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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Shacklebolt, Neville, Luna, Draco, Ginny, OC, OtherCanon
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Drama, Mystery, Romance
Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Contains Spoilers
Story Reviews
First Published
2007-09-21 11:09pm
Last Chapter
2008-11-22 11:05pm
Last Updated
2008-11-22 11:05pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Prologue

The battle of Hogwarts has just ended. Most of the survivors are too exhausted to think about anything but sleep - all except for one.

3,622 26
2 The Restoration of Hogwarts

The battle is over, but Hogwarts was left devastated. Harry, Ron, Hermione and the former D.A. members have come together to make the necessary repairs before the start of the next school year. Harry is still having a hard time putting the past year behind him, but with the help of his friends - and Ginny - he's slowly learning to forget. But the unexpected arrival of a former enemy isn't making anyone feel at ease in Hogwarts.

5,871 14
3 Kingsley Makes An Offer

With the work at Hogwarts nearly completed, Harry, Ron and Hermione wonder what their future plans will be. An offer from the Minister of Magic seems like the perfect solution - but Draco Malfoy is going to do his best to make sure things don't go too smoothly.

7,587 13
4 The Watcher Revealed

Harry finally meets his godson, and Ron and Hermione take a break from studying to visit Diagon Alley. The Watcher reveals his identity.

6,330 11
5 The Garnet Ring

Dedalus delivers messages from the Dursleys to Harry; while Ron delivers a message of his own to Draco. With the restoration of Hogwarts nearly completed, Harry, Ron and Hermione make plans to leave for Grimmauld Place.

6,720 12
6 The Auror Test

Hermione has her interview with the Ministry, while Harry and Ron prepare for the Auror entrance exam.

6,266 10
7 The First Day

Harry and Ron have their first Auror assignments. Meanwhile, both Hermione and Draco realize that working at the Ministry isn't going to be exactly the way they'd pictured it.

6,312 17
8 The First Week

Harry, Ron and Hermione find that their new jobs aren't exactly what they expected.

6,318 8
9 Exotic Enchantment

Hermione finds a unique solution for her house-elf problem, while Ron searches for the Cattermoles and Harry visits Azkaban.

6,297 14
10 Kreacher's Miss

Harry recognizes an old enemy at Azkaban. Damaris upsets Hermione's plans for the house-elves, while Ron and Perdita find the first real clue to the whereabouts of the Cattermoles.

6,932 12
11 Andromeda's Story

Harry thinks Andromeda may know something about the mysterious object Robards is looking for. Meanwhile, Ron and Perdita go in search of the Cattermoles and Hermione gets up the courage to speak to Kingsley about her house-elves.

6,782 6
12 Family Trees

Perdita tells Ron her family secrets. Draco realizes that he's made a rather serious mistake. Harry and Hermione do some investigating.

6,700 16
13 The Leaky Cauldron

Hermione demands a do-over; Harry and Ginny make a surprising discovery.

7,739 16
14 The Muggle-Born

Harry and Ginny discover the identity of the person who's been living in the Room of Requirement. Ron and Hermione go into hiding temporarily while Robards and Harry begin their search for the poisoner.

7,286 9
15 The Lee Jordan Show

Harry and Robards come up with a plan to track down the waiter. Meanwhile, Rodolphus is getting impatient.

6,814 11
16 The Waiter's Story

The waiter from the Leaky Cauldron describes the person who gave him the poisoned champagne - but it's not what Harry expected to hear. Meanwhile, Ron picks up some part-time work and Hermione decides she'd better do something about that damaged book from the Hogwarts library...

8,447 10
17 The First Snow of Winter

Ron and Hermione dig deeper to find out what the list means, while Harry takes his first shift tailing Malfoy.

6,905 11
18 Clarissa Clarke

The discovery of the list hasn't helped Harry as much as he'd expected, but he learns a lot more when Clarissa finally demands the truth from Draco. Meanwhile, Rodolphus's allies decide that they've waited long enough...

7,593 23
19 Christmas

Draco has an unexpected visitor; Ron & Hermione break the news of their engagement to their families. (And yes - Ginny is in this chapter!)

8,002 13
20 Return to Malfoy Manor

Ginny tries out for the Holyhead Harpies, while Draco makes an unusual request of the Aurors.

