Lupin, Snape, Sirius, Lily, James, OC
General, Romance, Action/Adventure
Strong Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature
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First Published
2004-01-18 21:48:53
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2004-07-14 16:22:48
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2004-07-14 16:22:48
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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 His Game

When Lily's best friend, Chelsea Summers, is dumped by James, Lily is furious with him. So, as revenge, Lily and Chelsea decide to beat James at his own game, and boy, does James EVER like the game of Date 'Em Then Ditch 'Em! However, not everything goes as planned. Lily must contend with old and new enemies - ones that could jeapordize her entire plan - and friends aren't always who they appear to be...

722 22
2 One-Week-Stand

Just read...

688 7
3 From Potter To James

The plan is set into action...and mysteries are yet to be solved...(HEY, EVERYONE, I ADDED!! I STRONGLY ADVISE RE-READING THIS CHAP!!! TRUST ME, IT'LL BE IMPORTANT TO THE LATER PLOT!)

1430 16
4 Encounter With Snivellus

The title is all I'm giving away. Read.

970 19
5 The Secret Area

James takes Lily to an even more magical place than Hogwarts...

1452 17
6 Growing Pains

Two words: Lips-Sealed.

1744 17
7 Eavesdropping

Read-my-lips: I-ain't-tellin'-ya-nothin'!

1969 10
8 Full Moon

Hmmm...should I tell, or shouldn't I? Yes...or no? Hmmm...I'VE GOT IT! Ye---NO!!!!

1067 14
9 What She Deserved

Remus tells James something he never expected to hear...

2635 22
10 Attack On The Mudblood

The chapter after chapter nine

1599 15
11 My Identical Twin Sister

The chapter after chapter 10...

826 14
12 And I Care!

The chapter after chapter 11...

2439 29
13 Keeping You In The Dark

Lily still in denial...James very angry...not telling you more than that. I'm a VERY secretive author.

1406 18
14 Her Knight In Shining Armor

This is what categories are for. *jabs finger at "James/Lily"*

2499 19
15 I'll Always Be There

The romance of Harry Potter's parents, Lily Evans and James Potter, given a whole new twist...basically HP.

2186 24
16 Deals and Squeals

This chapter is not a mirage...it is as real as you and I...SO WELCOME TO THE LONG-AWAITED (REEEEEEEEALLY LONG AWAITED) SIXTEENTH CHAPPIE OF PROFESSOR EVANS!!! #17 will be on it's way very soon!

6256 16
17 The Things You Do For Love

The longest chapter yet!!!

8929 41


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