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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Draco, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Draco/OC, Hermione/OC
General, Romance, Angst
Strong Language, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2007-10-05 8:29am
Last Chapter
2009-02-25 12:05pm
Last Updated
2009-02-25 12:05pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Chapter 1

“There’s no need for an introduction, Mr Connors. Me and Malfoy used to be in the same year at Hogwarts,” Hermione said through gritted teeth.

1,574 7
2 Chapter 2

same as above

1,703 7
3 Chapter 3

Draco was about to reply back, no longer laughing when Hayley, a young trainee healer came in through he staff room, gasping and out of breath. “Hermione! Draco! Healer Conno…” but she broke off at the sight in front of her and she blushed deeply. “Sorry, am I interrupting?” she was staring down at her feet, her face a bright red.

1,441 5
4 Chapter 4

Hermione tore her hands away from his smooth grasp and leaned forward so that they were mere inches apart and with unwavering determination retorted, “Harry doesn’t need anything to impress people. And he doesn’t have to prove anything because, scar or no scar, he will always be a better man than you.”

2,136 14
5 Chapter 5

Her breath hitched as she felt his sudden closeness, his chest gently touching her back as he breathed. Snap out of it, Hermione! This is Malfoy! She mentally scolded herself.

1,780 7
6 Chapter six

Snap out of it! What would Salazar think if he could see you now gawking at Hermione Bloody Granger? Placing his head in his hands, he let out a groan and fell onto his bed and tried his hardest from imagining himself as a fly on the bathroom wall right now but failed miserably. All he could see was that willowy figure clad in nothing but lacy black underwear.

2,497 12
7 Chapter seven

same as above

2,059 13
8 Chapter eight

“Ha ha,” she said sarcastically and leaned back in her chair and looked him straight in the eye, “I need your help with French and you need help with potions. As long as we’re here, we’ll help each other out, discreetly of course and nobody has to know about any of our…”


“Trickeries? Deceits? Falsehoods? Nasty indiscretions? He offered smugly.


“Actually, I was thinking of ‘shortcomings’ but nasty really captures your essence,” she grinned.

1,936 15
9 Chapter nine

She marched up to him by the window and said hotly, “Just what is your problem? What have I done that’s so bad that you’ve been treating me like a bloody pariah these past two days?”

He did not reply.

“Won’t you talk to me?” she pleaded. Again he did not reply.

2,952 10
10 Chapter ten

Sensing Hermione’s growing agitation at Draco’s taunting, Jasper took the opportunity to reach over and twine his fingers through hers and kiss her below the ear. These simple gestures finally put an end to Draco’s laughing. Hermione nervously looked at both boys, from Draco’s well-disguised bitterness to Jasper’s triumph but she did not pull her hand away, drawn to the warmth of his hand.

3,575 13
11 Chapter Eleven


1,562 13
12 Chapter twelve

Am I happy acting like nothing happened between us? Draco thought pensively. I’m sure I’ll never forget this, but what about her? What will she do when we get back to England? Keep on acting like nothing happened, tell Potter and Weasley, go back to hating me?


2,379 24
13 Chapter thirteen

“Ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous!” Draco was still exclaiming even after they had gotten back to the chateau due to Draco’s misbehaving stomach. Hermione was still laughing heartily at his reaction and he shot her glare. “Do you find it funny?”

1,997 14
14 Chapter fourteen

“Trust me, you won’t be disappointed,” was her reply. He waited, pacing up and down in front of her door, still hyped-up from their stellar performance when he heard the door click open and he turned round. He had to remember to suck in breath and he placed his hands on the banister behind him to steady himself.

2,296 13
15 Chapter fifteen

“A simple ‘How do you do?’ will suffice, thank you.” Hermione remarked tartly. Subconsciously, she glanced in Draco’s direction and found him looking directly at her, a quizzical look on his face.

3,152 13
16 Chapter sixteen

Without warning, the friend seemed like he was about to stick his head through the shield and Hermione opened her mouth to utter a gasp. Draco caught sight of her and urgently pulled her to him and placed his hand over her mouth.

2,889 7
17 Chapter seventeen

He could hear voices getting louder and louder as he approached a corner. One of them was familiar: Jasper’s voice. A twinge in his stomach told him to stay still and listen carefully. hen he finally understood what the topic of discussion was, only a wave of pure fury kept him rooted to his spot.

3,181 15
18 Chapter eighteen

Draco cut her off mid-sentence. “I don’t care about you or anything you have to say. Why don’t you just run back to your little boyfriend.” He sneered vindictively.

4,372 12
19 Chapter ninteen

“May I talk with you?” He asked Hermione quietly. Draco snarled, stepping forward, his hand plunging into his pocket. Gabriella held his hand and muttered something in his ear and he grudgingly put his wand back and turned to help her.

3,073 1
20 Chapter twenty

Draco took a deep breath trying to get some much-needed oxygen to his hyperventilating brain. It didn’t work.  
“Damn it, Granger!” He growled.

2,582 2
21 Chapter twenty one

“Don’t even dream of it,” Draco snarled, but one of the aurors behind Ron had raised his wand and stunned Draco before he fell onto his back onto the graveled path.

3,498 3
22 Twenty-two

“Because he’s innocent,” Gabriella replied again in that convincing, sugary voice. Her eyes flickered to Harry for a second before they returned to Ron. Ron was so taken aback by her abruptness that he sat quite still for some time, simply staring at her.

2,223 2
23 Twenty three

Never before in my life have I fallen in love with someone as I have fallen in love with you. I drowned in the sea of your love but I was mercilessly pulled out of it by a power beyond our control.

1,697 12
24 Chapter Twenty Four

“Weasley,” Draco snarled, his voice low and dangerous. This was the man that had thrown him in here without a trial; he hated him with a passion. His schoolboy hatred of Weasley had increased tenfold since he had thrown him in here and his abhorrence was so evident, he was almost giving off an aura that would burn if approached too closely.

2,876 12
25 Chapter twenty five

“I missed you.” His voice had turned low and husky and sincerity was pouring from every syllable.

“I missed you too,” she replied, her voice not as fully convinced as his. He stared at her, his eyes smouldering at her and he grimaced to himself before she saw his face inch closer to hers...

2,676 18
26 Chapter twenty six

“It’s wrong.” she replied.

“How can something that feels so right, be so wrong?” he asked incredulously.

“Just because it feel right, doesn’t mean it is morally right!” she spat vehemently. “I told you before, Jasper to control yourself because when you lose control so do I, and I don’t want to do something I will regret for the rest of my life?”

2,906 7
27 Chapter Twenty seven


3,366 12


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