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    Lupin, Snape, James, Lily, Sirius, Pettigrew, OC
    Primary Relationship
    Secondary Relationship(s)
    James/Lily, OC/OC, Snape/OC
    Drama, Humor, Romance
    Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers
    Story Reviews
    First Published
    2007-08-26 10:09am
    Last Chapter
    2011-10-13 1:16pm
    Last Updated
    2011-10-13 1:16pm

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    Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
    1 One

    Anna Bea Parker was her name. A normal girl, who had lived a fairly normal life in Notting Hill. She had only been 5 years old when her mum had died of cancer. Her dad didn't want Anna to watch as her mum took her last breaths, so Anna had said her final goodbyes to her dear mummy and went to her swing where she had sat, wondering why mummy had to go. She never asked dad why mum wanted to go, she had never really understood that she had been sick. To Anna, her mum had always been so pretty.

    2,729 32
    2 Two

    "I hate Muggle transportation," Fenwick had growled. "Non-magical people, like your dad," he had explained when Anna had opened her mouth.

    2,782 16
    3 Three

    Anna stared at the solid brick wall. Fenwick had told her to just run through the barrier. What a stupid thing to say! But when Anna had seen a blonde girl walk through it with her parents, she gained just enough confidence to make a run for it

    2,789 15
    4 Four

    She almost let out a scream as she heard a voice inside of her head; "Well, well, well, Anna Parker... I knew your mother, yes, yes, a very charming woman, she was... A Gryffindor - by heart, she was. You would do great in Slytherin like she..."

    3,310 12
    5 Five

    They walked in silence, and Anna didn't even question where they were going, as Severus opened a door; revealing a staircase. Anna walked up the stairs and pushed the door open.

    2,203 12
    6 Six

    "Well, well, well," came a sly voice, making Anna's bad temper come up. Something, only one person had made worse through all the years. "Isn't it the golden girls!" Sirius Black said, pushing back his dark hair as the girls turned around.

    3,067 19
    7 Seven

    For the last fifteen minutes, Anna had got a short flash back of her many, many, many fights at Hogwarts - most of them with Sirius - but never had she punched him.

    2,843 13
    8 Eight

    "That is correct, Jones, ten points to Ravenclaw," Fenwick said, his blue eyes peering at them. "This is not about who gets rid of the Boggart the fastest - or faces the worst Boggart," he said. "This is about facing your worst fear..."

    2,099 10
    9 Nine

    "Well," Anna said shrugging. "It's always nice to see someone make a fool of oneself in the sake of love, even if it may humiliate the other person too."

    2,441 12
    10 Ten

    James had just held one of his lamest prep speeches ever, and had caused Sirius to fall asleep - using Anna's back as a pillow, mind you - and Anna's thoughts were everywhere else than int he game against Slytherin.

    3,941 11
    11 Eleven

    She felt someone stare at her, and she closed her eyes, placing the brush down on the table in front of her. "Look, I really don't feel like talking about it anymore--" she said, opening her eyes to meet either Cat or Lily's eyes through the mirror - but instead saw Sirius Black stand at the door, his hand grasped around something she couldn't see.

    3,642 12
    12 Twelve

    "So," Lily said, looking nervously at Anna. "What's wrong? You clearly needed to talk with us. We saw you at the Three Broomsticks, Anna," she explained before Anna could even ask.

    2,835 15
    13 Thirteen

    "We're supposed to hate each other!" Anna said loudly. "You don't walk around insulting people, being rude to them, attacking their friends for no good reason, and then just kiss them and think it's all fine! How do I know you won't give me a cold shoulder tomorrow again, huh!?"

    4,104 17
    14 Fourteen

    Gossip runs fast, atleast at Hogwarts. Soon enough, the entire school was aware of the small incident between Anna and Sirius, and about the fact that Cat's sister, Marlene McKinnon, was coming to Howarts as a new Professor - or was she?

