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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Snape, Percy, Draco, OC, OtherCanon
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Secondary Relationship(s)
Ron/Lavender, Harry/OC, Other Pairing
Mystery, Romance, Action/Adventure
Mild Language, Mild Violence
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First Published
2004-01-15 2:47pm
Last Chapter
2004-11-22 1:47am
Last Updated
2006-03-09 1:07am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Household's First Hogwarts Post

The Chamber of Secrets held more secrets than could have been imagined. The Slytherin Cult, a group of former Death Eaters and Voldemort supporters, want to get ahold of the secrets held within Hogwart's walls. This is a PRE-HBP fic! You've been warned :)

4,275 25
2 Behind the Joke Shop

Harry has gone to Diagon Alley with the Weasleys so the kids can buy their school supplies. Along with meeting old friends and new faces, Harry and Ron reunite to discover someone lying in the alley behind the joke shop, and they were none too happy at what they discovered.

4,017 9
3 Aurors Reunited

Harry, now having left the Weasleys, has returned to Hogwarts. He, along with Draco, go to Dumbledore so that Draco can give them his news. Harry, not so sure whether he likes what Draco said or not, now is being faced with even harder working conditions.

3,100 6
4 The Dark Ride to School

It is September 1st, and we all know what that means :D Things are going well, and everyone is cheerful...until something goes horribly wrong with the train. Thankfully, there's a wizard that can sense when danger's near, or it might have been too late.

3,843 5
5 Sort-of Sorting Surprises

Everything made it to school safely, but now there's the sorting, and not everyone will end up where they are expected!

4,796 4
6 Trouble in Snape's Class

Now it is time for the Weasley temper to unfold. The family surprise is not being handled well, especially by the boys in Gryffindor.

5,344 5
7 Of Discs and Dives

Well, now they've all got a detention to serve. It will turn out great for some, but others will form greater enemies. But, to make everything brighter, there are quidditch tryouts!

5,366 4
8 The Phoenix Chain

Ron was supposed to be gone one day, but he's been missing for five. When he shows up at Grimmauld Place, he's got new information that will leave only Dumbledore understanding the fullness of the threat.

4,859 5
9 Weasley vs. Weasley

Well, the Weasley twins are going home to see their dad, but that doesn't run as smoothly as it should. It gave Ron and Harry an excuse to go "hunting" together however. But to Liz, there are other things to worry the first quidditch match. Little does the Gryffindor team know that Slytherin has a secret weapon...

5,828 4
10 Following Parental Footsteps

While working on some essays at night, Lee overheard Elizabeth Malfoy say something interesting...and Lee shared it with the rest of the family. This Saturday the Weasleys will be spending their time lurking around in the dungeons, and they will not find what they expected. Sidenote: Stop skipping this chapter, it's rather important!

5,151 3
11 The Slytherin Curse

Harry, Ron, and Dumbledore go down to the Slytherin Library to check things out. What Harry discovers is the Slytherin Cult's Ultimate Weapon!

4,929 9
12 The American Witch

Harry is now more desparate than ever to rescue Sharon from the Slytherin Cult, but he's got a problem: no one wants him to go. That of course has never stopped him before, but he has to deal with someone he rather hoped to avoid.

4,097 11
13 Getting Together at Godric's Hollow

So Harry did go after Sharon, and everyone expected him to disobey orders and do just that. Now, Harry's got the entire Weasley clan along with Albus and Remus wanting to come over for Christmas. How is Harry going to try and hide a secret they already know?

3,333 8
14 Protecting Sharon Clark

Now that they've been discovered, they must find a way to keep Sharon safe. Trying to mix her into the regular wizarding proves to have its difficulties and on top of it, there's a spy inside Hogwarts.

4,933 7
15 Escapes and Blunders

The heat is on! Harry is overly confident that he's got the perfect plan for protecting Sharon. But, the Sharon crisis has everyone else off their guard, and a few mishaps and some advice not taken leads to ultimate problems.

5,060 4
16 A Letter for the Potions Mistress

With Ron and Snape away on suspension, the Twins get an unwelcome surprise by way of their new Potions Professor. Not only that, but she gets a letter, and it's one no one had ever expected.

4,380 5
17 The Manchester Invasion

And so the end battle commences. The Phoenix Chain know it will take serious planning to get this done smoothly, but have they been outsmarted? Will they forget that Percy and Draco know how to predict their movements? Have they forgotten that Percy may be a traitor, but that he's no idiot?

4,534 4
18 Reputation Disreguard

The Phoenix Chain has been captured by the Slytherin Cult and they are ready to lay vengenence. Of course, even with their book of tricks, they should know better than to mess with the Weasleys.

3,648 0
19 Parting Professors

Just the short wrap-up! AND PLEASE Read and Review! If you've stuck with me this long, please tell me what you think, how you liked the story!

1,391 54


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