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    Harry, Ron, Hermione, McGonagall, Arthur, Molly, George, Ginny, Teddy, OC
    Primary Relationship
    Secondary Relationship(s)
    Arthur/Molly, Bill/Fleur, Ron/Hermione, Neville/Luna
    General, Romance
    Contains profanity, Mild violence, Scenes of a mild sexual nature, Spoilers
    Story Reviews
    First Published
    2007-10-19 12:21pm
    Last Chapter
    2013-09-22 1:44pm
    Last Updated
    2013-09-22 1:44pm

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    Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
    1 Victory Deflated

    Starts the morning after the Final Battle. This chapter covers the first few days and the immediate effects of the war on Harry. Other characters are in this chapter as well, but it's almost all Harry and his feelings.

    3,346 49
    2 To the Burrow

    Story continues on. Chapter name tells the plot for this part. After exiling himself at the school he returns to the Burrow to face the Weasleys. Read on.

    3,077 21
    3 Love Hurts

    Harry returned to the Burrow in the last chapter to a fairly unique welcome. This chapter starts the next morning.

    4,028 30
    4 Willow Trees vs. Motorcycles

    If you try to figure this out by the Chapter titles it will be a challenge. The titles do have something to do with the story line I promise, but they won't be patently obvious. Have fun trying to figure them out.

    3,543 15
    5 The Muggle Way

    Things have started to improve for Harry (thats a good thing right?) so keep following as the summer begins. This just might be the best summer of Harry's life.

    6,132 16
    6 Fun and Games

    Story keeps moving through the summer. Harry, Ginny, Ron and Hermione start leaving the past behind and start working on their futures. Good things are happening,  the title says it, fun and games. Keep reading, hope you like it.

    6,875 12
    7 Dirty Laundry

    Our favorite characters are now into summer and moving on with their lives. The summer is getting busier and it won't be long tll the next school year and quidditch season start. You keep reading, I'll keep writing.

    6,844 13
    8 Detention, Detention, Detention

    Summer is over for our friends, hopefully they had fun. But now the real world is here, jobs (as if quidditch is a job) and Ginny is back to school. Now what?

    Well if I tell you then there's no need to read, so read :-)

    6,802 15
    9 The Deal

    On we go for another span in Harry and Ginny's lives. Covering through the end of her first semester at Hogwarts an the first half of his Cannon's season.

    Enjoy the read, hopefully as much as I enjoyed the write.

    5,043 13
    10 Running Errands

    Keeps following along. We've had fun, love quidditch, detention etc...  Time for the holidays. What could go wrong?

    4,996 10
    11 Serious Encounters

    If you're following along, you know where we are. OK, I know that's a cheap way out of the summary. To all who have reviewed, thanks. Anyway- read on.

    6,531 13
    12 Round Two

    Christmas break is over. School and QWC schedule is resumed, we move forward.

    Relax and read some more.

    6,988 34
    13 Overdue Visits

    Is Harry really doing as well as he thinks? Is the distraction of playing professional quidditch enough for him? Things start to change again.

    7,129 21
    14 You Did This

    Our favorite couple made it through the anniverary of the Final Battle and all the emotion it entailed. This chapter follows starting the next morning. I split it because otherwise it was too long for one chapter. I'm not real happy with the split point, but it was the best I could do.

    4,746 13
    15 Welcome Home

    Schools out. Finally!  the Cannons are doing well, and Ginny's headed home. Time for summer adventures.

    6,010 32
    16 Solitary Summer

    Moving forward from the previous chapter, hopefully it will start to answer some questions. Harry starts to sort out what's happened and what he should do about it.

    6,730 32
    17 Rumors

    Begins at the start of the QWC season. After a horrible summer Quidditch might be the only thing that makes Harry happy. The only way to know is to read on.

    7,676 26
    18 Quidditch and Aerodynamic Disadvantages

    So enough of the heavy stuff for a while. That means...quidditch. Well there's more than quidditch, after all the life of a famous sports star isn't all about playing the game is it?

    6,295 24
    19 The Weasley Inquisition

    I assume if you're 19 chapters into this you know where we are, but for those that don't...

    This chapter starts a few days after the last one. It leads us towards the holidays and a reunion of sorts. Hopefully answers the last of the questions from previous chapters.

    6,727 31
    20 They Do

    Through the holidays for our favorite characters. Add in a wedding and a reception for good measure. Relax and enjoy the read.

    6,563 21
    21 Valentine Surprises

    OK so we got through Ron and Hermione's wedding previously. If I say much I'll be giving away the story line and I hate doing that. Our couple get a surprise visitor, good or bad? read and find out.

