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1 NEWT results

Lily, April and the Marauders have all finished Hogwarts and Lily and James are back from their honeymoon and straight into troubled times.......sequel to ALL ABOUT CHANGE.....please R/R.....last chapter is up! its FINISHED!!

2,718 13
2 Work....again

everyone is back to work again

2,255 3
3 Mrs. Prime minister

Lily goes to see the Prime minister of England about the rising threat of Voldemort

2,153 8
4 sickness

It's full moon, Lily's ill and Peter tries to stir up trouble

2,244 2
5 Order meeting

the crew go to an order meeting where Lily makes an AMAZING discovery......well not that amazing

2,164 2
6 I'm Pregnant

Lily tells everyone about her currently little surprise and she finds out about the prophecy conerning her ickle baby

2,577 5
7 The Imperius curse


2,081 4
8 Forgiveness

Well, can Lily forgive James for what he's done? read to find out.

1,344 4
9 Christmas!!!!

It's the wrong season for right now but hey, it's christmas...well not really but in the story it is

2,054 2
10 I don't have a sister

Lily goes to visit her parents graves and meets her sister there

2,009 6
11 As the seventh month dies

it's the last day of the month and it's July.

1,904 7
12 attack!

What is going to happen to Lily?

1,830 3
13 Jessica Lowe

Sirius bumps into an old friend of his while he goes to buy something for baby Harry

1,961 5
14 A seeker in teh family

James decides to get his snitch out to show Harry

1,580 3
15 Pensieve

April catches Sirius and Lily decides to remenice (is that spelt right?)

2,439 6
16 Sirius' troubles

Sirius and April have to speak to each other and they do but it doesn't go how Sirius expects it to go.

1,880 7
17 The Divadion Theatre

James takes Lily out to go and see a play at the all famous Divadion theatre.

2,682 2
18 St. Mungos

Lily and JAmes are in hospital where Sirius and April bump into each other and had a veeeery little but significant chat

1,575 2
19 Bad news

What happened after the Potters' attack? well find out now

1,387 7
20 Disagreements all around

everyone is just having a bad time really

2,062 2
21 The Fidelius Charm

The Potters are having issues with the Fidelius charm while voldemort has his own plans

1,601 2
22 I've been found out

They know that Sirius will be the Potter's secret Keeper and April is given the shock of her life

1,723 3
23 Backfired plans

It's April's parents funeral and her friends and sister are there to help her through the difficult time. Especially Sirius.

1,865 4
24 Pregnant again

Lily's worries of going into hiding deepen as she confides all her fears to April

1,931 2
25 the new secret keeper

Lily performs the fidelius charm on the new secret keeper against her instincts

1,763 8
26 He's coming!

it's the last night that all the Potters are together. No longer will Harry know his parents and April learns to hate Sirius with a vengence

1,948 22


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