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Lupin, Snape, Sirius, Lily, James, Regulus, Pettigrew, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
James/Lily, Remus/OC, Sirius/OC, Other Pairing
Drama, Humor, Romance
Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers
Story Reviews
First Published
2007-09-29 12:46pm
Last Chapter
2008-12-28 5:24am
Last Updated
2008-12-28 5:24am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 TB's

"What's going on here?" the realtor asked suddenly.
All three jumped again and James banged his head inside the machine.
"Well, this machine started and we stopped it and then we wanted to see where the heat was coming from. Lily is this a T.B.?" Shay asked.
Lily was frozen in her place, trying to think of a way to explain this to the realtor.

1,530 15
2 Introductions

"I could tell you if it's a boy or girl," Mad-Eye said and Sirius nearly spit his butter beer everywhere.
"Um…no I can wait" Shay said, feeling scared and a little violated.

1,703 12
3 The Giant Purple Balloon

"Vernon, Lily is very good in charms and potions. She could help you with your problem," James said.
"What problem?" Vernon asked nastily and squinted his already small eyes.
"Well, I don't think it's natural for someone to turn that shade of purple. Unless you're a metamorphmagus, but I would guess against that" James said and heard Harold snort again.

1,177 18
4 Special Delivery

“Please Niki, I can’t do this knowing something might be wrong with Sirius,” Shay said through her tears and pain.
“Ok Shay on the count of three I want you to push,” the doctor said and Shay looked at Niki again.
Niki gave her a pleading look and Shay nodded.

1,807 24
5 Adjusting

“Shay I’m sorry. Today must have been rough. But I had to go on the mission. If I would have had time to tell you, I would have.”
“Sirius you’re a father now. You have responsibilities. One of your responsibilities is to be home with us,” Shay said.

1,416 17
6 Rejection

“Sirius, come home,” Shay said softly.
“I thought you didn’t want me home yet,” Sirius said.
“It’s not about me, is it? Cillian missed you, he needs his dad at home. So please don’t argue with me about it, and just come home,” Shay said and locked eyes with him.

1,164 27
7 Trying To Get Along

Shay walked into the kitchen and felt sick to her stomach. Who was the person in her dream? When was this going to happen? She knew it was not a dream. Dreams are not that real. She was scared that the person in that room was her.

1,144 10
8 Blame It On Me

“Remus told me what happened. I just don’t want you to do anything stupid. I’m just looking out for you Sirius,” Shay said and put a hand on his shoulder.
“So you don’t trust me? You don’t think I can control myself,” Sirius said and got up.
“No Sirius, I’m just trying to help. I know you’re feeling hurt right now. I want to be here for you,” Shay said.

987 15
9 Christmas Ham

Shay agreed and then the doorbell rang again. Shay opened the door and found that no one was there. She was about to close the door when a snowball came out of nowhere and hit her square on the forehead. Shay immediately heard Sirius’s bark-like laugh and James higher pitched chuckle.

1,065 10
10 Breaking Into The Lestranges

“Whose house is this?” Dory asked as the five of them walked toward a castle like manor.
“It’s the Lestranges,” Mad-Eye said.
“You say Lestrange as if it’s not a bad thing,” Shay said and James laughed.

1,257 19
11 Hearing the Truth

“What? Did I hit a nerve? Your son is one of the Dark Lord’s favorite subjects. He is obsessed with your little family,” Scarlett said.
“That’s enough,” Shay warned her.
“The truth hurts doesn’t it? It not going to hurt nearly as much as what’s going to happen with you and your family. One by one, the Dark Lord has a plan for you all,” Scarlett sneered.
Shay had enough.

1,527 12
12 Wedding Preparations

“Lily it’s absolutely gorgeous. Do you like it?” Shay asked.
“Like it, I love it! Oh, this is the one,” Lily said and twirled around.
“James is going to love you in this,” Niki said.
“He’s going to love getting you out of it too,” Shay said and she and Niki laughed while Lily glared.

1,166 22
13 Night Out

“Her boyfriend is a beast. Literally,” Shay said and Niki snorted in her drink.
“Well, what about you?” he asked.
“I have a kid,” Shay said bluntly and gave him a smirk.
“Well, it was nice meeting you ladies,” the creep said excused himself from the table quickly.
Niki looked at Shay and laughed.
“Once they hear you have a kid, they’re gone in a second.”

1,355 30
14 Wedding Bells

The day had finally come. The invitations had been sent out, the plans had been made, the food had been picked out, and everyone was cordially invited to the wedding of Lily Evans and James Potter.

