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Hagrid, Lupin, Snape, Tonks, Charlie, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
General, Romance, AU
Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Contains Slash (Same-Sex Pairing)
Story Reviews
First Published
2007-08-14 1:24pm
Last Chapter
2008-08-14 9:37am
Last Updated
2008-09-11 9:32pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Chapter 1

Kerri prepares to leave for university : Letters to Hagrid and Charlie, letter recieved from Snape. Journal entry flashing back to Kerri's discovery of her father's identity, the introduction to her half brother, and her struggle to accept it all.

2,528 25
2 Chapter 2

Kerri's journal from her time spent at Spinner's End as she asks questions about her family and begins to bond with her half brother.

3,156 11
3 Chapter 3

Kerri spends three days at Hogwarts, rambling the grounds, helping Hagrid, and receiving advice from Dumbledore. She reflects upon her coming of age, extremely disfunctional family, and her future prospects.

3,025 14
4 Chapter 4

Kerri begins a week long visit to the Burrow and learns that Charlie will not be attending school with her, but plans to go to Romania instead. Kerri and Tonks are introduced to each other and Tonks invites Kerri to share housing arrangements.

2,525 9
5 Chapter 5

Kerri and Mr. Weasley do some unique customizing on his car --Percy's prefect badge is found in the toilet, while Ron's rat is found in a strange sleeping place -- Farewell party for Charlie and Kerri -- Reflections on coming of age.

2,451 12
6 Chapter 6

Kerri settles into her new living arrangement, narrowly saving the house from being burned down when Tonks has a slight accident involving aluminum foil and a microwave. After registering for classes at university,she lands a job at a cauldron factory working alongside the rejects of the magical community, including several rowdy but harmless young werewolves. Kerri meets Remus Lupin for the first time and they immediately become friends.

3,761 12
7 Chapter 7

Letters to Charlie and Hagrid in which she expresses concern about an old friend, Aedennan Quirrel. Kerri meets her boss, Gustav ''Gargantua'' Goyle, an old enemy afrom Hogwarts, whose current mission is to say as many insulting things to she and Remus as he can think of. She begins to wonder if he will ultimately force her to quit her job

3,425 7
8 Chapter 8

Letters to and from Snape. Kerri is pursuaded to pay a visit to the werewolf commune where she gets to know Basil and his friends. While there, she is invited to join a newly formed band that Remus has been roped into managing.

3,879 6
9 Chapter 9

Letters from Charlie, Hagrid, and Snape. Snape discusses his career and expresses his dislike of Harry Potter. Kerri has a run-in with Gilderoy Lockhart, inadvertently catching his eye.

3,551 10
10 Chapter 10

Letters to Charlie, Hagrid, and Snape. Kerri expresses her concern about Quirrel and offers Snape some constructive criticism of his teaching methods. At work, Kerri encounters on the job harassment when the owner's son fills in for Remus on the day before the full moon.

3,268 7
11 Chapter 11

Letters from Snape, Charlie, and Hagrid. Snape expresses his annoyance that Harry Potter has special permission to play on the Gryffindor team. Plans are made for the upcoming practice concert at the werewolf commune. Remus has dinner with Kerri one evening and talks a bit about his time at Hogwarts.

3,622 5
12 Chapter 12

Letters to Charlie, Hagrid and Snape. The practice concert ends in chaos when dementors raid the commune. Kerri and Remus continue to bond as they discuss the significance of their respective patronuses. Kerri is almost expelled from school after a misunderstanding perpetuated by Lockhart

8,209 7
13 Chapter 13

Letters to and from Snape. Kerri receives a letter from Quirrel that she finds alarming, so she forwards it to her brother for his opinion. Kerri and Remus pay a visit to The Burrow. Gustav Goyle offers Kerri a very unwelcome proposition at work.

6,074 8
14 Chapter 14

Snape and Kerri exchange several frantic letters about Quirrel. Hybrid begins gearing up for their first real concert as Tonks begins planning a party. Kerri suggests to Remus that the two of them try teaching her band mates magic in the hope of eventually teaching them to fight dementors.

