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    Harry, Lupin, Snape, Andromeda, Tonks, Sirius, Ginny, Teddy, Victoire, OC
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    Secondary Relationship(s)
    Harry/Ginny, Teddy/Victoire, OC/OC, Sirius/OC
    Drama, Mystery, Romance
    Strong violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme, Spoilers
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    Work In Progress (WIP)
    First Published
    2007-08-06 9:00pm
    Last Chapter
    2015-03-22 1:36am
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    2015-03-22 1:36am

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    1 Answers

    “Ah,” said Harry, suddenly sounding slightly wary. “Ha, well, er…at least that saves on wrapping paper,” he quipped with a rather nervous chuckle. “We ran out last year when I was wrapping up your Firebolt 3000.” 

    Ted dog-eared the corner of the page he’d been reading before Harry had arrived, and closed the book with conviction. He turned around to face Harry, sitting up on his knees. “Harry, all I want this year from you is…just some answers.”

    4,800 48
    2 Letters

    Ted jumped inside his skin at the sound. It came from the window, and Ted looked to see that it was just an owl delivering him a letter. He stowed his father’s drawings away in the shoebox and crossed to the window. When he opened it a regal snowy owl swooped inside, dropping the letter on Ted’s desk before looping once around the room and coming to land on the windowsill, where it perched and sat. Ted recognized it as Victoire Weasley’s owl, Mercutio. Why on earth she’d named him that, Ted didn’t have a clue.

    3,702 26
    3 Friendly Flashback

    He stuck these letters back in the shoebox, and finding that he’d gone through everything in it, stuck it back in the larger box. Now all that was left was the huge number of small black leather-bound books. They were all identical aside from their labels, which had been written in silver ink along their spines. They were all labeled in years. Ted cast his eyes on the oldest one, the one labeled, “1971”.

    6,372 20
    4 The Furry Little Problem

    One rainy afternoon in April, Remus was returning to the Gryffindor common room after full moon and he came in from the portrait hole to find James, Sirius, and Peter all snoring as they slept soundly over their homework. He shook his head, but he was smiling. He crossed over to them, and was about to wake them up when he noticed a very large book that James was now using as a pillow. It was the title of the book that caught Remus’ interest: Animagi.

    6,022 22
    5 Animagi

    Just as he was losing the last shred of his mind to the darkness, he heard a scritch-scratching from beneath the floor, and the creak of the trapdoor swinging open and hitting the floor with a thud, as a large, black shape emerged from below….

    And the darkness shifted.

    5,698 18
    6 Perceptual Prickles

    Even though the moon was a waxing gibbous, the cloudy night meant that the skies had little light to offer to the dark grounds. Luckily there was a lit torch on an iron bracket on the outside wall just below the window. He caught sight of the shadow moving across the stretch of grass within the dim light. It did not move into the pool of illumination offered by the torch’s flame, but its silhouette was cast upon it, and it was unmistakably the figure of a woman. 
    (A/N: Anything you recognize is from the US version of HP and the PoA)

    3,626 16
    7 Childhood Memory

    “...We’d hear a, ‘Wotcher!’ followed by the clatter of the umbrella stand as she bumped into it for the umpteenth time, and then Sirius’ mum’d start screaming her bleedin’ head off.” He laughed lightly and wistfully with the memory. “But she was a good person. And even though you’re grandmother said she was a Hufflepuff in school, she was as brave as any true Gryffindor.” He looked directly into Ted’s face. “Your dad was a good person too.”

    4,584 18
    8 Mapmaking

    Remus, who was not eating nearly as much as the others were, picked up his wand and began drawing in the air.

    “What’re you doing?” Peter asked before popping a cream puff into his mouth.

    “It’s a drawing of our path from Gryffindor tower to here,” said James.

    “It’s perfect,” said Sirius when Remus had finished his rough sketch floating in midair.

    (A/N: anything you recognize is from the US version of HP and the PoA, or based on it)

    7,965 11
    9 Touch of the Veela

    “Where are we going?” Ted asked, his mouth going dry as he unwrapped the chocolate bar with his long, tremulous fingers.

    “I thought we might take a walk up to the Shrieking Shack,” said Victoire....

    Ted stopped walking, his whole body inexplicably paralyzed.

    Victoire noticed he had stopped and stopped too.... “That alright with you?” she asked rather tentatively.

    (A/N: Song lyrics are to a song called "Chanson d'enfance" from Andrew Lloyd Webber's, Aspects of Love)

    4,448 16
    10 Life-Savers, Lakesides, and Love Affairs

    He could sense the anger and hurt radiating from her as she headed not for the staircase to the dormitories, but for the window. She walked right past him as she did so, still unaware of his presence. He turned in his chair to watch her flop down on the window seat, and folding her arms while she glared out the window. After a few minutes her gaze softened, and he thought he could see—though perhaps it was a trick of the moonlight—tears glistening in her emerald, almond-shaped eyes.

    5,660 12
    11 John and Joanne

    Remus sighed. “Dad?”


    “When did…? How did you—How did you meet Mum?”

    His father chuckled, and Remus quickly glanced at him before gazing back out at the front lawn again to see a reminiscent smile on John’s face.

    “Oh Remus,” he said, the laughter lingering in his voice, “I wondered when the day would come when you would ask me that question...."

    6,491 9
    12 The Beast

    He looked up and saw…the moon, full…a perfect circle in the sky….

    It was not long before the worst conclusion towards which he had been sluggishly groping was confirmed.

    His very breath and heart both stopped cold as a mournful howl filled the night air, like the blade of a knife being plunged slowly into its victim.


    5,706 8
    13 Pretty Women

    Lily became oddly flustered and reached rather frantically for another book. As soon as it landed on one, James, who had absently been reaching for the same exact book, ended up accidentally covering her hand instead with his own. She gasped and regarded their hands resting on top of each other on the book—Lily’s charms book, actually. And then she looked up at James, who was still gazing at her with an endearing intensity.... As his and Lily’s gazes locked, Lily turned slightly pink, and…smiled…rather sheepishly….

    9,762 6
    14 The Hand of Death

    This time, Remus did not flinch at the sound of the name. This time, no one flinched, save for Peter. This time, it was different. This time, it didn’t matter if no one said the name or not, because the wrath of Voldemort had just touched his own personal life for the first time…the war had spilled its blood onto his family…he would never fear to utter the name again.

    7,485 10
    15 The Choice

    During this entire sequence, Remus had observed out of the corner of his eye that Lily had been staring at James fixedly, and James hadn’t even noticed, despite the fact that she was sitting right beside him. For the moment, James’ attention was locked on Sirius, who sat on his other side.

    Leaning forward, resting his elbows on the table and pressing his fingertips together, James announced: “I’ve been thinking a lot about…joining the Order of the Phoenix instead.”

