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Teddy, Victoire, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Next Generation
Strong Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Contains Spoilers
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First Published
2007-07-29 10:50pm
Last Chapter
2008-04-25 10:13pm
Last Updated
2008-04-25 10:13pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Shell Cottage

She sat outside looking at the ocean. Her mind was going a mile a minuet while it constantly stayed the same.  Her thoughts were then interupted by a voice comming from a distants... 

"Hey, Victoire," Teddy Lupid said ever so casually, while walking up to the cliffs...

1,251 32
2 Flourish & Blotts

"Yeah..." Said Victoire trying to think of something to say, "Did you read the prophet today?"

"Skimmed it why?" He asked

"Because, you favorite team the Flamouth Falcons beat the Holyhead Harpies, in yesterdays match" she said grinning.

1,130 13
3 The Burrow

“Can I sit down?” 
 She turned around and saw Ted. His usually dark brown hair was now red and Victoire smiled slightly. 
  Ted seemed too noticed and ran his fingers through it. “What?” he smiled, “I just wanted to fit in…”

1,110 18
4 Diagon Alley

They were both walking side by side in silence, until Victoire spoke up, “I’m sorry,” 
"Yeah, me too I shouldn’t have kissed you…” Teddy trailed off not really meaning a word that he said. 
“No, I am not sorry about that, I am sorry that I reacted so badly.” She smiled turning towards him.

1,971 17
5 Hogwarts Express

            “Well, I came here to say goodbye and-” he did not finish his sentence; instead he leaned down and kissed her. Victoire welcomed his warm embrace and hugged him tighter as the two of them kissed in the compartment.  
            Victoire pulled away and looked into his now green eyes, “So your really gonna miss me, aren’t you,” she giggled.

1,302 11
6 Hogwarts

Hey there-
Well, let me start off by saying that I miss you already!
Let’s see what else, oh if you haven’t already heard Albus was sorted into Gryffindor!
Umm yeah that’s about it actually. Umm… I will write to you when something more exciting comes along.
Bye, Victoire

1,248 10
7 Shrieking Shack

“I didn’t know that there was a Hogsmeade trip today,” he said

“Umm, well… I just didn’t tell you, I kind of wanted to surprise you,” she replied earnestly.

“And don’t get me wrong it’s a great surprise,” he smiled.

Victoire studied his face again, and looked into his now Honey colored eyes. “Good, I’m glad,”

1,738 12
8 Honeydukes

“I guess this is a blessing in disguise-” Victoire started, “I really didn’t want to go back- I’m having to much of a fun time being her with you,”

“Victoire- as much as I don’t want to argue this- we have to get you back,” he said while walking foreword a bit, “I have one more idea,”

1,444 14
9 Three Broomsticks

Hey Victoire-
I wanted to tell you how much I miss you already.
And that I cannot wait till I see you again, it’s pretty much what gets me through the day with all this pressure to become an Auror.
Well anyways, I was thinking that maybe next weekend you could come visit me again.
Seeing how you know where the secret passages are now.
Alright well- I hope to see you soon

1,147 16
10 Common Room

Dear Teddy,
Well- I don’t think that I will get the chance to see you again this weekend.
I am Terrible sorry, and I definitely make it up to you.
Winter break is coming up in less then a week! I just want to make sure that I tie up all my loose ends at school, plus there is a Quidditch match this upcoming weekend (Gryffindor vs. Slytherin). Well anyways- I’m not sure if you have any big plans over the break, but hopefully some of them still include me. I miss you a lot, and I cannot wait to see you soon.

With love- Victoire

1,084 10
11 Hogsmeade Station

“You know what’s cuter?” he asked

“What?” she replied?

“I picked this hair color out because I knew that you would notice it.”

“Oh Teddy,” she laughed and then came into his warm embrace once again.

1,220 14
12 Platform 9¾

Hey love-
It’s been a full twenty four hours and I miss you more then ever. I can’t stop thinking about that kiss, and how much I wish I was with you, right now. Remember what I said about your Christmas gift; do not open it until Christmas. Firstly, I will know if you did, and secondly I will be really mad if you did… anyways wanted to just tell you how much I miss you, and maybe emphasize that I miss you more.

1,711 12
13 Albania?

“Teddy?” Victoire said looking up at him with her big blue eyes.

“Yeah,” He replied looking down at her.

“I think it’s safe to say that I love you,” Victoire said turning her eyes away from his. She couldn’t bear to see his reaction; you never take those words lightly.

Teddy lifted her chin so that there eyes met.

“Do you mean it?” he said

1,316 12
14 far away

“Victoire you’re being a baby right now,” he replied

“Well, I’m young, Teddy.” She said bringing up what he told her earlier

“Victoire!” Teddy said raising his voice. He looked mad, and her eyes got wider. “I thought about it, I have no idea what love is, absolutely no idea. But then, I was thinking about it, and believe me I thought about this long and hard. I miss you as soon as you leave me..."

1,366 10


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