4,778 5
15 Chapter 15

Letters to Snape and Charlie. Kerri gives her opinion on Voldemort and Quirrel to Snape. Hybrid has it's first concert and Tonks's after concert party gets out of hand. Wanting to avoid the chaos, Kerri spends a peaceful night in company with Remus at his house.

5,617 8
16 Chapter 16

Kerri and Snape exchange letters discussing the Halloween troll incident. On a trip to Merlin's herbology gardens, Kerri encounters a possible way to get revenge on Gustav Goyle. Basil and Brand have their first magic lesson.

5,115 8
17 Chapter 17

Snape asks Kerri if she will visit him over Christmas so he can fill her in on certain events at Hogwarts. Kerri finds herself the victim of two pranks; a long distance one from Charlie, and one by Mel and Streak. She begins to feel a new warmth toward Remus Lupin that she doesn't quite understand.

5,972 9
18 Chapter 18

Letters to Hagrid and Snape. Ginny Weasley responds to Kerri's previous letter requesting assistance with a prank on Charlie. Kerri loses her temper with Gustav Goyle while they are working together on the day of the full moon.

5,018 8
19 Chapter 19

Kerri is demoted for her on the job fight with Gustav Goyle. While she finds that she enjoys being able to work with her old  friends and meet new ones, she feels guilty about taking Remus down with her. And then there is the little matter of the flesh eating slugs to consider.....

3,341 9
20 Chapter 20

Letters from Snape, Hagrid, and Charlie. As Kerri prepares to quit her job and leave for a visit home over the holidays, she continues to make friends and finally gets her revenge on Gustav Goyle. Mr. and Mrs. Weasley come over for dinner.

4,558 7
21 Chapter 21

The beginning of Kerri's three day visit at Hogwarts involves visits with her brother and Hagrid as well as meeting Harry Potter for the first time. There is also the curious matter of the three headed dog in the third floor corridor and a growing sense of unease in relation to her old friend Quirrel.

5,173 11
22 Chapter 22

The second day of Kerri's Hogwarts stay in which she goes to visit Quirrel. Also a flashback to her third year of school.

5,685 8
23 Chapter 23

On the final day of Kerri's Hogwarts visit she and Snape continue to bond. 

(A mercifully short chapter for all of you very patient readers. I wonder how I managed it?)

1,985 10
24 Chapter 24

At home at last, Kerri settles into her surroundings and has a surprising revelation.

4,250 12
25 Chapter 25

Christmas day arrives, and with it letters and gifts from England. Though all are sent with love and much appreciated, Remus's present is the one that Kerri treasures the most.

4,220 10
26 Chapter 26

Kerri returns to England in time to celebrate Snape's thirty-second birthday.

4,212 11
27 Chapter 27

Kerri has a business proposal for Remus and offers to buy wands for the boys. She also finds that she can't shake what she refers to as "inappropriate feelings for Remus".

3,436 7
28 Chapter 28

The trip to Diagon Alley is both fun and illuminating as the boys goof around and end up explaining to Kerri just what it's like to be a werewolf.

6,114 8
29 Chapter 29

Kerri and Tonks have a mild spat. Remus becomes Kerri's business partner and tells her about the second time he met Fenrir Grayback.

4,644 8
30 Chapter 30

Vampire Ryann talks Kerri into flirting with Remus.

4,415 8
31 Chapter 31

Merlin's Valentine Ball is announced, leading Kerri to recall her dance lessons with Quirrel back at Hogwarts.

4,744 7
32 Chapter 32

The boys come to show themselves off to Kerri and Tonks during the full moon and have a few tense moments when they run into Fenrir Grayback.

4,478 10
33 Chapter 33

Remus asks Kerri to the ball.

3,317 8
34 Chapter 34

Kerri's thoughts should be on preparing for the ball but are distracted when the werewolf commune is invaded by dementors yet again.

4,189 6
35 Chapter 35

Kerri and Remus attend the Valentine's Ball, but will what happens afterward ruin their friendship or bring them closer together?