    5,528 7
    16 A Trip to the Tapestry, at First Sight, and a Picture for Posterity

    Sirius got up, went to his trunk, knelt down, and opened it. After digging around in it a little, he said, “Ah. Here’s one. It’s fairly recent. Taken just this past Halloween.” He handed it to Remus, and Remus saw a small girl with mousy brown hair done up in crazy pigtails who seemed to be relishing in...transforming her actual face into several scary monster faces.

    “What on earth is she doing?”

    “Oh, I should’ve warned you,” Sirius laughed. “She’s a Metamorphmagus.”

    6,730 7
    17 The Stigma, the Order, and the Department

    Remus turned in his seat to see a woman somewhere in her early thirties, wearing a pink cardigan with a matching skirt, and pink pumps on her feet. She was a rather flabby woman, and Remus thought she looked a bit like a toad. She had a batrachian resemblance in her wide mouth that was particularly creepy, even disturbing. In fact, the black bow in her hair made him think of a fly, and any minute he expected her to flick a long sticky tongue and grab it and eat it, as any real toad would do.

    9,608 7
    18 The First Taste of War

    As Remus made his way with Marlene, sneaking through the dark underbrush, he began to feel not just a knot in his bowels. While the knot quickened his breath and made the acids in his stomach flutter and churn, he felt another sensation…a sensation of closeness to his own body. A voice he did not recognize kept whispering softly, comfortingly, in his ears, You might die tonight…you might die tonight….

    8,612 6
    19 Good News, Bad News

    Remus replied, his own voice breaking, “Because that’s not how it’s supposed to be.” He had no idea where that reply had come from, but it had come from somewhere, and he knew it, somehow, to be the truth. He kissed her then, full, on the mouth…it felt so real that this couldn’t be a dream…it was just like he remembered…warm…and wet…full of something that illuminated his heart.

    10,143 5
    20 The Cave and the Golden Retriever

    “You can Apparate out, if you want, and find Lily,” said Remus. “I’ll go on ahead.”

    James looked from the depths of the cave, to where the hole in the anteroom ceiling used to be. Remus could tell he was torn, his face twisting in anguish. Then he shook his head, and with resolution and a deep shuddering breath he said, “You’ll need a hand, I think.”

    7,323 5
    21 Nuptial Preparations

    And the dress: it was just like the one from his dream…the straps hung down so that her porcelain-like shoulders were exposed, and then the bodice dipped down in a low V to expose the smooth, creamy small of her back. He licked his lips. Before he could stop himself, he allowed his eyes to wander down the nape of her neck, longing as he’d never longed before…imagining himself caressing that naked back with his knuckles before taking her mouth in his….

    9,655 5
    22 The Wedding Day of James Aldous Potter and Lily Violet Evans

    She held herself upright, smiled at everyone, and continued her made-up, wayward ballet step down the aisle, tossing white rose petals from her basket, leaving them in her wake. She even dared to try a few twirls, and only stumbled slightly once. And when she did, she simply straightened herself out like before, smiled at everyone, and continued on her merry way.

    As Remus watched Nymphadora go through her flower girl paces, he felt his heart glow despite his troubles, and thought she was the most adorable thing he had ever seen in his life.

    9,904 7
    23 A Dance with a Stranger and a Belated Birthday Present

    Edwina Malkin sat alone at a table, sipping on a goblet of limoncello that someone who had no intention of dancing with her must have brought her. Her curly brunette hair was pinned up in an elegant bun with a few forelocks on either side of her face hanging down in beautiful corkscrews. Her high-collared halter dress was the color of dark scarlet…the color of fresh, warm blood….

    “Hello, Miss Malkin,” said Remus quietly.... “May I have the pleasure of this next dance?"

    6,437 7
    24 Rescue Mission

    She drew a sharp intake of breath, and bent slightly while she swayed a little on the spot. Softening completely, Remus caught her arm and led her into the sitting room, where he helped her onto the couch. “Thank you,” she muttered.

    .... “Better?”

    Lily nodded. “Physically, yes.”

    “What’s…that supposed to mean?” Remus inquired uneasily.

    “James has gone missing,” said Lily.

    7,404 8
    25 Harry

    James emerged from the shadows where he’d been standing right behind Elphias, and though he was positively soaked through to the bone, he was beaming. He took out his wand, pulled off his glasses, and dried the rain-fogged lenses off quickly before putting them back on and surveying all those present.

    “Well what is it, James?” Sirius demanded rather hoarsely. “What’s happened? Spit it out!”

    James gave a laugh...and he cried aloud, “It’s a boy! We’ve named him Harry, after Lily’s father!”

    7,708 2
    26 Christmas with the Potters

    “I love chocolate!” Nymphadora squealed. She accepted his present and threw her arms about his neck before he could stop her.


    “Thank you, thank you, Mister Lupin.”

    After recovering from his initial shock, Remus smiled a little more widely, wrapped his arms around the child and returned her hug. “You’re quite welcome,” he said quietly. “And…Happy Christmas.”

    10,100 3
    27 Marked

    Without taking a bite, he set his fork aside, all eyes on him, aside from Harry’s—he was already busily digging into his tart with his hands. The wise old wizard leaned towards the Potters, his chin resting on his knuckles, looking both James and Lily straight in their faces, and said to them, “It would seem that Voldemort has you marked for death.”

    10,134 1
    28 The Secrets We Keep

    Sirius relaxed visibly.

    “How do you feel?” James asked, lowering his wand.

    Sirius swallowed. “Not…different….” He looked at Dumbledore.

    “The secret is inside your soul now, Sirius,” said Dumbledore. “So I would say, the fate of the Potters rest in your hands, but actually, in a way, it quite literally rests…in your soul.”

    10,064 2
    29 The Quidditch Final

    Ted noticed Rodger grin with pride, having just saved Morgan from getting a broken nose....

    Then, without warning, his broom lurched forward seemingly of its own accord, and nearly bucked him off. Nearly. He clung on, registering with slight panic that he was over fifty feet up in the air. His broom lurched again, this time to the side, and then again to the other side. He tried to steady it, but it didn’t appear to be faithfully following his will, as it had always done without fail before.

    8,875 4
    30 The Things We Carry

    They stood in silence a moment, both of them examining their shoes. Then Nymphadora suddenly raised her head with a tiny gasp, and Remus raised his in turn to look at her: this time the girl was smiling even more broadly.

    “I’ll bet when their little baby Harry grows up, he’ll look just like his daddy,” she said.

    “But with his mother’s eyes,” Remus told her, unable to keep the grin from spreading across his own face.

    (A/N: quote on the Potters' grave is from HP and DH)

    9,923 9
    31 Adventure Bound

    Sorina sucked in her breath. Then in horror she and Remus watched, helpless, as Dragomir gave one last convulsion before collapsing with droplets of blood frozen in the snow upon the stone ground, and went still....

