Sprout, Draco, OC
Humor, AU
Mild Language, Mild Violence, Substance Use or Abuse
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First Published
2007-08-21 14:21:34
Last Published Chapters
2008-06-06 05:07:08
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2008-06-06 05:07:08
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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 The boy who was livid

The Malfoys get some suprising news...

1225 6
2 The vanishing grass

Two Muggle girls take a trip to the zoo...

1854 5
3 Letters from Fudge

The Helene and Kimble receive an odd proposal...

1434 2
4 Owen

The girls get some explanations...

1272 3
5 Gringotts and goblins

Owen takes the girls to the bank...

1682 3
6 Darling and Deer

Helene and Kimble face criminal charges...

2383 3
7 Diagon Alley (again)

Owen finally gives them an explanation

863 4
8 the journey from platform 9 3/4

Helene and Kimble on the train to Hogwarts...

1811 2
9 Who drives the Hogwarts Express?

Helene gets inquisitive and the duo take a trip to the driver's quarters...

1304 3
10 The sorting

What house will the sorting hat place two muggle girls in?

1341 3
11 Hogwarts

Helene and Kimble's first day at Hogwarts

1344 2
12 Midnight Message

Kimble sneaks out of the dorm to meet Helene, but someone tries to stop her...

1316 2
13 Midnight Meeting

Kimble meets Helene only to learn about a stranger from their past is roaming around Hogwarts...

1882 2
14 Leon Crowe

Helene meets the infamous Leon Crowe...

2389 2
15 Detention

Helene and Leon suffer their punishment at the hands of Filch and a tree that likes to bit back...

1926 3
16 Placing the blame

Leon gets an earful for showing a glimpse of friendliness, while Helene can talk non-stop about their encounter the previous evening...

1082 1
17 Birthday Blues

It's Helene's birthday, but suprisingly there are no plot points looming in the hallways as they meet for a midnight tradition. However, there are poltergeists and creepy caretakers lingering in the corridors...

1638 4


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