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Lupin, Sirius, Lily, James, Pettigrew, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
James/Lily, Remus/OC
Drama, Romance, Young Adult
Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
Story Reviews
First Published
2007-09-13 4:21pm
Last Chapter
2012-02-22 4:23am
Last Updated
2012-02-22 4:23am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Hogwarts Express

   “Oh, come on, are you really going to continue not talking to us because of stupid boys… its our last-” Lily was cut off as the train came to a sudden halt.

            “What the bloody hell was that?” I screamed.

2,194 5
2 Just Admit It

            Sirius looked shocked. “We are not! All we want is food, quidditch, and sex.” I glared at him. “Kidding Dana, kidding.”

            “Good because I’d kill someone if they had sex with you.” I stopped; did I really just say that? No, I’m dreaming. This isn't real.

4,911 2
3 Assaults, Attacks, and the Ever-So-Popular Home Ec.

“Home Ec.” She gulped. “And it’s with… of course!” Lily groaned.

          “What,” I looked at my schedule. “No!” It was with the Slytherins, because if life let me have a little break, that would be totally wrong and abnormal. This wasn’t good at all, Wendy said we’ve have partners, I swear if I get that scum Malfoy, I’ll drop out of that class.

4,157 2
4 Hospital Visits & A Boring Day

           I smiled as she pulled back. “You are okay, right?” She asked nervously.


            “Nope, they just told me I had two days to live and I was enjoying my last few hours.” Her eyes went wide. “I was being sarcastic, Lils.”

2,964 3
5 Quidditch Tryouts and Silent Sobs

  I turned around after my blush had dissipated. “Can you keep a secret?” I whispered after setting next to her on the bed.

            Rachel shook her head yes furiously.

2,491 1
6 Come With Us, Or Pay

            Remus looked up all of a sudden from his book. “You know Dana; I never really thought Sirius would stoop so low.” He just marked his page and sat the book down again. “I knew he wanted to get every girl… but not every girl.” He sighed. “I think he really does love you, Dana.”

2,285 0
7 The Bad Day; That Somehow Turned Wonderful

      “No, we shall not torture anyone; Lord Voldemort just wants her there so he can do his work by himself.” Lucius said with superiority.

            The other two snorted. “You say that only because you fancy the git of girl.” Winston said.

4,031 0
8 A Trip To Hogsmead

            “No, they couldn’t be. Not Wendy and Remus…” Lily trailed off.


            “I don’t know, Remus can be a horny little bugger sometimes.” James said to her.

2,887 1
9 The Begining of Break

This chapter is going to be interesting...

7,305 0
10 Breaks are Fun

“Yeah, well I can move quickly when the situation calls for it.” I winked and she rolled her eyes.

            “You’re so vulgar sometimes, Dana.”

1,950 0
11 Two Fights and One Bad Decision

I couldn't do it and I should've. I should have ran after him and told him he was the best thing that had ever happened to me, I should have told him that I was too angry to think straight... but I didn't... and I was already regretting it.

3,476 0
12 I Was Supposed to be Invincible

"Dana, go to the hospital wing, now, please." He begged me in a whisper.

4,660 2
13 Dealing With It

"So are you going to tell me, or do you want me to leave again?" Sirius inquired icily.

4,079 0
14 Friends to Enemies

My breath caught in my chest. “What situation? I don’t know what you’re implying.”

2,549 0
15 Family is Family

"What won’t hurt our baby?" He looked at me for a second, realization struck me. "OH! Oh? It won’t?" I asked puzzled.

2,869 0
16 Horrible Things Always Accompany Wonderful News

...but noticing the paper on his leg he took it off and opened it. His eyes widened and he folded up the letter and stuck it in his pocket. And that's when I knew.

4,164 1
17 Must My Happiness Always End?

People had started walking down and so I stood by Lily as we made our way out to the Hogwarts Express, I began crying again, and so did Lily. This was the last time we would ever ride this dear train, and the last time we would ever get to be kids again.

2,793 0
18 Mothers Ruin Everything

"I'm sorry, Sirius, for my family." I said sadly. He looked at me and kissed my lips and hugged me tight.

"It's okay Dana," Sirius began. "But I don't know what I would do if I lost the two of you." His words rang in my head as we slowly headed back to Godric's Hollow.

3,946 0
19 Just the Begining

As I made my way to the kitchen I realized that I felt very ill, a sudden pain ripping through my lower stomach. I immediately put my hand to my stomach, frightened for a moment, but it seemed that just as quickly as it had come, that it passed. One million thoughts immediately entered my mind. Was this a contraction? A sever gas pain? Was it an immense hunger pain? In my mind it had to be gas, I was still basically four and a half weeks from my due date and it would be impossible to be that hungry, I feed myself all the time!


3,724 0
20 Soon

Now, let me clarify something, there is a enormous difference between the word "soon" when you are in different situations. When someone tells you they will be back soon and you are playing with your friends, soon feels like no time. When your professor said he is giving out your test soon, your last minute studying feels like no time at all. However, when you are in this kind of pain, when you have this kind of anxiety, soon feels like an eternity.


2,881 0
21 And Soon Everything Comes Crashing Down

I felt tears well up in my eyes, hoping and praying that something good would come out of this conversation, but from the way it was heading, I could almost tell that it was going to be a very painful discussion.

2,871 0
22 The End: Part 1

After we were done I went and laid in our bed sobbing to myself for the rest of the night. I knew Sirius was sad too and maybe needed some consoling, but I just wanted to be alone for the night.

4,070 0
23 The End: Part 2

Author's Note: I feel almost sick that this chapter has finally come. It may seem rushed or may not seem the way it should end to you all, but this is how it's been playing out in my head. I thank you all for reading.

4,921 2


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