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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Bill, Molly, Fleur, Luna, Fred, George, Ginny
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Bill/Fleur, Harry/Ginny, Ron/Lavender, Dean/Luna
Romance, Angst, AU
Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers
Story Reviews
First Published
2007-09-22 6:22pm
Last Chapter
2008-02-16 12:04am
Last Updated
2008-02-16 12:04am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 George's Depression

Hermione returns to the Burrow after being gone for a year and learns that George has locked himself in his room the past year.

1,374 24
2 Weasley' Family Dinner

Hermione leaves George to think on what she's told him to go join the Weasley's family dinner where Ginny tells everyone some big news.  She keeps delaying though hoping that George will by some miracle show up to hear the news with the rest of the family.

1,833 20
3 Nightmares, Deals and Surprises

George can't sleep so he goes to Hermione in the middle of the night.  The Weasley's get another surprise and Hermione strikes a deal with Mrs. Weasley

2,092 26
4 Almost like the old George

"Hermione, thank you so much. It was almost like I was talking to the old George again." Ginny told her friend.

"No problem Ginny. Just keep it up will you? Maybe the others will follow your lead." Hermione responded.

1,541 22
5 Socializing

"I'm exhausted. All this socializing you have me doing is wearing me out." George said.

1,449 14
6 Gringotts

Hermione takes George to Diagon Alley.  Hermione tells him he has at least one hour to spend there and George is counting down the minutes until he can leave and go back to the Burrow.  Gringotts is their first stop and Bill might have found a new curse breaker.

1,675 16
7 Celebrating

Hermione looked up at Katie. "And what are we celebrating?"

"The fact that George is out in public." Alicia said.

"Yes, and that he is actually talking to us again." Angelina added.

"And that he didn't turn and run as soon as he saw me." Lee told her.

"I don't turn and run from you guys." George said.

"Oh yes you do, and you know it." Oliver said.

1,398 10
8 Dates and Quidditch Stars

Hermione starts her job at Gringotts.  George has been doing this great since before the war, he has even finished making a nargle for Luna.  Then George and Hermione meet  Jenna, Oliver's American Quidditch playing girlfriend.

1,524 20
9 Not Far From Fred

The search is on.  George is missing and everyone pairs off and is trying to find him.  Angelina lets Hermione in on something Fred told him right before their famous escape from Umbridge. 

1,770 16
10 Found

George is found.  After Hermione and George talk about things George asks to go to Abby's grave.

1,755 17
11 Standoff

It's the next morning and once again George is refusing to go down to breakfast, which leads to the question who is more stubborn Hermione or George?

1,605 33
12 Letters

George and Hermione visit Abby grave, and they recieve letters from people they never thought they would.

1,922 22
13 Everything Pink

Fleur goes into labor with Victoire, causing an unsuspected reaction from George.

2,169 18
14 Revenge...

More George and Victoire, plus someone is in trouble for their revenge on Jenna

1,889 20
15 ...Gone Bad

Find out what Percy did, more Victoire and Ginny has a plan to make sure George sees her game.

2,092 20
16 Ginny's First Game

George has been hogtied and taken by force to Ginny's game (which he was planning on going to anyways).  Will George get untied? And will Ginny's team beat Oliver's team? This chapter is all about the game.

1,618 19
17 What does Jenna want?

Jenna stops by Gringotts to visit Hermione.... what in the world does she want?

2,212 13
18 Team George and Fleur

Dinner at Shell Cottage can get just as interesting as the Burrow, what with Jenna apologizing to George, Jenna getting an unexpected job in England.... and not to mention the fact that George and Fleur are teaming up with the perfect plan.

1,734 12
19 Oliver meets "Gabrielle"

George and Fluer have teamed up with what they think is the perfect plan to get Oliver to talk to Jenna again.... but is it really that perfect or will it backfire on them.

1,659 21
20 Happily Ever After

In this last chapter we finally get to see what George as in store for Ginny and Charlie as well as other things.

1,919 63


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