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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Voldemort, Draco, Ginny
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Remus/Tonks, Ron/Hermione, Ron/Luna, Ginny/OC
General, Romance, Action/Adventure
Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2007-08-05 3:14pm
Last Chapter
2010-06-26 2:10pm
Last Updated
2010-06-26 2:10pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Decisions

Harry takes a walk, saying goodbye to the school he calls home, and has a chat with Lupin that could change the idea he has in mind.

2,201 6
2 Hope for the Future

Harry is woken up by one of his friends, and receives some wisdom from them. He makes some realizations, and his friend tells him how important he is to everyone. Harry is determined not to bring his friends into any danger, and contemplates running.

3,771 7
3 Waking up

Harry and Hermione wake up and they have a confrontation with Ron. Emotions fly and Harry shows some unexpected things. Harry and Hermione share the train ride home with Neville and Luna. Harry is left to think about what to do in the future.

5,746 5
4 Surprises

Harry and Hermione get off the train and are confronted by Mrs Weasley about the wedding. They agree to go and make a quick exit. Hermione tells Harry that she plans to ask the Order if he can stay with her before the wedding. He agrees, but she can see it in his eyes that he's lying. Harry goes back to Privet Drive and after a few weeks gets a visitor. He is unable to protect himself because his wand has mysteriously vanished from the floorboard.

4,498 4
5 Nighttime Chat

In the morning, Harry feels better than he had in a while. Harry and Hermione have a near miss. They spend the day together. Harry's thoughts on running return, and he has a nighttime rendezvous with an unexpected person that turns his life back the right way. A promise made seems to be more than just a few words.

3,462 9
6 Wake up call

Harry and Hermione have a lot of different discussions and an encounter with each other. Harry realizes how close he was to making the biggest mistake of his life. Hermione puts her plan into motion and gets Harry on the ropes.

5,698 3
7 Staying with the Grangers

Harry and Hermione are on their way to her house. Harry gets to meet Mrs Granger, and she has her opinion. A dream becomes a reality.

5,557 5
8 Off to the Burrow

Harry and Hermione spend some days at her house. Harry picks out some thank you gifts for Hermione's parents and a group comes calling for Harry and Hermione. Harry and Hermione finally make it to the Burrow after a scuffle.

8,786 3
9 Warm Welcome

Harry and Hermione enter the kitchen to a very quiet group. Arguments insue and tempers flare. Charlie and Molly have a talk about the future. Harry has yet another awkward moment.

7,164 9
10 Walks and Runs

Harry takes a walk and new powers are revealed. Someone is plotting. Realizations are made. And of course some people take a walk and some people take a run.

10,881 5
11 Aftermath

Harry and the others make it back to the Burrow and find it under attack. Were they fast enough to stop anyone from dying? Harry talks with Hermione and Ron and gets the full story about their relationship

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8,975 4
12 The Wedding

The Wedding, need I say more? Alright. Tensions are mounting and the wedding gains an unexpected guest. Hermione is crying and Harry gets confronted. Ginny's plan is put into motion.

14,167 2
13 Apologies

Follows the days after wedding. Someone makes an apology and a 'teaspoon' gets a confession. Almost time for a birthday party, but a death may put a hamper on things. Harry also learns some stuff about the changes in his abilities.

11,787 7
14 Explanations and Readings

Explanations and realizations are made. A promise was kept. Harry's birthday is interesting to say the least. The will is read and Harry inherits some important objects. The Minister tries to get involved but is rejected.

11,092 5
15 Summer's End

The crew goes back to the Burrow for the remainder of the summer. Ron gets questions and realizes something is up. Ron pushes someone for the truth and the more surprises are sprung.

10,603 3
16 Returning Home

September 1st has arrived. The school is beginning to unite under a new leader. The Head Boy gives a speech to the school, and the Head Students are given their quarters.

8,938 4
17 New Acquaintances

The new term begins. Harry has another series of visions. Are these visions somehow related? A new person arrives in Hogwarts and speaks with the Headmistress. Who is this new person?

11,985 9
18 Birthday Surprise

Harry and Hermione translate the runes, only to find a riddle. Harry gets a friend to set up a surprise for Hermione. Something happens and the pair get even more confused. Ginny and Ron work together to try and convince Hermione of what is right in front of her face.

14,532 4
19 Keys and Lockets

Hermione gets tested by Vires and Harry sends two elves on a search for a horcrux. Harry tries the key. What happens that may get Harry kicked out of Hogwarts?

10,702 4
20 Feelings

“Well I need to tell you something. There’s this person in my life that I really care for. I think I even love her, more than anyone else. I need to tell her how I feel but I don’t know how she would react. I want to say it just in case I never get a chance to again. I just hope that it doesn’t screw up our friendship.”

11,818 4
21 Visitor at the Gates

“If you’re going to do something, make it quick and painless Potter. If you don’t kill me the Dark Lord will” the young man said, a hint of the usual arrogance inching its way in.  A visitor comes to Hogwarts, but what do they want?

8,894 4
22 Inside the Mind of the Enemy

The new visitor is revealed and Vires takes a crack at finding out what the visitor is hiding. When this fails, someone else needs to take up the task. Harry and Hermione have an extremely close call, and the next day Harry and Hermione fall ill at the same time.

9,367 12
23 The Spondeo Charm

Harry and Hermione find out more about Vires and the Spondeo Charm. Draco reveals a secret to the Trio and a secret of theirs is revealed. Harry and Hermione make a bit more progress on their search for the Horcruxes.

10,303 5
24 The Torqueom Curse

Who's been hit with this awful curse? Will Harry be able to save them from the Darkness? Plus Gryffindor vs Slytherin Quidditch match! Hope you all like it.

10,734 8
25 The Spy and the Travellers

The spy is revealed and two travellers make an appearance at Hogwarts. Harry, McGonagall, and Vires all have something to say about all 3.

9,408 4
26 Training

Tensions rise at Hogwarts as training begins. The Ministry makes some headway and Halloween is here.
Harry looked across the circle and couldn’t help but sigh. Across from him was Draco Malfoy. Wonderful he thought. Just like old times. Draco was staring straight at him with a grin. This can’t be good.

9,541 10
27 The Ball and a Warning

The Ball begins and one of the guests has an unexpected vision. What do these visions mean for the Trio and the magical world as a whole? 
“He’s calling them” he gasped before closing his eyes tight in pain again, grabbing his arm as he did. When he opened them again Harry was staring at him with a knowing look. “He’s gathering them tonight.”

6,000 16
28 The Ministry

With the warning in mind Harry makes a decision. New powers are shown and Draco learns something about his bond. With some coersion a spy is placed in the fight.

8,206 13


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