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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Neville, Luna, Ginny
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Drama, Romance, Action/Adventure
Strong Language, Strong Violence, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers
Story Reviews
First Published
2007-09-03 9:26pm
Last Chapter
2009-12-29 3:24am
Last Updated
2009-12-29 3:24am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Prologue

In which Ginny tries to think of a way to help Harry through the upcoming quest.

1,676 17
2 Dumbledore's Last Request

In which Ginny receives a letter and makes a promise to herself.  *This is the chapter with the kiss!*

5,935 19
3 The Wedding

In which Bill and Fleur are married and Harry leaves the scene.

6,916 21
4 Plans

In which Ginny sets several ideas in motion and begins her part in the resistance movement.

3,677 17
5 Secret Meeting

In which Ginny meets with her fighters for the first time.

5,146 19
6 Another Secret Meeting

In which Ginny makes contact with Neville and Luna to make plans for the coming year.

4,458 13
7 Love and Pain

In which Tonks and remus pay the Weasleys a visit.

3,080 21
8 Caught in the Act

In which the Order discovers the existence of the SD and Ginny is uncovered at its 'boss'.

5,761 17
9 Potterwatch

In which Ginny listens to the first broadcast of Potterwatch and makes herself a promise.

5,207 15
10 The New Regime

In which Ginny returns to Hogwarts and discovers who will be her allies and who will be her enemies.

5,541 15
11 Ministry

In which Ginny gets involved in Harry's business.

3,472 18
12 Meeting

In which Ginny meets with the DA for the first time.

5,345 14
13 Professors and Potterwatch Again

In which Dumbledore's Army hears the news of the Ministry and Ginny makes plans with Professor McGonagall.

2,446 10
14 The House Elves' Domain

In which Ginny goes to the kitchens and meets up with an old friend.

3,849 14
15 Honeydukes and the Shrieking Shack

In which Ginny has several meetings to attend.

5,547 12
16 Raid in the Dungeons

In which Ginny executes her first plan for the DA and comes up against a few difficulties.

4,047 13
17 Nightmare

A short chapter about Ginny's worst fears.

1,433 22
18 Questions and a Double Dose

In which Ginny comes face-to-face with Snape for the first time.

3,945 19
19 Caught and Released

In which Ginny experiences the new style of punishment at Hogwarts--at least for a while.

4,300 14
20 A Crazy Idea

In which Ginny has a very strange encounter with Snape and comes up with a daring and dangerous plan.

3,642 12
21 Thieves in the Night

In which Ginny, Neville, and Luna attempt to steal the Sword of Gryffindor from Snape's office.

7,494 20
22 Spy

In which Ginny goes after the spy in Dumbledore's Army, and learns something shocking.

7,183 2
23 Nosebleed Nougat and Lemon Meringue Pie

In which Ginny finishes her work with DA's spy, but still doesn't have time for dessert.

7,677 4
24 Fears

In which Ginny faces much worse than she'd expected in the Dark Forest.

6,885 3
25 Weasley Worries

In which Ginny fends off the worries of her family and discovers some new things to worry about herself.

5,629 2
26 At St. Mungo's

In which Ginny has to visit the hospital in reaction to an SD emergency.

4,291 3
27 The Girl in the Basement

In which Ginny enters a Death Eater's playground and makes a unique new friend.

5,051 3
28 Confrontation

In which Ginny discovers a few shocking truths and is unsure of how to deal with them.

6,801 2
29 Capture and Trap

In which Ginny is reckless in an attempt to save a friend and comes to regret it, and a dark secret is revealed.

8,012 3
30 Prisoner

In which Ginny has to decide whether to trust Lizzie or to try and escape the Death Eaters on her own.

3,307 2
31 Trial

In which Lizzie tells her story before the Order and SD.

4,947 1
32 A Family Christmas

In which matters between Ginny and Molly come to a head.

9,126 23
33 The Lost Brother

In which Ginny confronts Ron and tells him exactly what she thinks of him.

8,398 16
34 What Is Most Important

In which Snape accidently reveals that he is hiding something important from Ginny.

6,905 13
35 The Way is Shut I

In which Ginny has a bit of difficulty in Hogsmeade and makes a terrible slip.

3,025 5
36 The Way is Shut II

In which Roger takes the fall for Ginny's mistakes, and the Carrows are triumphant.

4,286 11
37 Dangerous Is What I Do

In which Ginny is determined not to be left out of a daring plan for a rescue.

4,213 11
38 An Eventful Night

In which Ginny goes on a daring rescue and places herself in far more danger than she could have guessed.

4,824 12
39 Chartreuse?

In which Ginny goes into hiding with her brother and Lizzie and sees that matters between them are not as they were.

6,101 11
40 Arguments and Awkwardness

In which Lizzie wakes up and Charlie makes her very angry, and Ginny hears some very bad news.

6,073 18
41 Terror

In which Ginny fears the worst for Harry's fate and puts herself in danger in order to help him.

4,259 20
42 Sacrifice For Love

In which Ginny makes a very difficult choice in a very difficult situation.

8,598 22
43 To Lie to the Dark Lord

In which Ginny learns Lizzie's motives and a plan is made to escape.

4,179 18
44 Impossible Promises

In which Ginny and Lizzie make their escape from Malfoy Manor.

8,801 29
45 Wilder's Curse

In which Ginny is finally free and reunited with her family, but the shadow of Voldemort's curse and Lizzie's continued captivity hang over them all.

6,635 23
46 Dreams

In which Ginny struggles with an illness caused by a curse, and relives many of her most powerful memories.

5,926 26
47 New Beginnings

In which Ginny returns, and the Order finds more than one reason to celebrate.

6,743 24
48 Clarion Call

In which Ginny waits for a summons to battle, and hears some news that seems to promise that exact result.

7,645 36
49 Return of the Hero

In which Ginny leads her troops to Hogwarts in answer to the call and finds that her hero is as reluctant as ever to involve others in his dangerous work.

5,988 26
50 The Right to Stand

In which Ginny struggles with her family, her friends, and herself for the right to join the battle.

6,110 19
51 Fear and Loss

In which Ginny joins the battle.

4,988 21
52 Necessary Strength

In which Ginny struggles with grief and fear while working to ensure she does not lose anyone else she loves.

6,932 24
53 Darkest Hour

In which Ginny faces the greatest of her fears and witnesses the end of the last battle against Voldemort.

9,049 9
54 Epilogue: Reunion

In which Ginny and Harry have a chance to speak after the battle, and all is resolved.

6,624 53


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