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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Lucius, Draco, Ginny, Blaise (M), James (II), OtherCanon
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Drama, Mystery, Romance
Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2007-07-27 2:44pm
Last Chapter
2009-01-31 4:25pm
Last Updated
2009-01-31 4:25pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Prologue

Time doesn’t always heal your memories or the hurt you went through. Time doesn’t take care of the past nor does it help your forget. Time is just there so you can move on, and eventually you don’t find yourself dwelling on your past.

599 47
2 Patient in St. Mungo's.

“Oh nothing,” Hermione replied. “Guess who my last patient was,” Hermione said in an un-interested tone.
“Who?” Ginny asked taking a seat in the sofa that was placed in Hermione’s fairly large office.
“Draco Malfoy,” Hermione answered rolling her eyes. Ginny’s face became pale and her eyes went wide.

2,859 38
3 Snapped.

“I asked for a healer,” He said. “Not a mudblood,” Being used with that fact of being called a mudblood, Hermione just frowned down at him with hatred.
“Fine, you’ll get a nurse,” She said walking to the door. “You’ll have to wait about 2 hours,” She in formed him. “Everyone else has patients to tend to,” Draco glared at her and Hermione left his room closing the door behind her. “He hasn’t even changed a bit,” She muttered to herself.

2,833 36
4 Happy Birhtday To You

“Happy birthday to you,” Everyone chorused. “Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday dear James, Happy birthday to you,” Everyone clapped their hands and the little boy made a move to blow his candles but instead, he was spitting all over his cake. Everyone broke out in laughter, and Harry blew out James’ candle for him.

3,332 58
5 The Dream

“I saw Aunt `ermoine and she was tied in a chair while another man was on the floor crying and screaming!” Beth Anne told them pointing to Ginny’s side of the bed indicating that spot as to where Hermione was tied in a chair, then she pointed in front of her to indicate where Draco was being tortured. “Then,” Beth Anne continued. “There was a man with long silvery blonde hair who was pointing a wand at the man who was on the floor!”

2,697 36
6 Date

"You just had to ask me didn't you?" She muttered under her breath. "You'd think he would've gotten to idea when I never answered his letters," She added. "And since when did I have this much make up?" She asked herself in frustration.

3,467 40
7 Draco's Tale

“What are you doing here?” She snapped.
“I came to see how you are doing,” The man replied with a wicked smirk plastered on his thin lips. “And the father wants to know as well,” He said.
“I told you never to come here!” Jennifer told him as she advanced towards him with her wand tightly gripped in her hand. “Do you know what could happen if they found out what I was doing?” She asked with force as she had pushed him up into a wall, with her wand digging at his throat. “Do you?”

3,193 35
8 Robert Turner, his Wife and 3 daughters.

‘You’re really starting to annoy me Malfoy,’ Hermione spat. Draco advanced on her, and every step he took, she mirrored it, and eventually, she was up against the wall, and Draco was hovering over her. ‘Malfoy,’ she warned dangerously. ‘Stop this rubbish and move,’

3,985 31
9 Potter Mannor

‘Downstairs, she went to get you a cold towel just incase you wake up with a fever,’ Draco answered. ‘What was it that made you scream like that? It was as if someone had a curse on you,’ Draco asked Hermione. ‘I tried to wake you, but you just kept thrashing around and screaming,’
‘Bad dream,’ Hermione replied.
‘No dream keeps you asleep for that long while you’re being tortured,’ Draco told her. ‘It must’ve been a flash back,’

3,735 30
10 Falling

When she had reached the chorus, her voice became stronger and louder. Hermione looked up when Ron had peeled away from her and saw Draco standing in front of her. ‘May I cut in?’ He asked. Ron nodded slowly, and then walked away. Draco smirked, as they started dancing. ‘You look gorgeous,’ He whispered in her ear softly. ‘Really gorgeous,’ he whispered. Hermione felt heat rise up to her neck and cheeks as she felt his hot breath on her shoulder.

5,034 28
11 In the rain, there's magic

‘You are extremely strange Granger,’ Draco said to her when he watched her take off her shoes as she stepped into the sand which was placed next to the pavement. ‘Normal girls would be scared to death of ruining their dress, especially with the rain coming,’ ‘Well I’m not like normal girls am I,’ Hermione responded. Draco rolled his eyes, and followed her until she stopped in front of the large fountain which was kept directly in front of the manor. ‘Obviously not,’ Draco retorted.

4,244 29
12 I remember.

'I should've never danced with you, I should've never kissed you, I should've never said any of those things to you,' he exclaimed. 'It only made matters worse,'
'What matters?' Hermione cried.
'The dark lord wants to kill us Hermione!' Draco bellowed. 'He's after us. He wants us dead. Why do you think he sent my father after us,'

3,331 37
13 Draco's Friend

Dumbledore, watching them from behind his desk sighed and dropped his head down to face the empty surface of his desk. ‘Perhaps I chose the wrong two people,’ he said to himself. ‘Cruel it is,’ he continued. ‘To lead two people in love to a path which has a very slim chance of survival,’

3,560 11
14 Goodnight Love

‘I’m scared to go to sleep.’ She confessed in a whisper. Draco wrapped enveloped her body in his arms, pulling her as close to him as possible. ‘I’m scared of tomorrow.’

3,044 15
15 Fighter

Draco tucked her under the covers, and fixed her hair around her head. “You’re strong enough to endure this, Hermione.” He said to her. “He wouldn’t have chosen you if you weren’t.”

2,511 15


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