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Hermione, Draco
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2007-09-05 12:30am
Last Chapter
2011-07-02 8:18pm
Last Updated
2011-07-02 8:18pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Last Words and a Beginning

On her way to the final battle, Hermione comes upon a woman in desperate need of her help. She makes this woman a promise that will soon change her life entirely. 

1,480 22
2 A Great Leap Forward

She felt like a shadow of a person. Left behind, as the whole world seemed to take a giant leap forward. She couldn’t understand how so many could be so happy and so free – she was still firmly planted in the world where war wrecked havoc on everyone’s lives, and innocent people died for no reason. 

3,404 12
3 Not Possible

Two months after the final battle, Hermione is having some peculiar feelings... most of them not so subtle and ending with her head in the toilet.

3,444 9
4 A Promise Fulfilled

Hermione makes an emergency visit to Dumbledore to discuss her growing suspicions.

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1,673 11
5 An Unknown Beyond

    Hermione hopes that her visit to St. Mungo's will put her at ease. But will it do just the opposite? Is she in for the shock of her life?

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3,319 20
6 Not Unhappy

It's time for Hermione to tell her best friends her newfound secret. Meanwhile, Dumbledore struggles with the important decision that could ultimately affect Hermione's life forever.

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2,127 32
7 Dumbledore's Surprise

It's time to say goodbye to the Burrow and return to Hogwarts. Hermione finds heading off to school to be starkly different from all the prior years. This year, she's Head Girl, pregnant and has survived a war. However, there's still one person she's not particularly looking forward to see... 

3,651 25
8 Not So Pleasant Goodnights

Hermione gets an explanation from Dumbledore... how satisfying this explanation is remains in question. As far as how the Head Boy and Girl like their new living arrangements, it seems that Draco and Hermione are in for an unpleasant goodnight.
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1,992 22
9 A Close Call

It's the first day of school and Hermione and Draco are already off to an interesting start. Hermione arranges for them to meet to discuss Head matters, but after he saves her from a possible baby-bump discovery, will she be inclined to stand him up?

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3,489 24
10 More Than Civil Behavior

First Saturday of term and Hermione has a busy day planned. First off there's Hogsmeade with Harry, Ron and Ginny, then St. Mungo's with Astrid and finally patrol with Malfoy.

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4,429 78
11 Falling

It's Hermione's 18th birthday and the day will be full of coming-of-age revelations and her very first hormonal meltdown.

5,112 43
12 Mistrust and Misdemeanors

After the shocking conversation from weeks before, Hermione is desperate to get Draco to acknowledge her again.

4,880 30
13 It's A Date

Hogwarts prepares for the Halloween season and the Head Boy and Girl hear word of a party being thrown in the Room of Requirement. Will they be able to agree what to do about it?

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2,356 20
14 Flutters of Realization

It's Halloween at Hogwarts and Hermione finds herself being accompanied to the Halloween costume party by none other than a Mr. Draco Malfoy.

2,771 21
15 Secrets Stumbled Upon

As Winter approaches, the two Heads are greeted with a surprise task set to them by Professor McGonagall. Will they unite and conquer or divide and fall?

4,790 30
16 The Wintertime Waltz

It's the night of the waltz and the culmination of the two Heads' month of hard work. Through it all, could Hermione and Draco really have ended up as friends?

5,293 40
17 Christmas

Christmas has descended upon Hogwarts and it's time to take the train home for the holidays. What will happen in the aftermath of the unexpected kiss?

5,435 28
18 Revelations

 It's Christmas Eve and something unexpected is just around the corner.

4,431 60


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