    Sorina raised her angry, shining eyes to Remus. “Are you a verevolf?” she demanded....

    Remus, still holding his bleeding arm to his chest, replied, “Yes.”

    Sorina gave a great scream of fury and anguish. Then she crouched down and leapt, hissing, her eyes blazing as though she were one of the Furies.

    10,584 5
    32 The Afternoon Visitor

    He slipped in through the front door, and just around the corner to his left off of the foyer was the kitchen, where he could now clearly hear bangs of cupboards and the loud rattle of dishes. He was a bit nervous now because his parents’ wedding china was in there somewhere, and it was a rather beautiful set that he admired. He pushed the door open cautiously and there on the floor, on its hands and knees, digging through a bottom cupboard, was what appeared to be a small child dressed in faded khaki pants torn at the knees.

    3,642 4
    33 Settled and Unsettled

    So Remus picked a tale from the many that the Bard had woven—this time he chose “The Fountain of Fair Fortune”. Then he tucked him in when he saw that he’d fallen asleep during his telling. As the boy slept, Remus remained by his bedside with his chin in his hands, watching every breath his little brother took, the rise and fall of his small chest.

    Despite the money worries that were looming over Remus now that he had a child to care for, he tried to tell himself:
    Love will find a way…love will find a way….

    4,628 4
    34 As He Grows

    Before his very eyes it seemed, Ramirus shot up like a weed. As time passed sleepily, Ramirus’ legs and arms sprouted outward, bit by bit, until he was growing into a lanky frame that was uncannily like his brother’s. He’d inherited the bibliophilia...that Remus had inherited as well from their parents, not to mention Remus’ taste for chocolate. When Remus compared photographs of himself from when he’d been a boy to Ramirus as he grew, they were the spitting images of each other—of their father, but both with their mother’s warm brown eyes.

    5,210 2
    35 Taken

    “Remus, what—?” Ramirus began in a tone of confusion and alarm. He seemed to be able to sense that Remus could sense that something was wrong. Very wrong.

    But Remus cut him off, telling him to be quiet. “I need to listen,” he explained more gently, though he remained alert to his surroundings—the dark trees that now appeared to close in on them.

    A group of bushes and underbrush rustled before them....

    Remus took a step back and placed Ramirus protectively behind him as he took out his wand.

    3,504 3
    36 Remus on Trial

    Mister Lupin!” she laughed fixing her smiling indigo eyes on Remus. “I thought that was you! It’s me, Mister Lupin, Nymphadora Tonks! Remember?”

    Remus...merely smiled to show that he did
    indeed recognize her.

    “Miss Tonks, please!” snapped Kwubsley. “This is a court case! I thought Alastor said you were one of the best in his group of trainees?”

    “Did he? Oh, wow, I didn’t think...Oh. Erm…sorry. Please, continue with the proceedings, sir."

    8,031 5
    37 A Dark Encounter

    It was as if his handsome youth had been sucked out of him. He seemed dead yet alive, a living corpse.... In the photo he blinked slowly out at Remus, and Remus, his hands shaking as he held the paper, gazed back, transfixed and frozen.

    I’m coming, Remus… those stormy, sunken grey eyes seemed to taunt. I’m coming…and you can’t stop me…. This was followed by an echo of insane laughter that Remus imagined the photograph making at him as his very face burned into Remus’ pupils.

    6,281 9
    38 Remus' Return

    Remus considered him a moment, and it was only that he really saw for himself the famed lightning-bolt scar on Harry’s forehead, beneath the thin veil of his jet-black bangs—the mark of Voldemort’s attempt on his life all those years ago. And despite this, he could not get over seeing James and Lily’s son...he’d seen that picture in the paper of him with Gilderoy Lockhart, but newspaper photos never compared to the real thing. Nevertheless, he did a good job of not letting his excitement show. He calmly went back to breaking up the chocolate....

    9,858 6
    39 Lessons

    “You don’t need to do that, sir,” said Remus. “My Ravenclaw third-years just managed to get rid of the one [boggart] in the broom cupboard on the fourth floor, so if you’ll allow the staff to leave this one, I can use it for my Gryffindor third-year class tomorrow....”

    “Very good, Remus,” said Dumbledore delightedly. “We’ll just let your Gryffindor third-years handle it. I’m certain they’re quite capable.”

    7,070 6
    40 Harry's Letter

    He felt the change ripple across his body, and when he looked down, he saw that his skin was as black as pitch night. He’d put on his black school robes, and his hair was black too. Now all he had to do was stick to the shadows, and the only thing that would stick out would be the whites of his eyes, for he’d turned his eyes black too.

    5,967 5
    41 Old Friends

    The moaning stopped, though there came no reply.

    Remus took this as an invitation and opened the cubicle door. He smiled at the ghostly girl perched on the edge of the toilet. “Hello, Myrtle.”

    7,195 3
    42 White Reflection

    The he dropped to his knees and forward onto his hands so that he was down on the leaf-carpeted forest floor on all fours. He nearly had the crazy intention of transforming right then and there and going on the hunt for Sirius with his lupine nose as his guide—if only he could.

    8,484 5
    43 Fevered Visions, Lullabies, and Magic Mirrors

    When he came to the fourth room, he expected the same thing, only this room wasn’t even lit by torches.

    Lumos,” he whispered, and as his wand tip lit, another wand tip inside the room lit at the exact same time. He crept closer to the light, calling out, though no one answered. When he drew near, he saw a face revealed by the light—and it was his own, pale and scarred.

    5,006 3
    44 Interim

    And he seemed to be looking for something, hunting about in the grass. Remus watched as he came to the base of a lonely tree on the grounds. Coming around the other side of it though was the dark shape of another four-legged creature. When that and the cat bumped into each other and leapt back in surprise and alarm, Remus got a good look at what the mysterious creature may be, and it sent a chill up his spine when he found it to be extremely canine.

    3,709 2
    45 Undercover

    He felt his hair turn dark and grow out to shoulder length. He shrank a little in stature, became more curved, felt certain parts leave him and new parts grow out. In a matter of moments he stood there as a perfect likeness of Priscilla Parkinson. He looked down at himself and grinned. He had never transformed into a girl before.

    2,545 3
    46 Watchful Eyes

    Remus hastily excused himself from the High Table and very discreetly left the Hall. He felt Severus’ eyes on him as he departed, but he did not care. Once out of the Great Hall, he turned left, in the direction he had seen the orange speck streak, followed by the black streak.A/N: Wuthering Heights quote is from Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights, pg. 1.

    4,590 5
    47 A Visit to Hogsmeade

    When she pulled back her indigo eyes were dancing as she looked him up and down. “By Helga, Remus it’s damn good to see you!” she laughed.