    2,669 13
    15 Fifteen

    Marlene McKinnon had been Head Girl when she was at Hogwarts. She was the sweetheart everyone liked, and had always been protective of her younger sister. She had hoped for Cat to be sorted into Ravenclaw as well, but hadn't complained when Cat had become a Gryffindor. Anything else but Slytherin was good.

    2,326 13
    16 Sixteen

    "We're going shopping, and shopping, and shopping, and shopping, woohoo!" Cat sang, pushing younger students out of her way as they made their way down to Hogsmeade.

    2,697 18
    17 Seventeen

    "Oh dear..."

    1,490 13
    18 Eighteen

    "Shut up, Sirius!" Anna said harshly. "There's nothing you can tell me to make it undone! Six years of hell - six years! - can you seriously think of anything to say that would make it better!?"

    2,935 7
    19 Nineteen

    "Good," Anna sighed. "Tell me," she started, as Sirius turned his gaze to her. "Are you an animagus?"

    2,082 14
    20 Twenty

    "Stop shouting, Lils!" Cat complained from her bed, pulling her covers over her head. "You're making the building crash dooooown..." she moaned.

    1,950 13
    21 Twenty-One

    "Oh, they'll never guess so I'll tell them!" Cat said when Anna and Sirius opened their mouths. "We saw Marlene and Fenwick snogging on our way to breakfast!"

    2,998 7
    22 Twenty-Two

    "Will you shut up for a moment?" he asked quietly, sending her a cold glare and she slowly sunk on the desk, her arms still crossed. "Surely you must know that she was a Slytherin, am I correct?"

    2,592 15
    23 Twenty-Three

    Fenwick stared at Sirius for a while, before shifting his eyes back to Anna, and arched one brow at her. "I'm disappointed with you," he said, and turned around to walk back to the castle.

    3,101 7
    24 Twenty-Four

    "I care," Anna muttered. "I want to do this right, Sirius - for once in my life, let me do the right thing, okay?"

    3,776 12
    25 Twenty-Five

    "We haven't even been apart for a whole day, dear Lily," Anna gasped, trying to pry Lily's arms off of her. "Where's Cat?" she asked, looking quizzically at James.

    3,089 10
    26 Twenty-Six

    "G'morning, beautiful," came a deep voice, which made Anna open her eyes quickly. "It's Christmas!" he whispered excitedly, a wide grin plastered on his handsome face. He almost looked like a child - almost.

    4,102 10
    27 Twenty-Seven

    Lily lowered her head, and nodded slowly, as if she was giving up. "All right, then... I tried. Well, I just... I just dropped by to tell you that we're opening the presents in a moment. You coming?"

    3,362 5
    28 Twenty-Eight

    For a moment, Anna was worrying about shoes. But on second thought... that would probably be too much. As she walked barefoot back to her room, she automatically touched the necklace she was wearing, and smiled a bit.

    2,713 15
    29 Twenty-Nine

    They were all up in the air now, Lily more or less steady. Anna held her eyes tightly on Sirius, who smirked at her, as James aimed his wand toward the Quaffle on the ground.

    2,618 13
    30 Thirty

    "Get over yourself, Black," Anna laughed, shoving him away as she stood up. "Not a kiss before midnight!" she called over her shoulder, and rushed upstairs.

    2,144 10
    31 Thirty-One

    "Get your coats, girls," Anna said quietly, never looking away from the trees. "We're going to the forest."

    3,480 16
    32 Thirty-Two

    Trees don't just fall over like that. There's always something making them fall - more or less to do with the nature.

    2,902 7
    33 Thirty-Three

    It all seemed so far away.

    3,485 6
    34 Thirty-Four

    Anna dangled her legs with a bored expression, waiting for Remus and Dumbledore to accompany her back to Hogwarts. She had tried to convince them both that she could arrive to the castle on her own, but they hadn't exactly bought her story.

