess where...

Warnings for blood in this chapter. It's war.

2,430 11
30 The Portfolio

Eight months later, Dumbledore finds a book hidden under his papers. He reads it, and has a change of heart. But Harry is gone, perhaps forever.

5,027 16
31 One Last Hurrah

The next eight years pass, with many children joining the family.

3,934 7
32 Epilogue: Seven Years Later

Seven years have passed since last we saw the Potters. Seven Potters have now graced the halls of Hogwarts, and it's been eighteen years since Dumbledore has seen Harry.

1,563 50


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