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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Lupin, Sirius, Voldemort
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Drama, AU
Mild Language, Mild Violence
Story Reviews
First Published
2007-10-07 8:29am
Last Chapter
2007-10-25 4:14pm
Last Updated
2009-09-21 11:19am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 One

Sirius' nightmare is just beginning.

2,391 14
2 Two

Sirius and Snape have a conversation; Sirius throws blame around.

3,212 14
3 Three

Dumbledore paces; Snape finally arrives with the antidote for Harry's poison.

2,717 8
4 Four

Harry recovers; Sirius is taken to the Ministry to identify Remus' body.

3,271 18
5 Five

Sirius' excitement over not finding Remus dead leads him in a totally direction during the search.

2,514 3
6 Six

Emmeline is rescued; Naomi makes a decision; Sirius receives an unlikely visitor at the Ministry.

3,245 8
7 Seven

Sirius gets to view one of Emmeline's memories from France; Sirius and Kingsley visit Naomi.

3,191 7
8 Eight

Sirius remembers being told of the Prophecy; Prefect party in Number Twelve's kitchen; Emmeline reveals a rather interesting bit of information about herself; Harry leaves for Hogwarts.

2,798 8
9 Nine

Full moon; Naomi speaks to Dumbledore; the new Potions professor; attack at Gringotts

3,515 8
10 Ten

Kingsley speaks to Percy; flashback to Midnight Quidditch; Death Eaters in the Ministry.

4,317 7
11 Eleven

Halloween night...

2,877 11
12 Twelve

Naomi rejoins the Order; Emmeline attempts to give Harry an Occlumency lesson; Draco Malfoy annoys Mad-Eye Moody.

3,452 9
13 Thirteen

Sirius has a late night drinking binge, then receives an urgent owl from Dumbledore; Ron spots something odd about the Marauders' Map.

4,444 13
14 Fourteen

Voldemort gives Snape his punishment for his role in saving Harry; Remus wakes; the Weasley children receive a letter from Bill.

3,088 9
15 Fifteen

Sirius tells Remus what's been going on since his disappearance. SIrius wanders out onto the grounds to think. Remus goes back to Number Twelve.

3,619 7
16 Sixteen

Remus adjusts to being around friends again.

3,663 5
17 Seventeen

Christmas holidays begin; Sirius finally gets Remus to tell him what happened in France; Harry has a nightmare.

3,818 3
18 Eighteen


3,541 6
19 Nineteen

Remus visits the Ministry; Mad-Eye's Defense club.

2,832 7
20 Twenty

Remus begins his new job. Warning: Character Death.

3,251 16
21 Twenty-One

Exams are approaching at Hogwarts; Naomi and Remus have an interesting conversation.

3,897 5
22 Twenty-Two

Sirius and Remus visit Harry before OWLs begin; discovers not even the Order can keep people safe. Character Deaths and Disturbing Images in this chapter. Don't say I didn't warn you.

3,677 10
23 Twenty-Three

Hermione; Sirius (literally) runs into a strange wizard he thinks he should know; giants in London.

3,367 5
24 Twenty-Four

Sirius gives Emmeline a little too much information; the Marauders begin a new full moon tradition.

3,582 9
25 Twenty-Five

Back to the cottage; Sirius can't deal with Harry growing up; another attack.

3,646 6
26 Twenty-Six

The wards around the cottage are breached.

3,560 11
27 Twenty-Seven

Sirius judgment is called into question.

3,327 11
28 Twenty-Eight

Sirius attempts (and fails) to adjust to life without magic; the Polyjuice Potion over his attacker wears off; Draco follows in his father's footsteps.

3,858 6
29 Twenty-Nine

The stake-out; Sirius has  a penpal; Voldemort muses.

4,040 6
30 Thirty

Harry's feeling odd; Remus and Emmeline visit Diagon Alley in preparation for Harry's sixteenth birthday; Sirius receives a shock.

4,145 20


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