5,131 10
36 Chapter 36

Kerri and Remus try to get their friendship back to normal but find that it won't be so easy. Kerri begins to develop a grudge against the MacNair brothers.

5,626 6
37 Chapter 37

As Kerri begins checking up on the MacNair brothers she begins to wonder about the morality and sanity of her behavior. On top of that, Hybrid gets into an argument with Fenrir Grayback at "The Lair".

4,760 7
38 Chapter 38

A practical joke on Charlie's part gives Kerri a chance to vent some of her feelings about the MacNair brothers. Kerri finds herself the target of prejudice on the part of the leader of another werewolf band.

3,367 2
39 Chapter 39

While Kerri continues to struggle get her feelings for Remus under control, more pressing problems present themselves. A line in one of Quirrel's letters sets off alarm bells and Gilderoy Lockhart becomes a constant pest.

4,694 3
40 Chapter 40

Dinner with Royal and Celestia gives Kerri a chance to get away from the house and Gilderoy Lockhart's constant harassment.

3,568 2
41 Chapter 41

Remus's surprise party has more surprises than one when Gilderoy Lockhart shows up.

4,410 3
42 Chapter 42

In the midst of pre-Easter exam stress, Kerri starts to feel something is wrong between she and Remus but can't quite put her finger on it.  Meanwhile, another long talk with Snape about Quirrel results in plans for Kerri to pay her former friend another visit.

3,438 2
43 Chapter 43

During Easter holiday Kerri should be relaxing, but a visit with Quirrel is anything but.

5,033 1
44 Chapter 44

Kerri and Snape discuss Quirrel over dinner.  A stay with Tonks brings a stroll through a Muggle mall and a new idea for promoting werewolf rights. "Wanders with Werewolves" is released.

4,466 3
45 Chapter 45

Kerri returns to school under the added stress of her worries about Quirrel, and argument with her mother, and problems with Lockhart. On top of it all she receives a disciplinary warning from the school after a public argument with what she calls "an anti-werewolf bigot".

3,869 2
46 Chapter 46

Kerri becomes extremely alarmed when she notices similarities between Voldemort's handwriting and Quirrel's. To her great frustration, Snape refuses to take her warning seriously. The discomfort between Remus and Kerri intensifies when Kerri's patronus abruptly changes form.

3,013 2
47 Chapter 47

Kerri is disciplined by the university for harassing Cornelius Fudge about werewolf rights at a school sponsored question and answer session.

4,101 5
48 Chapter 48

Next Chapter : Kerri throws all of her energy into making the top grades in the school again in revenge for the suspension. Although Tonks begins to think she's cracking up, it does at least distract her from Remus's continued coolness. Gilderoy Lockhart insists Kerri attend an award banquet with him.

2,322 2
49 Chapter 49

Kerri finds that she has underestimated Lockhart when he shows her his darker side. When Remus does the knight in shining armor thing and comes to the rescue, he and she finally talk things out.

3,694 7
50 Chapter 50

The good news is that Kerri's final exam grades are in, but there always has to be a catch. Meanwhile, Kerri continues to bond with Remus even as her friendship with Snape begins to erode as they argue about the Quirrel situation.

4,644 1
51 Chapter 51

Next Chapter : Kerri and Snape have a very ugly confrontation at Hogwarts. Afterwards, Kerri adopts a four-legged baby from Hagrid.

3,795 2
52 Chapter 52

Hybrid and Full Moon Rising go before the Howl Off judges and run into Fenrir there. Later, Kerri has a tense encounter with something pacing the yard just out of sight on the night of the full moon.

6,507 1
53 Chapter 53

Kerri's twentieth birthday arrives, bringing with it the reminder that some loves are unconditional.

3,573 2
54 Chapter 54

Kerri is concentrating on enjoying her last couple of weeks with Remus before leaving for summer holiday when alarming news arrives from Hogwarts.

3,631 3
55 Chapter 55

Kerri arrives at Hogwarts and struggles to come to terms with her grief over Quirrel and her anger with Voldemort.

4,298 25


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