8,340 11
21 Amortentia

Harry tries to locate the missing object during a trip to Hogwarts. Seamus's club opens, and Blaise Zabini has reasons of his own for not wanting to miss the first night.

8,710 13
22 The Lucky Piece

Professor McGonagall makes a surprising offer to Hermione, while Andromeda Tonks reminds Harry of something he'd forgotten about.

7,371 11
23 The Return of Dumbledore's Army

Harry, Ron and Hermione find themselves turning to old friends for help while they try to discover the significance of Rodolphus's coin. Ron and Perdita get a new assignment.

7,633 9
24 The Dark Horse

Harry learns some unexpected information from Malfoy's friends, while Ron runs into an old friend at the Hog's Head.

6,937 13
25 Talitha

Hermione tries to persuade Dennis to see reason, while Harry tries to persuade Malfoy to trust him. Draco's message is delivered to Rodolphus.

6,141 7
26 The Ministry After Dark

A frightening experience leaves Ron convinced that Hermione's in danger. Meanwhile, Harry's puzzled by what he discovers on a visit to Holyhead, and Draco grows desperate as his deadline with Rodolphus approaches.

8,689 15
27 Madam Citrona's Lemon Remedy

Rodolphus isn't fooled by Draco's substitution. Hermione gets the chance to put her plan into action.

10,443 18
28 Miranda

Hermione tries to escape, while Harry and Ron search frantically for clues.

7,485 9
29 Malfoy's New Assignment

Ron searches for Hermione with help from an unexpected source.

6,987 15
30 The Capture

Hermione comes up with a plan to trap Talitha.

6,683 11
31 The Real Miranda

Harry and Ginny talk to Professor Sprout while Ron and Hermione face off with Robards.

7,378 12
32 Portrait of Slytherin

Harry and Ginny think they're on the trail of the missing object. Meanwhile, Ron and Hermione decide to do some investigating on their own.

7,578 9
33 Tea at Madam Puddifoot's

Ron and Hermione learn more about the source of the gold button, while Harry and Ginny find out about Talitha's past.

6,752 15
34 Draco's Hiding Place

Hermione thinks she knows where Malfoy's hiding - but Harry's plan to rescue him brings some unexpected results.

5,395 11
35 The Muggle Flat

While the others search frantically for her, Hermione tries to learn exactly what Talitha's planning.

9,292 3
36 The Stone Tablet

With Hermione safe, Harry makes a change to his plans - although Draco is less than enthusastic. Ron proposes to Hermione (again).

6,494 2
37 Under the Willow

Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny come up with a plan to trap Talitha - but will she be too clever for them?

6,766 2
38 Talitha Arrives at Hogwarts

Dennis decides to turn himself in, but ends up confessing to the wrong person. Harry & Ginny search the castle for Talitha - and find her.

6,093 1
39 The Capture

Harry, Ginny, Ron and Hermione make a second attempt to stop Talitha, while Draco goes in search of Dennis.

5,989 2
40 The Return of Winky

Winky tells her side of the story to Harry while Ron and Hermione deal with some unexpected visitors. Meanwhile, Draco enlists Persimmon to help him with Rodolphus - but what he finds out terrifies him.

7,403 2
41 The Granger-Weasley Reception

The Death Eaters arrive as expected, but their appearance stuns everyone. Meanwhile, Malfoy learns some new information from Zabini - but will anyone remember him in time to use it?

6,795 1
42 The Dark Wizard's Escape

Malfoy explores the past, while Harry and the others plan to attack Azkaban.

5,976 1
43 The Infiltration of Azkaban

Harry and the others make their way to Azkaban. Meanwhile, Draco plans to retrieve Talitha's notebook.

5,743 1
44 The Two Talithas

Hermione continues to masquerade as Talitha, despite a growing fear that the real Talitha has escaped. Meanwhile, Draco is forced into action by the house-elves.

5,804 3
45 The Underground Room

Hermione continues to impersonate Talitha - but is the real Talitha watching her do it? Meanwhile, Harry and Ginny try to catch up to the Death Eaters before they can put Talitha's plan into action.

8,526 11
46 When Time Stops

Harry and Ginny have an illuminating conversation with a ghost. Talitha makes another attempt.

8,283 10
47 Talitha's Last Words

Harry, Ron and Hermione deal with the aftermath of Talitha's actions.

6,603 10
48 Gawain

With the battle of Azkaban behind them, Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny return to London.

9,424 75


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