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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Snape, Voldemort
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Ron/Hermione, Hermione/OC, Snape/OC
Horror/Dark, Action/Adventure, Angst
Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers
Story Reviews
First Published
2007-09-14 6:28am
Last Chapter
2009-08-14 9:39am
Last Updated
2018-01-16 7:14am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Prologue

Rewritten! After Dumbledore's death Harry, Ron and Hermione go to investigate Snape's office in the hope of finding some information on the Dark Lord's Horcruxes. Hermione finds a strange book that changes her life.

3,790 21
2 The battle

Harry, Ron and Hermione are raided by Death Eaters.

3,574 11
3 Tainted

Hermione struggled to free her hands with rage, till the skin, where the ropes cut into her flesh, started to bleed; panting, she looked up again at Voldemort, but saw no mercy in his eyes.

3,444 8
4 Life broken

Hermione meets an enemy, namely Severus Snape in her cell.

3,553 6
5 The getaway

Hermione brakes free just to find herself in a confusing situation.

3,960 11
6 The underworld I.

Hermione finds herself in the underworld with Severus Snape.

4,485 17
7 The underworld II - Slytherin's chambers

In fact he hated her for everything about her. For her outstanding performance in his classes, for raising his interest to her, for letting herself being caught by the Dark Lord and for being so bloody insistent, vulnerable and still startlingly strong. He hated her for her sarcasm that he had never heard her use before, for her strange alteration inside, which was the work of the Lord, but for which the burden of guilt was laid on him… and finally for being so close…

4,862 11
8 Hogwarts

Hermione had no idea how she could move on with her life, how she could continue it from there where she left it. Her plans she used to have about working as a healer, living with a loving husband and having children turned into ashes, she had nothing to live for anymore. How could the sick heal the sick? How could the self-hater let herself to be loved? How could the hopeless give future?

5,270 10
9 Way home

Hermione finally goes home to find it wasn't what she really wanted.

5,935 9
10 At the New Burrow

Hermione finally meets her friends and finds new problems.

5,138 11
11 Cold Dawn

Hermione is deeply in love, which makes her come to a dangerous decision.

4,045 16
12 Lust and Damnation

Snape slowly advanced on Hermione, like a heavy cloud bearing a storm; she could tell by the flashing of his eyes that he was doing his best to control his emotions, most of all his murderous fury.

6,603 14
13 Desperation

Hermione is alone, again. She finds a strange feather and an ever sranger note from Snape, and the incredible chain of events starts.

5,066 4
14 Back to where it started

Hermione meets Lord Voldemort again, but Nagini, the last Horcrux is gone!

6,099 3
15 Deep Down

Hermione finds Nagini and finds out a lot more

6,871 1
16 Nagini

The first step of Hermione's deadly faith accomplishes with awful consequences.

5,378 8
17 Sentenced to death I.

The final battle starts. Old friends return, just as well as old hostilities.

5,532 6
18 Sentenced to death II.

The story ends with the great fight between good and evil, and those who were neither.

7,121 12
19 Epilogue

This is how the story ends and a new story begins for Hermione and Snape.

8,502 19


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