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Dumbledore, Lupin, Snape, Sirius, Lily, James, Arthur, Molly, Regulus, OC
Primary Relationship
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Drama, Romance, Action/Adventure
Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
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First Published
2007-09-05 3:57pm
Last Chapter
2007-11-11 4:24pm
Last Updated
2007-11-11 4:44pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Preface


732 17
2 The wedding

In a tux, tall and broad-shouldered, his longish black locks falling elegantly into his mesmerizing grey eyes which were glistening slightly with happy tears, he stood out from everybody else so much that it seemed like he was too beautiful to be real; like he’d disappear in a puff of smoke any second, and Rachel would realize she was only dreaming.

2,270 9
3 Reaching for the stars

In my dreams I'll always see you
Soar above the sky
In my heart there'll always be a place
For you for all my life
I'll keep a part of you with me
And everywhere I am
There you'll be
And everywhere I am
There you'll be

2,293 10
4 Halloween

She heaved herself out of the bed, stumbled across the room and reached for the light switch, pressing it with trembling fingers.
“No … oh please, no …”

2,075 15
5 Nightmare

The minister rang a bell and seconds later a house elf had entered the room. “Please take Miss Potter outside,” Bagnold said without looking up.
Rachel slowly followed the house elf, her eyes downcast. “Black,” she mumbled. “Sirius …”

But Sirius was far, far away.

2,173 9
6 Twelve years

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” A familiar voice spoke from behind her.
Rachel’s heart stumbled and went into shock and her head whirled around. Deep, fathomless grey eyes were staring right into hers.
Her fingertips slipped off the balustrade.

2,742 19
7 Escaped from Azkaban

She swayed and tumbled to the floor, her eyes falling closed, exhaustion overwhelming her.
But her soul was light with happiness, even as she slipped into unconsciousness.
Sirius was back.

2,373 12
8 Searching for Sirius

She hurried to the Whomping willow and through the tunnel until she was inside the Shrieking Shack, clinging to the tingling sensation inside of her that told her that he was still near.
Disappointment slowly started to fill her.
He wasn’t looking for her.

3,092 9
9 The Marauder's Map

Rachel knew that what she was doing was wrong, selfish, egoistical and completely inexcusable, but she just couldn’t help herself.
She knew that she should have just left the Shrieking Shack and gone back to the Order, even if it meant she might never see Sirius again. She knew it would have been the right thing to just leave and not get Sirius into any more danger than he was in anyway.
But she didn’t. She couldn’t.

2,046 5
10 Sirius

He stepped backwards, raising a hand slightly as if gesturing for her to stay away. And then he spoke – his voice croaky, raspy, yet easily recognizable for the velvet, soft one it was.

2,533 10
11 In the cave

Rachel shot up in bed from a nervous sleep, her eyes moving towards the door.
It was almost a year after Sirius had escaped from Azkaban. A year of which she had spent more than half at Dorcas’, worrying herself senseless, without news, without anything happening.
And now, someone was knocking at her door in the middle of the night.
“Rachel, please open the door – it’s Albus Dumbledore.”

2,604 10
12 Grimmauld Place

The cat was still sitting in front of the curtains, scrutinizing them carefully, but apparently perfectly unbothered by the screaming. It scratched its neck, yawned, then resumed to stare at the old fabric, completely immune to the screams echoing through the room.
There was no better word for it. The cat was simply cool.

2,248 10
13 Lost love

“Why won’t you answer? I’ll tell you something, Sirius. I love you. I do. I love you just like I’ve always loved you. And I don’t know what the matter is with you. But I’m not giving up on you.”
He stared at her, his face hard, controlled.
“Rachel, I want you to leave”, he said finally.
“Not before you look me in the eye and tell me that you don’t love me.”

2,135 12
14 Harry

“Harry?” she whispered.

He didn’t respond. In fact, he didn’t seem to pay attention to her at all – his eyes were looking right through her as if she wasn’t even there. He was looking at the wizards surrounding them, and apparently someone had said something for he suddenly hurried forwards.
For a second, Rachel felt weirdly cold and lost feel of her body for just a moment – as if a bucket of icy cold water had been poured down on her, and she shivered slightly as Harry walked right through her.

2,058 13
15 Broken

The door of Number 12 was ripped open before she even had the time to knock. There stood Sirius, his body tensed up, his face pale with worry and anger, the reason for which she couldn’t explain.

2,085 20
16 Gone

Quickening her pace, she hurried through the hall and up the stairs, her heart still beating abnormally fast. She took a quick look in all the rooms except the bedroom, feeling irrationally scared of checking the bedroom, where Sirius surely was, sleeping ....
“Sirius? Sirius?

2,178 19
17 The Department of Mysteries

She whimpered. “He is not dead,” she croaked. “He can’t be … he is my Sirius … my Sirius…”
“He fell through the veil in the Department of Mysteries,” she heard Remus said, his voice full of sadness. “No one survives that.”
The veil …

1,729 16
18 Beyond the veil

She could feel her body again, and for moment, she felt like she was hanging in space, with nothing below or above or anywhere near her. Then she suddenly fell forward, through something that felt like silk, and crashed on something hard.
This just doesn’t feel like death …

3,403 19
19 At the Burrow

“Look at it this way – we’ll be back at Hogwarts tomorrow …” Ron said, trying to sound soothing.
“Yeah right. That’s even worse. They’re following me around everywhere!”
Ron couldn’t hide a grin.
“That’s not funny!” Harry snapped.

2,193 15
20 The other Sirius

Rachel waited.
Surely she couldn’t stay unaffected when he smiled at her like that. Not after she hadn’t seen that smile directed at her in years. Not with all she felt for Sirius.
She waited.

2,098 8
21 The basics of Healing

Neville looked exasperated. His lips were pressed together as he whirled around to face the students, who, Rachel realized, were following him.
“Leave me alone!” he yelled angrily, “I am not giving out autographs! That idiot Malfoy lied!”
Whistles from the group. A Hufflepuff girl managed to get through to Neville and Rachel heard her ask him to sign her bra in a breathy voice.

3,052 11
22 Reunited

“Don’t leave me, Sirius, please don’t leave me …”
He nuzzled her neck. “I’m not going anywhere.”

3,516 10
23 The mystery of Regulus Black

James still seemed to be lost in memories. “We’re Animagi, do you know that?” he said absentmindedly. “Did it for Moony ... to be with him on the full moons. That was when we started calling us by our nicknames – Prongs, Padfoot, Moony and Crookshanks.”
Rachel’s head snapped up. “Crookshanks?”

3,098 13
24 Collapse

“Oh Sirius …” she gasped, her red eyes fixed on the white face of the one person she truly cared about, “please … don’t leave me … I love you … don’t … go …”
The door snapped shut behind them, but Rachel didn’t even turn. Only when a soft voice spoke did she realize someone else was in the room.
“He’s not gone yet,” the someone said.

2,431 14
25 Through the portrait

She just stared at Sirius, praying that maybe, they did still have a chance. A small, tiny flicker of hope she was clinging to.
Regulus dragged them through the hall until they had reached the portrait of Mrs Black. He pushed the curtains aside in a swift motion.
“Scum! Blood-traitors!”

1,826 16
26 Epilogue

This is where our story ends.

786 37


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