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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Lucius, Voldemort, Draco, Ginny, Scrimgeour
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Mild Language, Mild Violence
Story Reviews
First Published
2007-08-05 7:33pm
Last Chapter
2007-12-17 9:40pm
Last Updated
2007-12-17 9:40pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 The Betrayal

Harry Overhears a very interesting conversation between somebody he trusted and his Uncle Vernon

871 9
2 What now?

After overhearing an interesting conversation, Harry realizes he is no longer safe at Privet Drive.

1,603 3
3 The Noble and Most Anciet Houses of Hogwarts

Harry meets with the Head of Gringotts, Lord Ranok and gets the most interesting history lesson he's ever had.... Binns sure doesn't teach about that!

1,402 4
4 The Last Will and Testament of Sirius Orion Black

Sirius's will....and lots and lots of money

1,415 4
5 The Flight of the Raven

The smartest witch of the age leaves her childhood home forever

1,265 2
6 The Woes of a Serpent

Tom Marvolo Riddle meets his family

1,032 5
7 The Meeting of Two

Adelie Delauney is a typical Beauxbatons student...but her world is about to be turned upside down

1,079 5
8 The Lords Collide

Lord Gryffindor meets another....

1,647 6
9 Hufflepuff Manor

Lady Hufflepuff and the Heiress of the House of Ravenclaw find themselves traveling to Hufflepuff manor.

1,501 5
10 Dark Arts and Light Arts

Harry and Tom learn some very interesting things about the history of the Dark Arts.

974 13
11 Intentions, Accusions, and Betrayal

Its the Intentions behind things that matter 
The Accusions that put the ball in motion 
And the Betrayal that creates an Ally

1,173 5
12 Christmas Confessions

Harry and Tom have a discussion right before the Christmas Holidays

1,288 6
13 A Talk with an Alchemist

The girls visit Nicholas Flamel

1,199 2
14 A Very Happy Christmas

It's Christmas.... how will Tom and Harry celebrate?

861 6
15 A Werewolf Ally

The search for allies begins....

915 9
16 Hogsmeade Confrontations

Harry has an interesting conversation with someone in Hogsmeade

1,137 5
17 The Noble House of Potter

Remus tells the story of Amadeus Potter's dislike for Albus Dumbledore

1,574 2
18 An Interlude with the Headmaster

Not everyone easily believe Albus Dumbledore.....

1,136 7
19 Through Time and Space

Harry and Tom....

1,154 5
20 Gringotts Once Again

Harry is summoned to Gringotts

1,145 3
21 It Takes Four

Lord Slytherin and Lady Ravenclaw recieve their titles

1,299 11
22 Of Lawyers and Professors

Harry meets with his laywer...

1,306 4
23 Potter Manor

Potter Manor

1,132 14
24 Complications

There are some complications in the Heirs control....

1,392 7
25 The Ministry of Magic

Harry goes to the Ministry

1,375 6
26 The Trial of a the Year

Harry stands trial

1,366 3
27 Escape of the Heirs

Harry and Tom escape the Ministry

887 3
28 Hogwarts Mayhem

Dumbledore's exercising his control

1,260 10
29 As the Days Grow Colder

A method of communication is opened between the inhabitants of Gryffindor Palace and Hogwarts

2,026 10
30 Imperiorized?

Harry creates a theory as to why Fudge seems to follow Dumbledore's every order

1,202 3
31 Amelia Bones

Gryffindor Palace recieves some new tenents.....

1,024 4
32 The Reappearance of the Eagle

Harry makes another trip to Hogwarts

1,202 8
33 April Showers bring May Flowers

It's May and the heirs are no closer to finding a solution to their problems....until our badger friend discovers a passage deep within Gryffidor Palace

1,722 9
34 Escape or Capture?


1,120 3
35 Malfoy's Misfortunes

Malfoy Manor

1,499 3
36 The Way In

Death Eaters are good for some things....

1,075 6
37 The Chamber of Secrets

Into Hogwarts they go!

1,226 11
38 The Battle Commences

I think the title is self explanatory

1,240 7
39 The Battle of Hogwarts Part One

Harry and the gang are joined and a fullscale war breaks out in the Great Hall

1,541 14
40 The Founder's Den

“Only in that room,” Adelie said softly, “Can our proclamations become law.”

1,327 9
41 The Battle of Hogwarts Part Two

The Battle of Hogwarts Continues....

1,506 4
42 The End

The End

1,387 35


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