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2007-09-05 11:34pm
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2014-02-18 8:28am
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2014-02-18 8:28am

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1 December 25, 1942

Voldemort was stuck in his chair, staring at the fire in his father's house before the Triwizard Tournament had come to completion. Since there was very little to do, he was reminiscing of the golden days, the days when he still had Eva Smith in his life.

6,624 5
2 September 1, 1943

 After hearing the boys' conversation about Tom, I felt giddy. I don't know if I was crazy, but I always felt happy whenever someone would talk about him. Whenever they described Tom, I felt like it was a different person than who I knew. They talked about him like he was a god. Tom Riddle was two people in my mind: the boy who had it all, yet nothing. He was surrounded by people and always at the top of his class, but also friendless and lived in the library. Most of my classmates knew him as the former person, but I always knew him as the latter.

5,111 0
3 September 2, 1943

 He backed away from me a little and grinned. I kept my back at the fireplace, allowing my legs to stay warm since the dungeons were always cold. Tom lounged on the couch and stared at me, like I was some sort of entertainment. I didn't feel very entertaining. In fact, I was feeling quite fed up with him, to my surprise. This night wasn't going at all as I had planned. Half of me wanted to just walk away from him and go to bed, but then the other half knew that if I did that, I certainly would never have a chance with him again. I needed to prove my worthiness to him.

4,315 0
4 October 31, 1943

Today is my birthday. I’m turning fifteen and I’m very proud of myself.  Ever since that second night at Hogwarts, I had gone to, what Tom called, “meetings.”  Since then, I felt like I had become his personal secretary to him. Others said that I had become his personal slave but they were just jealous. Slaves were treated like dirt, and I was treated very well by him, almost his equal. But, nevertheless, here I was on my birthday, waiting outside the potion’s classroom for Tom.

6,639 6
5 April 28, 1945

Dumbledore spoke with a clearness in his voice that reflected the crisp air on the quidditch field, "I am in fact not worried about your health Miss Smith, but your overall well being. Eva, is there anything you’d like to tell me?”  By now, there were many things I’d like to tell him. Half of me wanted to spill everything from Tom’s secret chamber to the meetings to my slow transformation into a woman that I was beginning to dislike. The other half knew I would loose everything I had worked so hard to gain, like Tom.

4,442 3
6 June 3, 1947

Hogwarts was behind me now, and my future was ahead.  Aunt H had died and today I was headed for the Ministry of Magic for the will reading.  I had heard that Tom was working in Diagon Alley somewhere, so I wanted to go and look for him there as well.  I hope I find him; I haven't heard from since he graduated, which was two years ago.  Perhaps we'll meet today, but only the Fates know for sure.

9,314 4
7 June 6, 1947

“Welcome to your new home, Eva.” Even though I guessed this was where we were going to stay, hearing the words come from his mouth made it suddenly unreal. “We…we’re living together?”  His eyes squinted as the sun shone a bright ‘good-morning’ into them. He detested it. “What else did you expect?" I took a deep breath and let it go. So it was all real, all true. Five years ago, I would have given anything to live with Tom Marvolo Riddle.  Five years from now, I would feel the same.

7,976 5
8 July 3, 1947

Tom hasn’t told me exactly who we are going to visit, but I can get a clue. If Tom wants me to wear garlic and fast for a week so I look skinny, we are obviously going to see vampires. I had never met a vampire before, but I was always interested in them at Hogwarts. I supposed that Tom was trying to recruit them into his world domination scheme. They did seem like good candidates, since they killed enemies and created allies in one swift bite.

5,306 0
9 July 4, 1947

Expecto Patronum!” I bellowed.
And this time a small silver creature flew out. I was ecstatic that it had worked. A small silvery mongoose looked back up at us, patiently waiting for its command. I beamed at Tom, who looked a little dumbstruck.
“I-I didn’t expect you to make one. But…this is good. You know, if I wasn’t absolutely sure that you were in love with me, which I am, I would think you were my mortal enemy. Your Patronus – it's a mongoose. They’re the only animals that kill snakes for fun."

7,425 1
10 November 1, 1947

Yesterday was my birthday. Tom even remembered. I was happy that he had. My so-called present was letting me have the day off from searching out in the forest for the damned diadem like we had every day. Of course, I couldn’t complain too much. I made sure we had a break at least every Sunday. The main reason I did that was so I could keep track of the weeks and months I had been here. Although it had only been four months, it had seemed like more than a year since I had been home. But this was my home now.

4,749 1
11 December 31, 1947

 I watched as Tom said a curse that sent a piece of the kitchen counter flying off, barely missing me. I stared at the broken wood pieces on the ground and thought of what would happen if it had hit me in my face. Tom was so reckless and uncaring sometimes. I turned to glare at him. However, standing in front of me, was not one Tom but two.

5,515 1
12 February 24, 1948

The vampire lord eyed him with a humorous look on his face. He put one hand on his hip and pointed his other hand at Tom as if he was about to lecture him. "You want to start a war, a world-wide war might I add, but you're not even a soldier. Do you know what war is? Have you ever killed someone?"

6,974 0
13 June 13, 1948

I was surprised then ecstatic when I had first heard about going to the Macnairs' wedding in France. I honestly couldn't keep myself from smiling all morning, knowing we were actually going to go out and be with normal humans

6,263 0
14 June 13, 1948, cont.

Tom POV: What was the point of weddings? Two people wanting to prove their love? It seemed so foolish. Perhaps it was some sort of societal decree that accepted a man and a woman to have sex. Like that wasn't happening already. No, I had to remember that these people lived through lineages. Marriages were the legal way to create more purebloods. No one ever had the intelligence to become immortal so they had to make sure their name through their children would live on.

7,444 9
15 October 16, 1948

Today was Sunday, and we were going out to practice magic. Ever since the wedding, Tom had been studying with me, one on one, advanced magic that he had learned. I don't know what made him suddenly decide to do this, and I didn't have the heart to ask for fear he might end the lessons altogether. Regardless, I was terribly pleased that we had been spending more time together and that I was putting more of my brain to work. 

7,170 3
16 October 17, 1948

 Before my eyes, I saw Lord Tympanios appear in the chair at the desk as the moonlight from the windows shone over him. His face was flushed with color, and his dark eyes were much calmer than when I had seen him last. His laughter diminished, and his thick eyebrows were raised, waiting for us to answer him. I glanced at Tom. He was giving a small bow, and I followed the suite, giving the vampire lord a curtsy.

9,867 1
17 September 14, 1723

 "There is a story I want to tell you. Vampires love telling stories, since we know so many. Most of all, we love spinning lies about ourselves. However, what I am going to tell you is a true story. Are you ready?" I nodded excitedly. I had no idea what she was going to tell me.

6,840 0


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