    Remus grinned. “It’s good to see you too, Nymphadora.”

    “Oh Remus I told you don’t call me that!” She thumped him on the shoulder, though it was more playful than punitive.

    5,705 4
    48 Gloves

    He leaned in closer. “Listen: Nym-pha-DOR-a. Hear how it rises and falls, almost like a bounce in a happy step or a skip?”

    Nymphadora raised her other eyebrow, this time with something like fascination.... "Really...? I still don't like my name but...maybe you've made it a bit more bearable."

    (A/N: Heathcliff's quote is from Emily Bronte's
    Wuthering Heights and Silver Kiss is by Anette Curtis Klause)

    4,413 7
    49 Confidence

    Severus raised an eyebrow and turned to Remus. “So, Lupin, I understand that you’re going to be giving Potter private lessons in dementor defense.”

    “You’ve understood correctly, Severus,” said Remus matter-of-factly. “I plan on teaching him the Patronus Charm.”

    Severus snorted as though he had unsuccessfully suppressed cold laughter. “Are you serious?”

    3,702 3
    50 Another War

    “It scares me to think there are still people out there who could become another…another V-Voldemort.” Unlike Ted, Victoire had some trouble saying the name, like most of her family did. Harry however had insisted that Ted use the name, and he had insisted it so strongly he’d practically hammered it into Ted’s head. To put it simply, he’d been extremely adamant that Ted not refer to Voldemort as You-Know-Who or He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named so help him Godric Gryffindor.

    3,117 5
    51 Final Exams

    Is that you, Uncle Ramirus? he thought as he gazed with knitted brow into the inkily ambiguous depths of the forest laid before him like a moldy black curtain. Is it you? Are you waiting for me? Did you save my life? Me—the only son of your older brother: the only father you’d ever known…?

    2,185 6
    52 Valentine Birthday

    Then he remembered that yesterday—Valentine’s Day—had been not only a day for all to celebrate the joys of love, or exhibit a lack thereof, but also Nymphadora’s birthday.

    5,066 8
    53 The Headline

    “What do you like about him?” Remus asked before he could stop himself. Hoping to smooth over his abruptness, he hastily added, “If you don’t mind my asking.”

    Nymphadora hesitated. “Well…he reminds me of Sirius,” she admitted meekly.

    4,928 4
    54 Remus Lends a Helping Hand

    Hermione’s lip trembled and she seemed on the edge of tears. She tried to hide her face, which moved Remus even more to pity. He discreetly conjured a handkerchief from his pocket and offered it wordlessly to her. She accepted it and dabbed at her eyes. But, it seemed, as much as she tried to hold them back, the tears gushed out followed by a cascade of chest-chokes and small sobs and hiccups.

    2,169 2
    55 By the Old Beech Tree

    Remus felt a lump rise in his throat at the sound of that voice, hearing its beauty. With clammy palms, and a pounding heart, he turned around. And there was Nymphadora standing by the beech tree....

    6,586 5
    56 Zane

    Remus noted that his eyes were grey like Sirius’ too, and that he had one dragon-tooth earring. He knew that Zane had no Auror business down in Hogsmeade, so he had come specifically for the reason Remus knew he had. He didn’t know how he knew—he supposed he just expected it, subconsciously, after what had taken place on his birthday.

    4,560 6
    57 Choice and Fate

    Choices. Life was full of them. Every day, we made a choice, sometimes ones that would make or break our lives. And it was choices that determined fate, Remus was certain of that.

    3,610 8
    58 A Night Out

    “...I’m sorry, it’s…the moon….” He gestured vaguely to the crescent in the sky. “Makes me crazy. Loopy....”

    Nymphadora giggled. “I thought it was just the full moon that made you crazy.”

    4,979 4
    59 Nymphadora's News

    Dear Remus,

    I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind having a private chat with me down by the lake tomorrow evening. Say ‘round  half-past five? There’s something I need to talk to you about: that is, there’s something I need to tell you.

    2,538 5
    60 The Shadow of the Past

    ...then something grabbed his attention by the very throat.

    Harry, Ron, and Hermione were not alone.

    There was a fourth member of their number now.

    A dot labeled….

    “Peter Pettigrew”?

    4,978 6
    61 Curse Spoken

    He closed his eyes. He could feel Sirius looking at him, feel him wishing he could say something, like, “Just ignore him,” or, “What does that kid know about anything anyway?”

    1,613 5
    62 Struggle

    There could be no mistaking it though: aside from the bald patches—no doubt caused by stress—the coloring, the teeth—they were unmistakable markings: this rat was Peter. He’d know him anywhere.

    1,865 3
    63 Stand-Off

    So they were at a stand-off, and Severus held all of the cards.

    2,139 4
    64 Harry's Decision

    Then he caught sight of Harry’s expression: he was looking from Severus, to Sirius, to Remus, and back to Severus, and then he set his face. He crossed the room and blocked the door, the only way out. He even extended a hand to either side of the door, gripping the frame, bracing himself for a physical struggle. 

    1,325 2
    65 Brought to Light

    Only this was no illusion. It was real.

    Peter was standing there, balding, dressed in ragged robes, dirty, wringing his hands, his ratty teeth as bucked and rodent-like as ever, his watery grey eyes just as Remus remembered them. His fear was evident in his shallow breathing, and the way his eyes darted from the door to the windows.

    The truth comes out at last…dear Wormtail.

    2,533 6
    66 The Fury

    The roaring started small, as if from the bottom of a well, then grew louder and louder, until it split through Remus’ brain, making his knees buckle. The pain in his stomach shot through him, more violently than it ever had before. All those months of being caged in by the Wolfsbane Potion—the beast was angry.

    3,489 2
    67 The Morning After

    All at once, Remus felt his nursed love for Nymphadora burst forth as a rose spilling petals, overflowing like the red blood of his heart.

    (A/N: Again, the Silver Kiss, mentioned in this chapter, was written by Annette Curtis Klause)

    3,874 9
    68 The Station

    Harry sighed. “Well, to be honest, I’ve been putting my energies into finding out who jinxed you.”

    Ted’s eyes popped. “At the Auror Office?”

    “Of course.”

    Ted stopped and gripped the handle of the trolley. “When were you planning on telling me this?”

    1,973 2
    69 Albus

    “Sir,” Remus began urgently, moving automatically towards the headmaster’s desk, “please, I need to know: Sirius, he escaped?”

    “He did.”


    Dumbledore was beaming. “Harry.”



    4,598 2
    70 Friends Never Say Goodbye

    “Well, I’m glad you kept the compass: seems to me you could still use it.”

    Remus raised his eyebrows. “Do I still look lost to you?”

    Sirius grinned, and though it was wicked, it was wicked with the old Sirius shining through. “As a cat in a paper sack.”