    3,376 5
    35 Thirty-Five

    "You gave up on him," James whispered, his voice so weak and fragile that Anna had to look at him twice just to confirm this was the same arrogant and strong James Potter she knew.

    4,004 4
    36 Thirty-Six

    When Anna entered the class room, she realized what a bad idea it had been.

    3,087 6
    37 Thirty-Seven

    "A misfortunate cloud is hanging over your head, m'dear!" she predicted, pointing a shaky finger at her, as James snorted loudly, only to be silenced by Lily's annoyed glare.

    3,452 5
    38 Thirty-Eight

    "Look," James started with a sigh, and looked over at Anna. "I know he said that he's over you and all, and that he doesn't love you, but... Anna, he'll never be over a girl like you."

    3,020 4
    39 Thirty-Nine

    Black was her favourite colour, and her family was non-existent for all she cared, just in case he had asked.

    2,972 15
    40 Forty

    And just as Anna thought things were starting to get better, reality hit her hard in the face like a Bludger.

    3,475 8
    41 Forty-One

    "You loved me," he insisted, and stared at her intently. "And I know you did, because you wouldn't have been so open, so real, if you hadn't."

    2,929 7
    42 Forty-Two

    It was a sunny Saturday afternoon, and Anna sat between Lily and Alice in the Gryffindor stands, watching the last Quidditch game of the year, Gryffindor vs. Hufflepuff. It hadn't been that important for the girls, until they had realized they would never again return to the stands.

    2,655 5
    43 Forty-Three

    "Because my life wasn't perfect!" Anna cried out, and flinched slightly at her own tone. She wasn't even aware of the tears running down her cheeks, until she tasted the salt on her own lips. "And it still isn't!"

    3,049 8
    44 Forty-Four

    "To my great pleasure, fellow students of Hogwarts," Severus continued, unmoved by his horrible balance. "I can proudly say that we have a 'furry little problem' in this school."

    2,767 12
    45 Forty-Five

    Anna sat in the armchair in front of the fire, staring at the flames without blinking. She heard Sirius and Anya murmur at the table behind her, but she ignored it. All she needed right now was some alone time, but they wouldn't give her that.

    Alone time, and Alex.

    3,520 18
    46 Forty-Six

    "I've done my fair share of considering," Anna said. "And I don't want to have anything to do with the Ministry."

    3,412 14
    47 Forty-Seven

    Anna blushed deeply, as she realized she stood in her underwears in front of the half-naked Sirius, with her current boyfriend nearby. She brushed her hair behind her ear, and blinked, as Sirius leaned closer, and closer...

    2,996 7
    48 Forty-Eight

    Once again, it gave her stomach a wild jolt...

    3,047 18
    49 Forty-Nine

    Who even wanted to date a walking disaster?

    3,178 8
    50 Fifty

    Anna's hand clutched something around her neck. Something, that kept pulling her down, like guilt. Something, she had once loved, but now couldn't even look at properly. Yet, being the self-proclaimed masochist she was, Anna had decided to wear it anyway.

    2,951 15
    51 Fifty-One

    Anna watched James and Lily dance, almost hoping she could be Lily. Lily had the perfect life now; she had a man who loved her, she was getting married, and the future looked so bright for her.

    2,398 10
    52 Fifty-Two

    Anna stared blankly ahead from where she was sitting, squeezed in between Sarah Oz from Ravenclaw, and Peter Pettigrew. Fortunately, James was seated on Peter's other side, so she wasn't entirely abandoned.

    3,245 13
    53 Fifty-Three

    The letter was wrinkled on the floor, abandoned. Anna was slumped against the wall, tears running wildly down her flushed cheeks. She had never felt so torn, or broken. As if her heart was made to be ripped out over and over again, only to be healed, and then ripped out again.

    3,139 5
    54 Fifty-Four

    Final chapter - Merry Christmas, and a happy New Year to everyone :)

    3,103 54


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