Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, OtherCanon
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Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Contains Spoilers
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2007-10-22 11:11:46
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2010-07-06 21:10:22
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2010-07-06 21:47:59
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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Chapter 1: One Long Day

Immediately follows the trio exiting the head's office

7965 40
2 Chapter 2: Golden & Silver Trios

The day immediately following the battle.

9749 20
3 Chapter 3: The Plan and New Beginnings

Getting things set up for the rest of the story.

5965 14
4 Chapter 4: Too Many Funerals

The week following the defeat of Voldemort.

9196 21
5 Chapter 5: Dudley's Adventure

We'll visit Diagon Alley as well as find out how the Dursley's fared this past year.

7141 17
6 Chapter 6: The Engagement

A few last details before we get to the party

7507 19
7 Chapter 7: The Party

As promised, the long awaited party.  We'll start to get into the "meat of the story in the next chapter."  We'll be setting up some much needed information at this point along with quite a bit of fun.

6932 22
8 Chapter 8: The Trials

How will justice be served within the reformed Ministry?

8610 18
9 Chapter 9: Prospects

A battle at Malfoy Manor and the Malfoy Trials

7920 14
10 Chapter 10: The Last Train Ride

Off to school!

9245 24
11 Chapter 11: School Again

The first week back to school.  What will classes be like?

10949 30
12 Chapter 12: Nighttime Wanderings

Some Quidditch and more school.

13448 26
13 Chapter 13: Muggle Studies

This is by far one of my favorite chapters with some levity in it with the Muggle Studies Class.

8376 16
14 Chapter 14: Battle at the Burrow

Let's take down some more death eaters....and what happens after such a battle.

7054 12
15 Chapter 15: The Fight

What?  Ron and Hermione have a disagreement?  Never!

8665 21
16 Chapter 16: First Day

This will foray into reopening WWW and the morning of Harry and Ron's first real foray into the Ministry.

11158 26
17 Chapter 17: The Physical Exam

The title's pretty self-explanatory.  We'll follow the obstacle coursed set for Aurors before they can be admitted into the department.

6731 18
18 Chapter 18: The New Hideout

How do Harry and Ron hide within the Ministry?

11865 24
19 Chapter 19: Getting Settled

Wow!  They're actually going to do some real work, sort of!  We'll see how they get set up in the office.

12416 21
20 Chapter 20: The File Task-Force

The remainder of the same day; getting into a case and becoming involved in a new group.

9084 23
21 Chapter 21: Making Promises

A seemingly quiet evening and another eventful morning at the Ministry.

13059 7
22 Chapter 22: The Truth Always Comes Back

Sometimes the things that you thought were long and buried still come to surface.

12382 7
23 Chapter 23: William Weevil

The beginning of the final day of the File Task-Force.  Plenty of character interaction.

11570 16
24 Chapter 24: To Imperiuse or Not to Imperiuse

The final day of the File Task-Force and the beginning of the visit.

11420 12
25 Chapter 25: The Visit

Ah, what you've all been waiting for...the rest of Petunia's visit...and a bit more.

5746 18
26 Chapter 26: Driving Lessons

Some fun with driving.

11815 8
27 Chapter 27: The Pensieve

Sinister forces are at work while Harry tries to become acclimated to his new career.

10349 24
28 Chapter 28: Too Many Battles for One Drawing Room

Harry comes to Draco's rescue.  What are the consequences of this action?

8923 16
29 Chapter 29: The Governors

Some insight into the School Board and plot twists.

9307 10
30 Chapter 30: The Birthday Party

Did anyone else wonder what a young wizard's birthday might be like?  Here's my answer.

9635 12
31 Chapter 31: The Witches' Spa

This chapter covers quite a bit of territory and will see through the weekend, including the spa, some interesting discoveries and revealing discussions.

10982 31
32 Chapter 32: Duel at the Ministry

Hmm...I suppose I just gave it away in the title...didn't I?

10177 28
33 Chapter 33: The New Spark

How do Harry's loved ones handle the new situation?

11922 20
34 Chapter 34: The Unending Quest

Ron and Hermione find out just how hard it is to be Harry as they try to take on his responsibilities.

10652 40


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