    7,512 10
    71 Rendezvous

    Monsieur Lupin?

    Remus turned at the sound of the low, sultry, feminine voice soft as candlelight, and saw a young woman of a rather ethereal allure, her eyes like volcanic ash and snowfall fused as one....

    2,685 8
    72 A She-Wolf's Eyes

    Remus looked up at her, into her eyes of ash and snow, and returned the reassuring squeeze she had given his hand. “I hope you’re right, Liane. That one hope is all I have.”

    4,572 5
    73 Ominous

    The point was, something horrible had happened at the Quidditch World Cup last night (news certainly traveled fast). And it was clear to him what that horrible something was when he saw the photograph below.

    It was the Dark Mark.

    4,914 3
    74 The White Demon

    Yves paused in his otherwise incessant pacing and looked over his shoulder at Remus with a hopeful expression. “Will you help me?”

    “Help you what?”

    “Form an alliance with Greyback?”

    4,441 4
    75 Blood Pride

    Never be ashamed of who you are….

    Remus had always tried not to be. It was hard when most of the world told him in no uncertain terms that he ought to be, but he remembered his friends, crazy though they were, and he tried to be proud of himself.

    3,256 4
    76 Ultimatum

    "...I’ll say it again, Liane, that I love you, but at this point, I’m afraid it’s either me or him...."

    3,697 3
    77 Severance

    And it was clear to him that she had made her choice at last: she was willing to sacrifice her relationship with him and follow her own heart, which yearned to actively rebel, to go with Yves and find Greyback, and begin their uprising.

    The wedding was off.

    4,687 5
    78 Reunion

    “Tonks…?” Sirius emerged from the kitchen into the front hall and his face cracked into a wide grin. “Is that little Nymphadora?”

    Nymphadora put her hands on her hips. “I don’t go by that anymore, you berk! Or didn’t Remus tell you?”

    8,663 5
    79 The Moldering and Quite Withered House of Black

    Nymphadora shivered. “Sounded like cockroaches….”

    “Cockroaches are probably the least of our worries,” Sirius muttered at the subsequent buzzing sound coming from the drawing room nearby.

    6,844 8
    80 A Prisoner Once More

    Remus exchanged wary glances with Nymphadora, who was biting her bottom lip.

    Finally, Sirius turned away from the fire and kicked the chair aside again. “IT’S NOT FAIR!” he bellowed. “IT’S NOT FAIR AT ALL!”

    5,774 4
    81 Meeting Again

    “Right, well, I s’pose we can call this to order, the first meeting of the Order of the Phoenix, for this the second resistance effort against Lord Voldemort.”

    5,351 4
    82 Romantic Advice

    “I was wondering…what you might know…about what women want…in a man?”

    4,936 7
    83 The Plan for Privet Drive

    ...he felt a touch at his arm and saw that it was Sirius, peering at him in earnest in the gloom in the front hall.

    “Remus?” he whispered.


    “Just make sure he gets here safe.”

    Remus squeezed his friend’s arm. “Of course I will. You can count on me.”

    Sirius managed a smile. “Yeah. I know.”

    7,771 4
    84 Blueprints

    He paused, his ears pricking up at a disturbance that came through the ceiling, one that he alone naturally (or preternaturally, rather) could pick up.

    It was Harry shouting angrily at Ron and Hermione.

    3,884 4
    85 The Argument

    “No, he deserves to know the truth! He’s not your son, Andromeda! He’s Remus and Nymphadora’s!”

    For a moment, Ted’s mind flashed to the argument he had just read about Mrs. Weasley and Harry’s own godfather Sirius, how Sirius had said that Harry was not her son, that he deserved to know the truth….

    2,781 6
    86 Sweet Girl

    “Well that would be tragic,” said Nymphadora, snuggling into the pillow. “Not just because she would leave him, but the fact that she would let something like that come between them, that she would stop loving him just because he had lycanthropy.” She paused, and then said, “But surely you don’t think that would ever be the case with someone like you Remus?”

    9,209 8
    87 Red Hair

    “Tonks, you can tell me,” Remus urged her. “We’re a couple now. A secret one, but that doesn’t mean we keep secrets from each other. Not anymore.”

    “I’m allowed to keep secrets,” Nymphadora growled under her breath.

    5,598 4
    88 Dropping Eaves

    Nymphadora furrowed her brow. "Who?" She took a sip from her own cup.

    Remus lowered his voice dramatically. "Igor Karkaroff." 

    6,044 8
    89 From the Alabaster Augurey

    ...Caiaphas Stindolph stood before them in a crouch, ready to spring, a knife in his hand that could have easily been pressed to Nymphadora’s throat had Remus not acted quickly enough; the flat of the blade gleamed menacingly, and the werewolf bore his yellow teeth, colored brown and pointed.

    “Ooh, want to keep that pretty one out of harms way, yes?” Caiaphas rasped.

    10,749 6
    90 Under the Stars

    Nymphadora jerked her arm away before he could have a better look. “It’s nothing, Remus. I got away, and you didn’t bite me. Let’s not make an issue of this, please?"

    5,882 7
    91 Halloween

    At last Sirius said, “Remus, I’ve been thinking: you see, the thing is, I was so preoccupied on my travels, and the place would always be so out of the way of my route, that I never got the chance to…. What I mean to say is, it’s almost Halloween again, and….”

    Remus paused in bringing his goblet to his lips and set it back down again. “Sirius, you’re not thinking of…?”

    “Going to Godric’s Hollow. You and me...."

    8,653 4
    92 A Black Ballad

    Ill fate had taken away the child Sirius almost had with Aurelia, along with his best friend, had taken away the father Harry had, but perhaps in the grand scheme of things, if they could just see this war through, maybe there could be a chance for the both of them yet to have again what they had lost, if only a small piece of it.

    9,338 5
    93 Winter Light

    And Nymphadora herself stood there with his present, hugging herself, in the moonlight, very much the faerie woman that he loved.

    7,529 3
    94 Madness and Faith

    Sirius’ voice cracked on the last word, and then died in his throat.

    Remus bit his lip, his mind drawing a blank.

    And then Sirius said, in a very small voice: “Remus…I’m afraid I’m going mad.”

    7,319 4
    95 Cold Despair

    But as they walked hand in hand up the stairs, the romantic scene playing before them in a sort of spontaneous way, the iridescent effervescence popped at the sound of wounded whimpering.

    They stopped, and then turned to each other again, solemn-faced now.


    3,586 4
    96 Speaking Out and Speaking Up

    “To Harry, and his wily tongue,” said Sirius, grinning.

    8,069 1
    97 Love Unbound

    He lifted the lid of the box, revealing the engagement ring glittering within, just as Nymphadora’s eyes glittered now.

