Harry, Ron, Hermione, Krum, Ginny
Drama, Fluff, Romance
Mild Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers
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2007-10-07 00:47:08
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2008-10-23 21:10:12
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2008-10-23 21:10:12
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1 Chapter One: Comfort

I’m supposed to be the clever one. Really, I am. I know what you’re thinking though, how can anyone with half a brain do what I did? Well, that, I cannot answer. I have asked myself many times, but I have never answered it. In fact, that is the very thing that I am thinking right now.

2520 41
2 Chapter Two: Understanding

It's funny how little things, like bacon-egg-toast sandwichs, can make me doubt a marriage.

3434 54
3 Chapter Three: Waiting


Is on my shoulder.

I haven't seen theis owl in what, two years? And here he freaking was.

2549 43
4 Chapter Four: Remember

Know what would be awesome?
If every effing thing didn't remind me of Ron.

3267 38
5 Chapter Five: As Much As He Loves Me

If given the choice to experience this night again, or take another shot at destorying Horcruxes.... well, it'd be a tough desicion.

2762 49
6 Chapter Six: Why

After last night, I should definitely forget about Him. Viktor loves me.
Unfortunately for me, He just doesn't want to be forgotten.

2811 45
7 Chapter Seven: Shock

Someone should lock me up and throw away the key. Into the ocean so that no one could find it.  Even if that happened and it were impossible to find the key, I know one person that would sure as hell look, and I was married to him. But, the real question was: would I want him to find me?

3119 61
8 Chapter Eight: It Wasn't

I've hurt Ron. I've hurt Viktor. I've hurt so many people that I love in so many different ways. When was this going to stop? How can I do this to the people that i care about? Maybe I should be locked up, I hear the bed next to Gildroy Lockheart is empty. I could probably help him perfect his "bunched up writing" as long as they didn't let me near anything that I could use as a weapon.

3120 29
9 Chapter Nine: Slow Realization

After everthing that I've been through in my life, going to St. Mungo's to visit the man that was once my best friend shouldn't be that hard, right? Wrong. Because, as hard as it is to think about, seeing him might make me realize something that I'm happy enough not knowing.

2899 56
10 Chapter Ten: Wow

Can you really get broken apart by realizing that you are in love? I mean, I would guess so, as that is what is happening to me, but it's kind of ironic is it not? I mean love is supposed to be the best thing in the whole entire world, it helped defeat Voldemort for crying out loud, shouldn't it hold a person together? Apparently NOT.

2995 38
11 Chapter Eleven: Snapshot

Going back to work after a four day weekend is hard. Not just hard it's damn near impossible. However, when you have something to look forward to, it makes it a lot more bareable. Unless that thing is something that you are doing with your ex-boyfriend behind your husbands back... then you just feel really guilty. Untill he smiles at you. Stupid smile.

2260 49
12 Chapter Twelve: Weakness

Stupid photographer. Stupid picture. Stupid feeling that I can't get rid of. Sure, I can be brave in any other situation, but when it comes to My Weakness, I qualify as a coward.

4099 39
13 Chapter Thirteen: Help Hurts

Self control is a tricky thing: hard to master and even harder to keep up. In fact, sometimes self control needs a little push in the right direction. Witch Weekly obviously proved to be not enough, but someone else has always been there to help me. Unfortunately, sometimes, help hurts.

3515 41
14 Chapter Fourteen: So Sick

I'm so sick of all of this drama, but who would guess that it would make feel this bad... literally.

3398 38
15 Chapter Fifteen: The Offer and the Aftermath

I never expected this. It's so random and just... wow. I mean right when everything is getting hard life offers me some sort of escape. But I've always been told that running from problems just makes it worse. However, can't get much worse than this, right?

3351 37
16 Chapter Sixteen: Can and Can’t

The offer was too good to overlook. But leaving was going to be hard. How had He left so easily after so many years together when I, married to Viktor, couldn't leave him after only a few weeks?

4528 7
17 Chapter Seventeen: Finalities

Everything is winding down in England. We're moving as soon as tomorrow so I have to get all my goodbyes in. Though saying goodbye to my boss and parents is really hard, I dread saying goodbye to him tonight the most.

4433 7
18 Chapter Eighteen: Noticing

After all the mental preparation for this night, this dinner, my heart still broke into a million pieces. Well, I guess I should've just sent a note or something because watching His reaction was enough to make me want to stay. But I can't.

4367 5
19 Chapter Nineteen: Truth

We are officially residents of Bulgaria; I told myself I wouldn't cry.

4104 12
20 Epilogue: The Joy of Children


4255 35


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