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2007-08-02 10:20pm
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2008-08-15 2:01am
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2008-08-16 1:12am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Hestia, Chapter One: Anyone Else

"Rats are sociable animals, preferring to live in groups."
- Beavers & Other Rodents by Paul Sterry

1,896 15
2 Hestia, Chapter Two: Potter and Peter

"As the young males approach social maturity at around 5-6 months of age, however, their fighting becomes serious, with chasing, sidling, and biting, and one rat emerges as a consistent winner. In this way a stable, long-term dominance hierarchy emerges between the males."

-Source: Rat Behavior

2,766 9
3 Hestia, Chapter Three: The Cat and the Rat

"For many people there is another, altogether loveable side to these animals.  They are popular pets, adored by their owners for their inquisitive and seemingly affectionate natures…"

- Beavers & Other Rodents by Paul Sterry

2,351 13
4 Hestia, Chapter Four: The Gryffindors

"It is perhaps ironic that rats and mice—the rodent species that causes the greatest economic damage—are also highly prized companions too."

-Beavers & Other Rodents

1,953 6
5 Hestia, Chapter Five: Cross

"They...became attached to some as they discovered how intelligent and trainable rats can be."

-Wikipedia, on "fancy rats"

1,488 4
6 Hestia, Chapter Six: Relationships

“In groups of three rats, subordinates tend to employ one of two strategies in their relationship with the dominant rat. Subordinates either avoid the dominant rat or they stay close to him.”


-Source: Rat Behavior

2,523 4
7 Hestia, Chapter Seven: Heartbreak, and What Happened After

"If a male rat starts to squeak when you pick him up, or threatens to bite you when he is playing outside the cage, then we recommend that you take action quickly and do not leave it until you get bitten."

-Source: Pet Rat Info

1,629 5
8 Hestia, Chapter Eight: Full of Promise

"However, as the rats age, there does appear to be a decline in the tendency to laugh…"

Source: Wikipedia, on fancy rats

1,551 5
9 Peter, Chapter Nine: Why I Am

"When a rat hunts and kills a mouse, the rat pursues the mouse and, penetrating the mouse's behavioral defenses, bites the mouse on the head, neck or upper back until it delivers a fatal bite. The first bite is frequently fatal."

-Source: Rat Behavior

3,597 7
10 Hestia, Chapter 10: Crumble

"Often more immediately apparent is the suffering caused by diseases that rats transmit…"

- Beavers & Other Rodents by Paul Sterry

2,445 5
11 Hestia, Chapter 11: Goodbye, Love

“Occasionally, rather bald statements are made about the human misery caused by rats. There is one claim that rat-bourne diseases have killed more people throughout human history than have all wars combined…it is as much a sad indictment of human behavior, as it is of the misery caused by rats.”
- Beavers & Other Rodents by Paul Sterry

1,904 5
12 Hestia, Chapter 12: Mummy

“Almost all studies of parental behavior in rats focus on the mother. Usually, the father isn't even present.”
-Source: Rat Behavior

2,181 4
13 Hestia, Chapter 13: The New World

"What causes a rat to adopt one strategy or the other? Rats vary in temperamental factors that influence aggressiveness and boldness, which may have a genetic component."

-Source: Rat Behavior

2,667 5
14 Peter, Chapter 14: Wormtail and I

“Rats climb up more easily then they descend. They descend head first, and appear to have some difficulty controlling their weight and speed on descent. A rat may start a descent and may then jump or fall the rest of the way.”
-Source: Rat Behavior

1,935 3
15 Hestia, Chapter 15: Felix, Felicis, Fall

“When it comes to conducting tests related to intelligence, learning and drug abuse, rat psychology, in many ways, seems to be similar to humans.”


-Source: Wikipedia

1,126 2
16 Hestia, Chapter 16: Helpless and Home

"...the stresses naturally associated with living in an unnatural habitat can all have adverse effects on a rat's health making them prone to specific conditions."

-Source: Wikipedia

1,210 4
17 Hestia, Chapter 17: Nothing In My Way

"As the rat family grows, more burrows are built, resulting in a network of underground tunnels."

- Source: Do Your Own Pest Control, Rats

3,005 3
18 Hestia, Chapter 18: Severe Sirius and Serious Severus

“Rats are individuals and each has its own way of dealing with newcomers.”


-Source: Pet Rats Canada

3,689 3
19 Hestia, Chapter 19: Order, The Order, Disorder

"As the rat family grows, more burrows are built, resulting in a network of underground tunnels."

-Source: Do Your Own Pest Control, Rats

3,836 4
20 Hestia, Chapter 20: Addict Watch

“Rats...can overcome their addiction by interrupting the memories associating the drug with environmental cues.”

-Source: Journal of Young Investigators

1,797 3
21 Hestia, Chapter 21: The Proposition

“According to tradition, Rats often carry heavy karma and at some point in life may face an identity crisis or some kind of feeling of guilt. Rats are said to often have to work very long and hard for everything they may earn or have in life.”

-Source: Wikipedia, Rat (zodiac)

2,024 3
22 Hestia, Chapter 22: The Distraction

"Domestic rats can, however, dig real burrows if given the right environment and opportunity."

- Source: Rat Behavior

2,344 2
23 Hestia, Chapter 23: Confrontations

"Rats enjoy grooming each other, curling up to sleep together, and sometimes even fighting."

- Source: Pet Rat Info

2,009 2
24 Hestia, Chapter 24: Stormy Calm

"Rat burrows can be found along foundations, or beneath rubbish and shubbery."

- Source: Do Your Own Pet Control

2,838 0
25 Peter, Chapter 25: The Spare

"Rats in general should guard themselves against hedonism and nostalgia, as it may lead to self-destruction."

- Source: Wikipedia, Rat (Zodiac)

2,463 2
26 Hestia, Chapter 26: Severus and His Truth

"If it is possible to take a dispassionate view of rats, and in particular the brown rat, thay appear as truly remarkable animals. They are cunning, ingenious, and quick to take advantage of new sources of food and new ways of exploiting them. That they are intelligent, at least as far as rodents are concerned, is not in doubt…"

- Beavers & Other Rodents by Paul Sterry

3,069 6


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