    5,050 2
    98 Bad News Harry

    Severus lowered his eyes to the table. “That boy has no hope of learnig Occlumency. I don’t think I’d want to teach him anymore even if he hadn’t wandered into one of my worst memories.”

    3,246 3
    99 Torn

    Sirius turned to him, his previously glassy grey eyes now quite sharp. “Remus, I know what you’re thinking,” he said in earnest, “but I’m not…I’m not mad. I’m not. I mean I’m a bit…strange…from—from Azkaban but I am not mad. I’m not.”

    Remus stared back at him, and for a moment he couldn’t be certain if he could believe him.

    3,134 2
    100 Stellar Black

    “Remus, just so you know—if I don’t make it…my will’s in the drawer of the writing desk in the drawing room, and…look after Harry as best you can, would you?”

    5,670 11
    101 The Rose

    Poking out of the ashes, serrated leaves, thorns, and all, was a single black rose, blooming.

    3,772 5
    102 July 31st

    As he played, he snuck glances at his godfather during pauses, and over the course of the song, the recognition seemed to emerge like a sunrise across his face. He was very still, and as the notes flew off the strings like birds rising up in the dawn, it seemed to Ted that a spirit of sorts was spiraling downward and descending to be with them all.

    1,555 2
    103 Death and Desire

    “He was such a joker though, wunnee?” She touched Sirius’ face with her fingertip, sniffed, and put the picture back on the mantelpiece.

    Remus took her hand and kissed it. She entered into the circle of his arms and they stood there, simply holding each other.

    7,841 5
    104 Albus' Summons

    “And you have found love in Nymphadora Tonks, yes?” Albus held him with his bright blue gaze.

    “I have. She has…made me happier, I think, than I’d ever dared to hope.”

    “Well, I wish you both very well. But….” A sadness crept over Albus’ brow. “I hope you will not begrudge me then for what I am about to ask of you.”

    3,423 1
    105 Impasse

    “This is war. There’s no way of telling what will happen. Nothing can be certain.”

    “But this is certain.” She laid her hand over his.

    2,354 1
    106 Scar

    “I know it’s been hard,” he said to her quietly.

    “Yeah, it has.” She swallowed. “But…you should know: it isn’t because of Sirius’ death that I’ve been having trouble with my metamorphosing.”

    2,840 6
    107 Tracking

    Molly held the ring out to him. “She told me to give this to you. She told me she would wait—her whole life if need be—until the day she dies, for you to offer it back.”

    “I haven’t ended it,” Remus insisted, though he knew that in a way he was lying through his teeth.

    “Obviously she has a different understanding.”

    5,032 8
    108 Beta

    “You don’t even know what his mission is.”

    “I have a good idea. Anything to do with forging ties with Voldemort and his ilk is not something to be encouraged. Unless of course you’re on Voldemort’s side.” Remus raised his eyebrows. “Are you on Voldemort’s side, Ramirus?”

    “I’m on nobody’s side,” Ramirus answered coolly. “Except mine. I’m on my side.”

    4,034 8
    109 More Monster Than Man

    Of all of the werewolves in this den who smelled of sweat, dirt, and blood, the pungency was thickest about Fenrir. That was the first impression that hit Remus was the smell.

    4,859 6
    110 Accident

    Its light lanced through the red haze and shone so bright and beautiful that Remus, for the first time perhaps in a long time, felt love-struck by it, even as a glimmering thought of Nymphadora clung to his brain.

    2,665 6
    111 Convalescence

    Remus tried to reach up with his hand, but his arms seemed suddenly to weigh like lead.

    Ramirus grasped his seeking hand tight in his own. “It’s okay Remus…I’m looking after you..."

    3,162 3
    112 Threatening Intrigues

    Perhaps it was a trick of the firelight, but Remus thought they were deviously judging him, like wolves looking out from the hidden branches in a thicket, contemplating some large, cloven-hoofed prey.

    4,028 4
    113 Scots Pining Forest

    Finally she whispered, “Is this a dream?”

    “I…can’t say that I’m certain.”

    “Are we dead then?”

    3,330 7
    114 Lyca's Secret

    “Now, tell me, Lyca, as honestly as you feel comfortable,” he said to her, looking her directly in the eyes with a mixture of concern and no-nonsense, “What exactly is going on between you and Fenrir?”

    4,570 2
    115 The Lost Ones

    “You just have no idea,” he said.

    “No idea about what?” asked Remus.

    Ramirus looked at him, though more seriously now. “About what a great dad you’d make. And I mean that.”

    4,107 2
    116 Betrayal

    As they bundled the wood and piled it up with the rest though, they entered the main gallery and were met with thick silence and many staring eyes.

    The only real sound was the palpitating of Remus’ heart. Lyca stepped closer to him, and Conrí and Cymbelina clutched his robes discreetly.

    Then Greyback broke the pressing silence as he stepped out of the crowd.

    “So it’s true,” he said.

    3,191 2
    117 Yuletide Exile

    “Don’t call it running away. I’m doing this because I’m not any good for her and she can’t see that.”

    “Because she loves you—”

    “But it’s not enough!”

    5,350 2
    118 Ice and Fire

    “So what, you expected to come here and find me all dewy-eyed at the sight of you and just throw my arms around you, after what you’ve been putting me through?”

    “What I’ve been putting us through,” Remus growled.

    Nymphadora’s eyebrows knitted, and then she slapped him hard across the jaw.

    5,415 4
    119 A Pact of Dichotomy

    “Just pretend that none of it matters to you,” she told him. “It doesn’t matter to me. I’ll say it again—a million times if I have to—that I just don’t care: all I do care about is you.”

    2,671 5
    120 Blood Trail, Blood Vow

    “Rammy,” Remus moaned, pressing his forehead to his little brother’s cold and clammy one. “Rammy, don’t die…please…I’m so sorry…I tried…please don’t die….”

    2,803 8
    121 Borage Leaves and Chicken Stew

    “Tell me,” he went on, examining the filthy nail of that same pinky, “what is it I can do to make you give in to the truth of what you are?”

    “All I can say, Fenrir, is not much, really.” Remus fixed him with a sly look of smugness with his hands in his trouser pockets. “Because I know who I am. And it has nothing to do with you.”


    3,543 9
    122 Frozen Descent

    Remus staggered for a moment, and then worked to contain his swiftly manifested anger at being in this man’s presence. “Wormtail?” he half-choked. “What are you doing here?”

    4,248 5
    123 Turbulence

    So instead of answering, he heeded his own burning physical need, and drawing a kind of red blank, he leaned in and met Liane’s supplicating lips with his own in a covert kiss.

    5,105 8
    124 Cutting Close

    “That’s right, Lupin,” Greyback whispered. “You had it right. Kill me. Give into that animal instinct to rip me to shreds. Free the wolf. You can’t hide from him forever. He’s a part of you.”