    No it is not Romilda Vane.

    5,436 22
    22 Bunny, Hat, Bird, Hippogriff

    Whooo hooo spring is here. Anyone following along knows there shouldn't be any question now as to how Ginny feels. We also know now how her parents feel. This chapter adds in even more pressure on our young couple. Who said quidditch was all fun? 

    7,347 24
    23 Fireworks and Hexes

    Pressure from outside sources has pushed Harry and Ginny to the edge. They've struggled through most of it but the main sources of pressure; quidditch and her parents are still unresolved. Time to see what happens on both fronts.

    This is another longer chapter, but I didn't want to break it up into pieces. Enjoy.

    7,615 29
    24 I'd Rather Get Ice Cream

    Most of the open plot lines got closed in the last few chapters, except for one... wedding plans. So off we go down that path with a few distractions and a visit from an old friend.

    4,542 24
    25 Look at All the Fan Girls

    With the second QWC title in hand Harry and Ginny can look forward to the remainder of summer. Wedding plans and birthdays coming up. All I can guarantee is there won't be any lace!

    6,666 29
    26 Bonfires, Broomsticks, Cannoli and Silk

    Harry's Birthday is in the past, I'm sure he'll never forget it. August has arrived which means another birthday for our heroine, and getting back into the swing of life. The QWC season is looming in the near future, so is a wedding.

    7,198 22
    27 You Should Be Scared

    With a small excursion to another country completed and a couple of great surprises for Ginny in the past we can move into the start of fall. The QWC season is starting, decisions are made for better or worse. What does the new season bring?

    6,439 41
    28 I Get Cranky When I'm Hungry

    After the last chapter we need answers. So In this chapter we'll start to find out just what the hell is going on. And we'll see how Harry and Ginny react to the situation. Another question- does anyone even miss them?

    6,277 33
    29 Brilliance Explained

    Now that Harry and Ginny have acclimated to their new surroundings what happens? Plans form, the Order of the Phoenix starts to get more involved and our favorite duo begins to think creatively.

    6,208 36
    30 Leap Frog

    So we know Ginny is brilliant even when she doesn't know it. We still don't know who is behind this mess. All we really know is that Harry and Ginny are out of immediate danger. So now its time to find out exactly where the heck they are and what they plan to do about it.

    So get comfy, this chapter is longer than most and hopefully you'l like it.

    7,742 31
    31 Going On the Offensive

    Harry and Ginny returned to the Burrow after their ordeal. Now its time to do something about it. plans are made, plans are changed. Its time to fight back, time to go on the offensive.

    7,598 36
    32 The Luuuuuv Seat and Back Room Deals

    After making plans and leaving for Kotlas Harry and crew have lots to accomplish. On the home front certain people better look out, Ginny has a mission, and a real passion to complete it.

    6,840 34
    33 The Ultimatum

    Are Harry and company getting to the truth? Who or what else could possibly happen? How is what's happeneing in Russia affecting life in Britain, and vice versa? The shroud of mystery is beginning to unravel, those behind the plot are soon to be found, and maybe, just maybe justice will be served.

    8,562 29
    34 To Tell the Truth

    The last twenty four hours have been intense for everyone involved. Everyone involved in the caper thus far has to face the consequences. Harry, Ginny and Bill still have more to explain and there is no way to dodge the accusations. Will any amount of explaining help to justify their actions... Read and you'll find out.

    7,025 36
    35 Wilson's Market

    Wow, a lot has happened in recent days for Harry, Ginny and company. I'd say it's time for some peace and quiet( or at least a good round of snogging), but that doesn't mean there's nothing going on. Harry and Ginny now face their return to society and what's expected of them as they start to work back into their lives.

    6,445 34
    36 Traitorous Behavior

    Well, life may finally be returning to normal, whatever that is. Harry has his new job and it should be a little more exciting than washing peppers and tomatoes. Ginny is throwing herself into quidditch and some new developments make the couple realize maybe they won't have as much time together as they once thought.

    6,063 36
    37 Favorite Days

    Auror training has begun for Harry as he gets closer to his new partner. His partner is having issues of her own. Ginny tries to focus on quidditch training. Throw in the holidays and its a hectic time of year.

    4,726 33
    38 From the Heart

    Harry managed to make it through Auror training, or at least the first part of it, and Ginny is back on form too, as starting Chaser. Everything it going well, and to top it all off, its time for to make them an official couple.

    10,096 77


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