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Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Drama, Romance, Action/Adventure
Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Contains Spoilers
Story Reviews
First Published
2007-10-13 2:29pm
Last Chapter
2008-05-12 3:38am
Last Updated
2008-05-12 3:38am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 The Beginning

A prologue to my story, and an introduction to Dudley and his new home...

1,531 35
2 Chapter Two: A Thoroughly Magical Place

Dudley tries to get some answers, and reveals how he really feels about Harry and how he treated him

3,058 23
3 Chapter Three: A Joining of Worlds

Dudley continues to grow, and meets two new people who will greatly impact his life in Goodmanham. 

2,364 21
4 Chapter Four: New Friends and a Quest

Dudley and his newfound friend quiz each other on their histories and then come to an agreement.

1,668 14
5 Chapter Five: Dinner and an Unexpected Development

Hannah and Dudley get to work on their quest and meet the family.  Plus, and unexpected development between the pair...

2,454 16
6 Chapter 6: Realizations and Progress

Dudley and Hannah finally get the clue they need on their quest and make progress on another front...

Author's note:  Sorry for the long delay.  I've been working on three different research papers at the same time, and between those and the holiday, I just haven't had much time to write.  I'll try to keep it up, but no promises until after Christmas.  Also, if you like this, or have suggestions, please review them.  I've had almost 400 reads, but only 4 reviews, so if you like it or you don't please tell me!!

2,070 11
7 Chapter 7: Portal to the Past

Dudley and Hannah explore the ruins and end up in a whole new time period for their quest...

2,434 13
8 Chapter Eight: A New Hunter for the Ax of Coifi

Dudley and Hannah have another person join their quest, and learn about an interesting aspect of the Dursley history...

1,388 15
9 Chapter 9: Finding the Ax of Coifi

Dudley and Hannah finally know how to find Coifi's Ax, and set about ending their quest.  Please review!!!

1,748 13
10 Chapter 10: Getting Adjusted

Dudley and his family come to grips with the changes, and the final battle approaches...

3,045 12
11 The Final Battle and Its Aftermath

Hannah returns to Hogwarts for the final battle, while Dudley must defend his home, and then a happy reunion...

3,121 14
12 Epilogue: A New Professor at Hogwarts

Dudley looks back at how he changed through the years and reflects upon his new job.

1,831 32


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