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Lupin, Sirius, Lily, James
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Drama, Humor, Romance
Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Contains Spoilers
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2007-10-21 12:31am
Last Chapter
2008-03-04 5:52pm
Last Updated
2008-03-04 5:52pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Summer Suprises and Freaks

Lily and her family have bought a lake house for the summer. When they arrive, there is a fight, a unpleasant suprise, and an unexpected friend.

2,544 10
2 Oh my god! I think that I like the Marauders!!!!

Lily goes to the lake with a boys and finds things out. She realizes something too.

3,271 9
3 Camping! Now this is Crazy!

The Marauders and Lily go camping, I think you can put two and two together.

3,238 8
4 I think I love James Potter! I know I love Lily Evans!

Lily runs in the rain with a wanted guest and bakes Lasagna in that muggle contraption!

2,409 5
5 I, Lily Evans, am an Honorary Marauder!

Lily becomes a thing she thought she would never be and pulls a *dah dah dah* PRANK!!!! Read it please and leave many many reviews!!! 

Characters are all JK's I just wrote some of their story!

2,706 3
6 Dinner and Unwanted Company

Title says it all but I will also say this, there is some big news and some new characters.

3,439 6
7 Arrivals and Excitement!

They arrive at the hotel and some things happen. Please read and review.

3,894 6
8 Engagement Party Disasters!

I don't think I need to elaborate but any way, PLEASE REVIEW!!! Please!!!

1,716 3
9 Rehersal Weddings, Dinners, and the Real Thing!

Lily and Ella awoke readying themselves for the day. The rehearsal wedding and dinner would be that day and the wedding the next day. Everyone who was in the wedding and some of the guests were going to be at the rehearsal which was going to be at one.

2,436 9
10 It Ends Tonight!!!

Well, here goes nothing. If I  tell you in a summary I would ruin the whole story so you get an excerpt.

“Lily please,” James said trying to calm her down by touching her arm.

“Don’t touch me! Don’t you dare touch me!” Lily yelled through more tears, “ just go! LEAVE! Don’t bother talking to me EVER AGAIN! I HATE YOU!! Go!”

2,172 4
11 The Struggle!

James was in his room, he had no intentions of leaving ever. He would stay here until school started if he had too. Sirius and Remus kept checking on him but every time he pretended to be asleep. He wasn’t hungry or thirsty, he wanted nothing but Lily and he had sent her away. 

2,289 9
12 Permanent Ink

He sat in the chair and took off his shirt so the man could go to work, his face cringed a little at first but you could tell that he got used to it and his face turned back to normal.
“Look how big that needle is,” Sirius whispered to Lily who was now even more pale.
“Shut it Padfoot,” Remus said, a worried look on his face.

2,309 12
13 He doesn't Matter!

Lily took a big gulp of her drink.
“You look sort of like Snape, your hair is getting all long…” James didn’t get to finish.
As James said this, Sirius gave him a playful punch in his arm and Lily sprayed her drink everywhere. James just smiled at this as if it was his goal and Sirius just glared before tickling her.
After their little burst of fun they were interrupted by a boy in black clothing and dark hair, the sky was getting darker too. He walked up to Lily without even acknowledging the fact that the others were there.

3,889 7
14 First Times!

“Well you know what, James is now gonna be batter boy,” Sirius said and pushed James’s unsuspecting head into the bowl of batter.
“My GLASSES!!” James screeched after his head was out of the batter, he just glared at Sirius.
“I love you,” Sirius said innocently kissing James on the check before he began to clean his glasses, his face covered in the pancake batter.
“Do you two need a moment?” Lily asked trying to suppress the laughter that was about to burst out of her.

3,201 7


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