    4,086 4
    125 Flame Left in the Rain

    A light rain began to fall, but far from being a soothing balm, it seemed to burn Remus’ skin, for Nymphadora had left a heat there, a fever, that would never leave him, of which he would never be cured, and all he could do was remain as the rain burned and burned across his shaking skin.

    3,181 3
    126 Ian Montgomery

    Ian jumped and looked around, fidgeting with the sleeves of his sweater. “Oh. Hello,” he said in a small voice. “Who’re you?”

    “I’m an astronomer, like you,” Greyback lied. “I just love the moon when it’s full, don’t you?”

    “Erm.” Before Ian could really answer, Remus ran up from behind.

    “Ian! Get back in the house! It’s a trap!” he shouted.

    3,968 5
    127 The Leave Taking and the Lemur

    “Remus, you’re the one who taught me to believe that I was a person,” Ramirus said suddenly. “Maybe not in words, but I knew—know—that’s what you’ve always wanted me to believe. So I think you and I should both be as happy as any person is allowed to be.”

    9,409 6
    128 Fugue

    Remus stuck his hands deep in his trouser pockets, a vindictive mood seeping in like black ink on his heart. “Do you still think about her, Severus?”

    “Who?” though Remus knew he knew.


    2,310 2
    129 At the Bottom of the Stairs

    “Severus!” Minerva shouted, almost joyfully (which was a first for her), as she fired off another hex at Crumin.

    Remus and Nymphadora both spared a glance as Severus tore past them, black robes flying, his wand out, his face so utterly concentrated on the stairs up to the Astronomy Tower that he didn’t even give the battle around him a consequential thought.


    8,888 2
    130 Phoenix Fall

    The words reverberated around Remus’ head and heart like a Muggle gunshot, hit him with such a force that caused an exclamation of denial to automatically erupt from his throat upon Ginny’s utterance of those awful and strange words.

    2,780 4
    131 Snape's Dark Side

    “But what I don’t understand,” Rodger went on...“is how did he go that bad, but still remember that he had feelings for Lily...?”

    2,687 3
    132 A Rose and a Ring

    He noticed that she was clutching something in her hand: it was the winter rose he had given her: it was still blooming bright scarlet, unwithering.

    “You’ve kept it?” he whispered.

    Nymphadora nodded. “I couldn’t let it go.”

    Remus felt his heart ache a little as he managed a nervous smile. “I couldn’t either.”

    4,358 6
    133 Sepulture

    “This is what always bothered me about funerals,” Nymphadora muttered, unable to help herself. “Everyone’s so quiet, so self-contained. I wish we were more like those that participated in keening, or…something like that. I know that’s what I’d rather do.”

    “You would prefer to wail your heart out in lamentation for the dead?” Remus asked, though he wasn’t surprised.

    “Of course,” said Nymphadora. “Wouldn’t you?”

    7,391 3
    134 A Fencing Lesson

    He reached up and stroked the side of her face, cupping it in his palm as she leaned into it with a contented sigh. With her own arms laid across his shoulders she asked him, “Now, Remus, be honest: is the wedding going to bother you? I mean…are you…having second thoughts...?"

    6,010 2
    135 Hearts Entwined

    In her free hand, she too clutched a small bouquet (though it was slightly bigger than Fleur’s) filled not only with baby’s breath and lilies, but white roses as well, and with a sensation like the stirring tremble of violin strings Remus noticed that despite her beaming, her hand clutching her bouquet was shaking ever so slightly, bespeaking of her own nerves.

    8,735 5
    136 Summons

    ...it has been determined that a Ministry summons be issued to Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks, with the purpose of annulling aforementioned marriage....

    Dolores Umbridge, Senior Undersecretary to the Minister

    5,734 2
    137 Moonburn

    Orpheus stared at it in his hands before he looked at Remus and Nymphadora, his expression blank.

    “What is it, Orpheus?” Nymphadora asked in an urgent undertone.

    “It’s…a warrant…for your arrest….”

    5,486 7
    138 The Mother at the Market

    Remus glanced at Nymphadora and sadly watched her expression change to one of confusion at the outrage in this strange woman’s face, so intently trained on her. He could see the discomfort that colored her cheeks in the form of a blush.

    “Do you mind not staring at me like that, ma’am?” she asked, annoyance lacing her tone, though she otherwise remained as polite as could be.

    The mother appeared to be quivering, clenching her jaw. Finally, she hissed, “You should be ashamed of yourself.”

    5,350 3
    139 Mundungus' Idea

    “’Ere’s ‘ow I see us doing it,” Mundungus told them as he sat at one end of the table in the Weasleys’ kitchen, “is we get a stock o’ Polyjuice Potion, and we create a bunch o’ Potter decoys—say six, and wiv Potter makes seven. That way, if there are Death Ea’ers watchin’ the ‘ouse, they won’ know which ‘Arry Potter is the real one....”

    5,340 4
    140 A Septimal Split

    Hermione double-checked her watch, perhaps as a way of fidgeting without seeming like she was fidgeting but instead merely checking the time. “You know, I should probably mention that Harry’s not going to be at all pleased to have six of us turn into him.”

    7,343 1
    141 Vigil

    Nymphadora and Ron had not come back, and they were supposed to have come back first, seeing as how they’d had a rather short trip to take to fly to Auntie Muriel’s, even shorter than Hagrid and Harry’s trip to Buckhurst Hill.

    And that was just it: they weren’t back yet.

    5,790 2
    142 Shards and Splinters

    Bill’s lower lip quivered. “Mad-Eye…” he whispered.

    Remus let his hand fall away and stooped to collect what he could of Mad-Eye’s broomstick, gnarled like he had been.

    At least they wouldn’t go home entirely empty-handed.

    3,550 1
    143 Unexpected

    Remus matched her grin and kissed her.

    When she pulled away for breath she leaned up to his ear. “And guess what else? We’ve had a little miracle drop in on us.”

    5,770 4
    144 Doubt

    “That’s not what I mean!” Andromeda snapped. “I mean about the consequences of having a werewolf for a parent!”

    “What on earth are you talking about?”

    “I think you should have that fetus tested, once it is a fetus that is.”

    “Tested for what?”

    But Remus answered before Andromeda did, a hollow revelation dawning on him:


    6,372 3
    145 A Blue Wedding

    He smiled at her, truly and lovingly. “Dance with me?”

    The jaunty melody of the Humors of Glendart began to play. Nymphadora returned his smile, perhaps partly out of relief, but mostly out of affection.

    “Love to.”

    One last dance, he thought despondently....

    8,053 2
    146 After the Insurrection

    “No, Tonks. I’m not coming back this time.”

    8,143 6
    147 Three Days

    “It’s beginning already…they’re hunting down Muggle-borns…rounding them up…."