1,464 27
15 Coming Back Home

Suddenly there were four consecutive pops and everyone looked into the hall to see who it was. It was Dumbledore, Mad-Eye, another older looking wizard, and even though Shay couldn’t believe it, Emmeline Vance.
“There’s no way,” Shay said to herself and got up.

1,729 29
16 Death of a Family

There was a sudden crash in the hallway, which made Marlene draw a line across the paper. Maddie appeared in the doorway, along with six Death Eaters. 
“We thought we’d keep her safe and walk her home.”

1,541 22
17 They Say It's Your Birthday

“Do you know what tomorrow is?” Sirius asked with excitement.
“Monday,” Shay said and her voice croaked.
“Well, yes but what else is tomorrow?” Sirius said, still playing with her hair.
“Today is August 6th so tomorrow is August 7th,” Shay said and started to fall back asleep.
“And?” Sirius asked, egging her on.
“And that would make it my birthday tomorrow,” Shay said with a smile and finally opened her eyes.

1,773 11
18 It's Not Your Fault

Lily was silent for a few minutes, crying and staring at the fire.
“They’re really gone, aren’t they?” Lily asked quietly.
James didn’t answer, he just held her tight.

1,526 24
19 Messages

“Severus, I didn’t know that you ate ice cream,” Shay said with a smile and Snape sneered at her.
“Well, are you going to sit down?” Shay asked and motioned to the empty chair at her table.
Severus glared at her, “I don’t think Black will be too happy with that.” 
“Oh, who cares about him? I do what I want,” Shay said with a smile and motioned to the chair again.

1,705 7
20 Baby Season

“You’re pregnant?” Shay asked and they sat down.
“Yea, I’ve been having morning sickness for about a week now,” Niki said.
“Are you sure it’s not the flu?” Shay asked.

1,018 19
21 A Night To Forget

“Dearest girlfriend, mother of my child, I promise you that I have nothing up my sleeve tonight,” Sirius said with an angelic smile.
Shay raised her eyebrow and smirked at Sirius,”You’re lucky you’re handsome.”

1,085 61
22 Reality Hurts

“Shay, why don’t you give him to me and go sit down with Sirius?” Dumbledore suggested and held his hands out.
“No, I can’t leave him,” Shay said and started to shake.
Dumbledore took another step forward.
“Please Shay, I’m just trying to help,” he said a reached out a little more.
“Don’t touch my baby!”

2,235 30
23 My Mourning Misery

“Sirius, are you ok?” Shay asked as she opened the door more.
Sirius got up quickly and slammed the door on Shay. Then she heard him fall against the door. She walked away, not knowing what to do anymore.

2,610 0
24 Just My Luck

Shay looked at James who was attempting to glare daggers at Lily.
“What’s wrong with you?” Shay asked with a smirk.
“I don’t like to be told what to do,” James said with a pout.
It made him look like a five year old who didn’t get the toy he wanted.
“Well then I think you married the wrong woman,” Shay said and patted his shoulder.

1,541 0
25 Revelations

“Oh, James and I got to meet her this morning before you and Remus showed. She seemed nice until Sirius came over and put his cheating tongue down her skanky throat. James just got up and left. I sat and stared daggers at them until they left,” Lily said casually.
Shay looked at Lily and laughed.
“You truly are my best friend.”

2,218 0
26 It Happened One Night

“You’re acting strange tonight,” Shay said and raised an eyebrow at him.
“I just wanted to make sure you’re ok. You left headquarters looking as if you were about to cry,” Remus said and Shay saw that he seemed genuinely concerned.
“Remus I’m fine. You should be worried the day I don’t cry,” Shay said with a smile.

1,971 2
27 Powerful

“I don’t want to be powerful,” Shay said bluntly.
“You don’t have much of a choice,” Dumbledore said with a small smile.

2,327 1
28 One of Those Nights

“I wish I knew what was going on in your head,” Remus said quietly.
“No you don’t. You just want to fix me, you don’t want to know what’s wrong with me,” Shay said and finished her tumbler.
“Enlighten me,” Remus said and wanted to understand her.

3,252 15
29 Gone Baby Gone

“I think it’s time for you to leave,” Shay said without looking at him.
“But Shay…” Sirius started.
“The door is over there. We’re done talking,” Shay said and motioned her head towards the door.
Sirius got up and headed towards the door. Shay waited to hear it open and shut, but it never did.
“Do you not know how to open a door?” Shay asked.

3,508 42


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