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Hermione, Dumbledore, Draco, OC, OtherCanon
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
OC/OC, Other Pairing
Drama, General, Romance
Strong Language, Mild Violence, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
Story Reviews
First Published
2007-08-20 5:25pm
Last Chapter
2008-10-10 6:51pm
Last Updated
2009-12-12 11:43am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 A Promising Year

Just when Maria thought everything was as she had left it the previous year, she sees him. It puzzles her as she starts a new year that seems very promising.

1,080 5
2 Night Walk

This first week of school ends with a surprise neither Maria nor Draco expected.

807 5
3 Words and a Bag

It's the Quidditch try-outs and Malfoy isn't on his best behaviour.

1,202 4
4 Calming Draught

To Maria's irritation, Malfoy gets troublesome and she pays the cost.

1,579 1
5 Disturbance in the Corridor

The duo serves detention and welcomes a sudden visitor.

1,024 2
6 Exposed

Draco Malfoy's thoughts are slowly clearing up; meanwhile, Maria worries more and more.

1,206 1
7 Room of Requirement

Doubts arise in Maria's mind as she shares her burden with Hermione.

1,076 1
8 The Exception

Quidditch fever slowly makes its way to the Ravenclaw team; meanwhile, Maria and Hermione discuss what strange events have occurred.

1,188 1
9 Ravenclaw Vs Hufflepuff

Ravenclaw plays against Hufflepuff and emotions run high, especially the captain's.

1,498 2
10 Moaning Myrtle

Maria considers Davies' offer and makes an interesting and very revealing encounter in the bathroom.

1,018 0
11 Lies and Choice

Malfoy thinks about his past. On her side, Maria is quick to raise her voice - even in the library...!

1,447 4
12 Hogsmeade

Maria finally goes on her date with Davies. However, a definitely unneeded eavesdropper surprises the merry couple in Hogsmeade.

1,484 1
13 Half-Blooded Prince

Maria lends a hand to Hermione concerning the mysterious Half-Blood Prince and they discuss the previous day's events.

2,105 1
14 Dementors

Maria makes a special encounter in a cold - and disturbed - Hogsmeade as she slowly etches towards her interlocutor.

1,966 0
15 Dumbledore, Gifts and Conversation

Dumbledore shares his advice and explanations with Maria as Christmas feeling settles in the castle. Davies surprises her with something special... and so does Malfoy.

3,228 1
16 Painful Questions

The Christmas holidays unfold as more and more questions bother Maria. Back at school, tension is slowly building up... leaving both of them confused.

1,769 0
17 Help!

It's Maria second Quidditch match and this time she's playing against Slytherin. An unfortunate instant of clumsiness makes her realize something that she's not quite ready to acknowledge.

2,331 1
18 One Big Mess

Maria visits Malfoy in the hospital wing, and an inevitable exchange of mysterious information leads to her puzzlement.

1,614 0
19 Badly Cursed

Maria and Hermione prepare their last resort plan, much to Maria's dismay. Meanwhile, Draco is twarthed by his many dilemmas and unsolved matters.

1,160 1
20 Veritaserum

Maria gives Malfoy the long awaited Veritaserum and is only puzzled by its strange and most unusual results. Luna and Hermione give Maria their views on her 'problem' as Malfoy is left raging.

2,329 1
21 Sectumsempra

Harry's mistake leads to not only a Hufflepuff victory against Gryffindor, but also to a worried and unsure Maria.

2,255 1
22 Making Things Personal

It's back to the daily hospital wing visits for Maria as things heat up with both Davies and Malfoy...

2,256 0
23 What To Do?

Maria and Malfoy meet as she slowly starts putting all the pieces of the puzzle together.

1,538 1
24 Making Decisions

Malfoy makes two important decisions while Maria racks her brain on his behalf. Mixed emotions inevitably surface during these hard, confusing times.

3,347 2
25 Draco's Shield

Maria finally uncovers certain things about Draco.

1,798 0
26 Huge Mistake

Maria and Draco hit a wall; anger, fury and frustration finally bring Maria back to her senses.

1,481 1
27 Malfoy's Request

The Easter Holidays turn out to be disastrous for Maria; Malfoy decides it's time to get things moving.

1,257 1
28 Terror in Hogsmeade

A terrifying accident in Hogsmeade leads to great apprehension and helps both of them find reason in their tortured hearts.

2,215 1
29 Wild Week

A gust of fresh rumors explode and take over the castle.

1,851 1
30 Draco's Story

Draco surprises Maria with an unexpected gift and finally consents to share with her his troubled past.

3,018 1
31 Saviour

A surprise encounter awaits Maria and Draco in the dark and deserted corridors...

1,601 1
32 Hermione's Thanks

Hermione corners Maria and they talk about Draco. The next day, the pair spends time together.

2,164 0
33 Senseless

Hermione questions Draco... Hufflepuff plays Slytherin and the next day, Maria stumbles upon an unwelcome visitor in the Dark Forest...

2,611 1
34 Dumbledore's Predictions

The aftermath of Maria's encounter in the Dark Forest.

2,340 1
35 Heated Up Match

The pair spends some quality time in the library and the last Quidditch game of the season is finally played.

2,120 2
36 Beautiful

Maria and Draco spend some time together; which undoubtedly leads to arguments and, of course, romance.

2,834 2
37 The Cue

Exams take place... so does the dreaded plan.

3,063 0
38 The Battle Has Begun

Things start getting messy inside the castle as Draco's company makes an entrance.

1,770 0
39 The Astronomy Tower

The battle ends with a tragedy unforeseen.

2,424 0
40 Why?

The hospital wing hosts a chat as Hermione and Maria, among others, try to decipher Dumbledore's riddles and Lupin reasons with Draco about his future.

2,226 0
41 The Funeral

Dumbledore's funeral takes place and Draco and Maria are faced with its heavy outcome.

1,697 0
42 Goodbyes

Maria shares her plan with Draco as they face their destiny.

3,109 0
43 The End

The end.

696 25


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