    Remus...pinched the bridge of his nose, thinking numbly of Nymphadora’s father…of Hermione—

    His eyes flew open and he lifted his head. “I should get this information to Harry, Ron, and Hermione.”

    7,519 3
    148 Wolf Astray

    The trees began to thin, and Remus came upon a small and quaint village, and the rain faintly dripped off the roofs of the small huddled houses. In the middle of the town square stood a war memorial, and as Remus wandered hopelessly past it….

    James and Lily…and Harry….

    He had stumbled his way into Godric’s Hollow.

    4,257 5
    149 True North

    The stars lined up along where the needle should be, and though they weren’t pointing towards true north, they were pointing towards his true north: Nymphadora.

    3,718 2
    150 Here to Stay

    “Dora, please know that I am so sorry….” His voice rose scarcely above a whisper, and he bowed his head in his shame. “This is my fault—all of your pain, it’s all my fault….”

    4,708 3
    151 A Bit of Normalcy

    Remus could barely express his joy at their having regained the spirit of young lovers, and pressed his wife closer to him and kissed her hair.

    “There’s no getting rid of me now, you know,” Nymphadora teased.

    4,884 2
    152 Fair Thee Well, Ted

    Remus and Ted’s eyes met again as Remus lifted the rim of the goblet to his lips, and he gave him a look that said, You might as well get it over with, as he only knew too well from experience.

    Ted sighed.... “Listen, that isn’t the real reason I thought we should have them for dinner. I have…something to tell you.”

    4,733 5
    153 Restless Tension

    “Patrolling Muggle dwellings not enough for you? Not enough direct involvement with the masterwork of bringing down You-Know-Who?”

    Remus turned in Nymphadora’s arms and slipped his around her in turn.... “And you’re nosy,” he teased.

    “I prefer curious,” she said, teasing back.

    “Well, you’re right, I do hate feeling useless.”

    5,146 2
    154 Potter Launch

    Lee leaned towards the main mike, licked his lips, and began: “Good evening, witches and wizards, that is, those of you that got the handouts—wink, wink, nudge, nudge—and welcome to our first broadcast of Potterwatch...!"

    4,519 2
    155 The Measure of Mrs. Lestrange

    “Why is that, Bella?” Andromeda wanted to know. “Why didn’t you torture me yourself? Why is it you can’t kill me when you had no trouble killing our cousin Sirius?”

    3,567 1
    156 Bad Timing

    Remus felt Nymphadora bite back a retort, but he made one of his own. “Is that what this is? I said his name, and up you appear? Like daisies?”

    “Good way to track Order members, innit? But oh…this is just too good that I’ve finally got you. After all these years…I’ll have my vengeance on you for the sake of my miserable father. Your blessed parents paid for it, and now…it’s your turn.”

    Antonin pointed his wand.

    5,210 4
    157 Captive

    He felt her shiver and press closer, her head tucked underneath his chin.

    “We’re going to die here,” she whispered, and he found one of her shaking hands and squeezed it.

    “You’re not. Not if I have anything to say about it.”

    5,599 3
    158 Fideliused

    “If I could just have some air,” he grumbled.

    “Argh, not channeling Sirius’ spirit again, are we?” she retorted after him, and he snapped the back door shut behind him as he went outside to putter in his mother’s garden, which was growing sleepy for the coming autumn.

    4,877 2
    159 Briony

    “You make it sound like it’s an illness.”

    There was a heavy pause, and then Nymphadora said with very cutting coldness: “It is an illness.”

    4,777 2
    160 November

    Pressing his hand in hers and stroking it with her thumb, Nymphadora whispered, “I think now the baby can kind of hear us, hear our voices I mean, when we talk. That’s what the book said it would be able to do now, anyway.”

    “Well then,” said Remus, kissing her again in her white hair, “let’s talk.”

    2,992 4
    161 First Snow

    In the morning Remus woke to see a world of white out of the window. He slipped out of bed and drew on his dressing gown. Downstairs, he found Nymphadora standing by the window, looking out at the silent snowfall, the first of the year.

    4,393 1
    162 Moonstone Noel

    Nymphadora laughed softly. “Come here you,” she invited, patting the spot on the sofa next to her.

    Remus did as she bid, but not before removing from beneath the tree a parcel he had hidden behind it.

    6,654 3
    163 Blood On Snow

    “You animal!” Antonin panted, struggling to get up. “You sick wolf!”

    “You’re the one who’s sick,” Remus told him very quietly. “And you forget, when you mess with the wolf, you get the fangs.”

    5,266 3
    164 Grace of the Doe

     And then he saw it—though at first he thought he was hallucinating from his weakness and injuries—the image and splendor of a silver doe, bright as the full moon in the dark, and wandering through the wood.

    9,379 3
    165 Ashes

    Nymphadora stroked the spot where she felt the kick for a pensive moment and then leaned in close to Remus.... “Perhaps we should take this moment then to consider baby names...if it’s a boy…could we call him Ted?”

    7,245 3
    166 Rat's Redemption

     “They found Wormtail’s body in the cellar doorway below. The silver hand that You-Know-Who had given him…it’d strangled him to death.”

    6,477 3
    167 Little Phoenix

     Holding it in her arms, Andromeda dandled the squalling baby once with a smile of absolute joy on her face before turning to her daughter and son-in-law. “It’s a boy.”

    6,625 3
    168 Unchained

    But this time, he and the wolf ruled the night together, as though they had come to a reconciliation of sorts, and the wolf was walking at his side as an equal, rather than overruling him like a vicious tyrant.

    6,691 5
    169 Siege

     Then something dark crept into the peace of the night, and in spite of the shell of protective spells that covered their little home and the field of lupines before it, Remus could sense it as sharp as a knife. Though it was hardly the first time evil lurked just outside the protection of their home, it felt stronger than ever before, and a warning shiver slithered up Remus’ spine.

    7,261 4
    170 Safe and Sound

    And Remus recognized the pale, pointed face and long, greying brown hair through which he had so often run his fingers once—

    Liane Géroux. 

    8,422 7
    171 Into Darkness

    Kingsley took in the sight of them both, and for a moment he hesitated, as if he found the words almost difficult to say just by looking at them.

    Finally, he swallowed and said, “It’s You-Know-Who: he’s heading to Hogwarts with all of the Death Eaters and over a hundred of his other followers in tow. They’re planning a mass attack on the school. Tonight.” 

    6,878 8
    172 Lament

    His mouth went dry.

    His heart stopped.

    No. She couldn’t be here.

    He’d told her not to come. 

    5,641 4
    173 Howl

     "Ted...you have to wake up...if you don't...what little you have left will be lost to you forever...."

    "Dad...?" Ted croaked to the darkness....

    4,281 10


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