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Hermione, Draco
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione
General, Romance
Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Contains Spoilers
Story Reviews
First Published
2007-08-07 12:59am
Last Chapter
2007-10-04 10:11pm
Last Updated
2009-07-09 2:33am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 In the Mirror

The Weasley family was on their way out of the parking lot at King's Cross Station when Hermione notices Malfoy in the reflection of the right side window.

1,070 21
2 The Muggle Market

Hermione goes to buy peanut butter and jam, and Malfoy finds here there to ask a favor.

1,800 22
3 Alone Together

"Would you leave him, even if you were dreadfully unhappy?"

She studied his face. She wondered how he’d known to say that to her. She felt a panic at the thought that he knew more about her than she’d thought.

1,742 22
4 Freedom

The divorce is finally settled and Draco goes a little drunk with his new-found freedom.

1,260 17
5 A Friendly Accord

“It was nothing,” she smiled kindly. “Listen, Draco,” she made the effort to say his first name as a gesture. “Friends?” she held out her hand.

1,433 13
6 Needing Each Other

Anyways, I need a friend about now. And that’s what we are now, right?

1,384 12
7 Admitting It

“Yeah,” she nodded understandingly. She felt like Rose knew, too, how unhappy she was with Ron.

Suddenly, a jolt jarred her senses and she realized that she’d just admitted it to herself.

1,397 19
8 Something's Changed

“There are other lawyers,” Hermione said, shaking her head.

“Not ones like you,” he said before thinking.

2,318 24
9 A Night Together

"You make me happy, Draco.”
“I want to make you happy."

3,474 21
10 Pensieve

“I guess you’ve been busy though, righ’, what with the divorce and you seeing this other woman an’ all?”

2,209 15
11 The Hearing

The outcome of the custody hearing over Scorpius between Draco and Pansy.

1,352 28
12 Discovery

A lot of you had ideas about what would come next, so let's find out if you were right!

2,091 25
13 Visit

A visit to Hermione's mother.

2,449 26
14 A Holiday Gone Bad...

The first part of the story of their Holiday (it was getting too long so I decided to split it).

3,099 24
15 ...Or Good

Second part to the story of their holidays.
Sorry, but the end of this chapter is the end of the Christmas season. I hate writing the sappy Christmas morning stuff.
This is getting harder and harder for me to write, because it only reminds me how much I want a baby =(

2,083 24
16 Pansy's News

Pansy shows up with a startling reminder.

1,488 23
17 The Interesting Thing About Veela

Draco gives his news to Hermione

1,021 26
18 Leaving

The action is picking up! The title says it all.

1,130 29
19 Moving

Hermione and Draco share some one-on-one time, and then Hermione breaks the news to Hugo.

1,821 30
20 Scorpius and Rose

The two toughest critics find out about Hermione and Draco's relationship.

2,571 32
21 Arrival

The new arrival is finally here.

2,498 35
22 Finally A Family

This is where this story comes to an end.

1,807 60


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