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Harry, Hermione, Dumbledore, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
General, Romance
Mild Language, Scenes of a Sexual Nature
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First Published
2007-09-07 2:45am
Last Chapter
2007-12-03 9:43pm
Last Updated
2007-12-03 9:43pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Time Again

This story started life as a one shot, but due to threats from my Granddaughters it has grown quite a size, the first chapter is rather long I hope you don't get annoyed with your's truly if you get logged out while reading it, it's not my fault honest.

for a summary of the story please read the main summary, thank you

9,862 18
2 Chapter two

Further happenings in the school life of Harry and Hermione Potter.
see how Harry deals with another visitor.

2,823 11
3 Chapter three

Some surprises for the Potter's in this chapter, also Harry has to go to bed with a naked Hermione... enjoy the read

3,437 8
4 Chapter four

An eventful visit when Hermione and her father come to pick Harry up. followed by a surprise party.

1,962 9
5 Chapter five

Sorry folks this chapter is a little slow but it is needed to allow me to set up some future plots for the tale, I hope you will read and enjoy just the same. Oh Yes there is a little Ron bashing in this chapter, revealing an ignored truth about the tall red head.

2,450 11
6 Chapter six

Summer for Harry and Hermione and some of what happened to them leading up to her birthday and a dinner with Dumbledore and McGonagall, so why would two adults be having dinner with two teenagers. read on to find out.

2,601 8
7 Chapter seven

A largly uneventful term ends with a visit to Potter House Harry's ancestral home, The Potters and the Weasleys are there for the christmas holiday.

2,059 9
8 Chapter eight

Christmas at Potter House, shopping can be exciting especially christmas shopping.

2,701 6
9 Chapter nine

Still in Potter house, Harry has one of his depressed moods, A visit by the Minister of magic does not go as planned and a lot of etiquette rules are forgotten.

2,864 8
10 Chapter ten

Holidays and snow, Mr Granger shows the Weasleys a Muggle winter pastime.

2,497 7
11 Chapter eleven.

Hermione and punishing the Dursleys begins.

2,291 8
12 Chapter Twelve

Just a tiny bit of work for the Dursleys, well maybe not a tiny bit, followed by a surprise for Hermione.

2,540 8
13 Chapter thirteen

Harry sorts things about the stable and the horses, a new character arrives on scene. Ginny and Ron get a small surprise.

2,667 5
14 Chapter fourteen

A little bit of Harry's power is revealed, in this chapter,

2,522 6
15 Chapter Fifteen

Harry's power source is revealed, a discovery of Hermione's facinates both Dumbledore and McGonagall.

2,728 4
16 Chapter sixteen

Ginny discovers their secret, while Hermione discovers the simple secret behind the hidden words.

2,381 6
17 Chapter seventeen

Harry's birthday is fast approaching, Hermione forgot about it. Harry has another surprise visitor.

2,868 6
18 Chapter eighteen

There are a few surprises for some of Harry's friend's and family.

2,764 11
19 Chapter ninteen

Harry's birthday has arrived, along with some surprising presents. Hermione surprises them with her skill.

2,675 6
20 Chapter twenty

Harry and Hermione spend most of the day together at the beach.

2,392 3
21 Chapter Twenty One

Harry and Hermione have a rather busy time as the holidays wind down...

2,553 6
22 Chapter Twenty two

Sorry about this chapter it is a bit slow but I needed it to lead into the next part of their lives, hope you will enjoy it anyway... A break for Harry and Hermione leads to new places and new friends.
...It was suggested to my Mrs she differentiates between thought and the rest of the story I thought it a fair comment so am now doing the same.

3,077 7
23 Chapter Twenty three

A typical day by the sea enjoyed by both Harry and Hermione. another chat with O'Keefe,

2,381 6
24 Chapter Twenty four

Hermione has a rather different birthday than the one Harry had planned on, a surprise puchase of something for Hermione by Harry, and then the return to Hogwarts.

2,320 5
25 Chapter twenty five

Harry and Hermione have there first fight, it might well be their last fight as well... bit of a cliffie but I know you won't mind to much...

3,449 10
26 Chapter twenty six

Here we go folks, the other half of chapter 25, which was a little on the long side, hope you all enjoy it.

3,539 9
27 Chapter twenty seven

Harry begins his recovery as does Hermione, they have some surprise visitors, including the minister.

3,719 8
28 Chapter twenty eight

NEWT results and some big surprises for Harry and Hermione. as they move slowly to Christmas day

3,243 7
29 Chapter twenty nine

The days between Christmas and new year, the New Year celebrations then a surprise for Harry.

2,901 8
30 Chapter thirty

Hermione and Harry learn a few things about her parents and grand parents

2,784 6
31 Chapter thirty one

OK guys I looked through this but I can't think of a different way to do what I intended so here it is the end of chapter thirty or how it would have been anyway.

1,104 6
32 Chapter thirty two

Harry ends up alone with the bishop, and a slightly unusual and almost one sided conversation takes place, While Hermione has things to explain to her Grandfather.

3,004 7
33 Chapter thirty three

Harry and Hermione meet Merlin,

2,341 10
34 Chapter thirty four

The family make some discoveries in the great hall, discoveries that make Albus Dumbledore a happy man.

2,652 11
35 Chapter thirty five

Harry and Hermione return to Potter house,

2,507 11
36 Chapter thirty six

Mr and Mrs Creevey arrive at Potter house, then they take a look at the old gate house cottages to see which one they like.

2,337 13
37 Chapter thirty seven

Nothing to exciting in this chapter, the Creevey boys arrive to find their parents doing unexpected things.

2,847 12
38 Chapter thirty eight

Hermione laughs so hard at Harry her waters break.

2,461 8
39 Chapter thirty nine

Nothing to exciting happening in this one, Hermione's mysterious visitor is revealed.

2,625 10
40 Chapter forty

The naming ceremony takes place, there are one or two surprises for Ginny Weasley.

3,157 11
41 Chapter forty one

A surprise for Hermione, thanks to Harry and Albus.

3,410 8
42 Chapter forty two

last chapter of this tale for now, includes Ginny and Neville's wedding

1,863 34


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